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Recently, RT, Ace Emerald and I have started up an UU tier Youtube Channel, where we will be posting various videos on competitive UU gameplay. We will post videos of us laddering, teambuilding, and commentating over great UU matches. If you would like to get involved this channel, please message
either me, RT or Ace and tell us how you would be interested in contributing. Also, please visit our channel by clicking the link below, and subscribe!

Our videos will also be featured in the Media section of the UU Hub.

Our most recent videos:

UU Battle of the Week, commentated by Trainer Au.

Laddering w/ RT, Ace Emerald, PK Gaming, Bad Ass, Seven Deadly Sins, and Psych071c. It accidentally got split into two parts, both videos are from the same stream.

Video Archive:
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I've actually silently been watching all of these broadcasts live when I should be doing my homework or sleeping, and I think they're just terrific. Keep up the good work, it's very impressive play and I'm learning a lot from these videos. :D

I think reachzero says "There's no reason not to" quite a lot though. Haha. :p


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There has to be atleast one horrendous pun each video that could technically be considered a crime against humanity.
Are you suggesting they should be taken to the punitentiary? Don't you think that's an excessive punishment?

EDIT: Oh God I just remembered where I'd heard something like that. What a cheap way of using someone else's intelectual property. Sorry about that, TBBT's scriptwriters.
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Great idea, I will try my best to get this channel out via my own Youtube channel and contribute sometime in the future

Trainer Au

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Check out our newest video, a battle taken from this week's UU Battle of the Week between Reachzero and JabbatheGriffin, commentated by Trainer Au!

Hope you guys like it, I was pretty nervous, if they let me do it again I will have hopefully improved! I am a bit rusty.
I'll need to check this out, this is great news!

I would suggest maybe doing like a "Pokemon of the Week" or something of the like where you battle/teambuild with a certain underrated Pokemon, such as Pokemon at the bottom of UU or RU/NU, such as Claydol, Rotom-C, Torterra, Seismitoad, etc.


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Just watched the ladder run you guys had - awesome / fun teams! Bunch of chill dudes laddering, looked like good times to me :cool:. Shame that koko, reach, and Jabba weren't there with you lot for a full house.

Man I forgot how much I missed SDS in these smogcasts - so cool that PK Gaming was able to get you on hangout.


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For those who missed it, we did another livestream last night, this time on the Suspect ladder.

UU Laddering w/ RT., Ace Emerald, PsYch071c, Kokoloko, and Texas Cloverleaf

Ace Emerald

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Sorry everyone, I've taken the video down temporarily to do some editing (particularly the beginning when I'm awkward as fuck). I'll post the finished product when its ready, the video editor requires me to wait some time until I can select the newly uploaded video to edit. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks to everyone for watching!
I'm loving the content you guys are putting out, I think it'd be cool if one of you posted the stream on here though so we can all know when its happening.
The 0 second video is in the OP rather than the working one, just pointing it out so @PsYch071c can change it. Probably would have been better to VM but OH WELL!
Are you guys planning to do some stuff once we have an XYUU ladder set up in a couple months time? Might be nice to get everyone's impressions on the new Pokemon and stuff while the metagame is really fresh.
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