#smogonvgc Live Practice Tournament 2 - Landorus Giveaway FRIDAY

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So there's around 19 hours till this starts, right? I haven't played VGC since Gen V, so this sounds like fun. I need to take a break from Battle Maison so I can breed->wonder trade->get PP Ups, anwyay. And that Landorus is quite tempting. I didn't SR for long, but mine ended up at xx/31/xx/31/xx/31 which makes his bulk less useful than it would be otherwise...
I also put my information on your profile, but it is here also.

IGN: stevexclax
FC: 5129-1453-5156

I have a Poochyena in the GTS for Landorus.
Hey all! Finished 3rd overall today.

Thanks Giragoomy for the great matches in the finals. Even though I won 2-0, i feel it was much closer than that as Sand does give my team troubles.

Battle videos:

Congrats to Extreme0 for coming first, and pyritie for coming second!


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Some videos:

Round 1 vs Jhon: CQYG-WWWW-WWWU-JC94
Round 2 vs GiraGoomy: MCDG-WWWW-WWWU-JCBS
Round 3 vs sheffieldsteelix: NDDG-WWWW-WWWU-JCFF
Round 4 vs KingJoshu: D24W-WWWW-WWWU-JCHF
Round 5 vs Extreme0: Intentional Draw :^) (I've since been told these are actually illegal now - oh well, now we know for next time)

Bo3 for 1st and 2nd place vs Extreme0

I literally threw this team together at the last minute and I am legitimately surprised it did so well, especially since this is my first time trying out VGC15's format.

Also I'm still distributing landoruses: If it's been 24 hours and you still have not received one, please send me a PM/VM and I'll trade one to you manually. Please be patient!

Thanks for the great battles and congrats to Extreme0 on the well-deserved victory!
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34 people entered
~13 people dropped out
Total time: 2 hours (organization is much better this time from last time)
Best of 3 match: +37 minutes

From my POV-

Link to brackets: http://challonge.com/SmogonVGC2
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gg everyone! I love how my team I threw together 1hr before the tourny made top 4. Modest physical t-tar ftw xddd.

Also sand actually isn't as bad as I thought, although it has a terrible fkn matchup vs rain even if you run Mega-Venu.

Edit: Thanks to Prof. Birch for running and lucariojr for taking the time to SR the Lando-T, I'm very happy to assist you guys if you were to do another tourny of this sort :]
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