#smogonvgc Live Tournament Week 3 - Terrakion Giveaway

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Hi everyone, in an effort to promote activity here in the VGC subforum, we'll be holding a practice tournament this Friday at 5 pm US central time (GMT -6). If this tournament goes over well enough, we'll do more like it and hopefully have more fun stuff for everyone. This week, we'll be giving away a Jolly Terrakion (soft reset by Pyritie ) to everyone that enters the tournament to use in future live tournaments, or one of the many premier challenges being held across the US (and the world?).

This week, either Professor Birch or myself will be running the bracket, so send your PMs to us when you see us on IRC! Additionally, you can pester TheMantyke and Laurel to add you to the bracket.

Or, you can create a Challonge account and register here.

The rules are simple:
  • Flat Doubles, pentagon Pokemon ONLY. Basic VGC rules here, folks. If it's not allowed on ORAS Battle Spot, it isn't allowed here.
  • For the purpose of having the tournament run on time, strategies such as Minimize are STRONGLY discouraged. Id' like to keep this tournament fun and fast; these strategies are neither.
  • Competitors will need a copy of Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire to enter.
  • The tournament will be Swiss, best of one with a top cut that will be determined by how many people enter (or depending on time constraints)
  • Each round will last a maximum of 30 minutes. If the match is not completed within the timeframe, it will be up to the host to decide who wins or who loses.
  • If there is a disconnection, it will be up to the host to decide who wins or who loses. Make sure to have a camera handy to get some proof if you're nervous about this.
  • Since this is a non-weighted practice tournament, you may change your team between rounds. However, it might be better practice for you not to do so.
  • You must join the IRC channel #smogonvgc in order to participate. PM whoever is running the tournament your username and friend code to enter. Make sure to join the chat and register early! The link will be provided at the end of this post.

Halvard -

Nature: Jolly - Ability: Justified - Location: Pokemon Omega Ruby
IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31

This week, we'll be giving away Halvard the ORAS-caught Terrakion. Terrakion remains a solid threat just as it was since its introduction back in VGC11, and although it has suffered from the introduction of Fairy-types, it gained some new prey in the form of Mega Kangaskhan, Talonflame, and the popular Bisharp.

So even if you're not confident in your skills or your team, remember that this is just for practice and that you're getting a free Terrakion and stop by #smogonvgc this Friday to show your support for VGC on Smogon! I hope to see you then!

The link for the IRC channel, #smogonvgc is Here.

  • Step 1: Catch a Tentacool
  • Step 2: Offer the Tentacool for a Terrakion on the GTS
  • Step 3: Enter your username that you entered the tournament with in the message box. If you don't do this, you'll be ignored!
  • Step 4: Refresh the GTS to receive your Terrakion. Enjoy!
IGN Pope FC 5043-1710_6824
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I'll join in this one. Still stuck in a teambuilding slump, so maybe some cart-based practice will be a good way to streamline my team a bit since most showdown players I've faced so far have used experimental/off the wall teams.

I'll register on IRC later tonight when I get off of work


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Something came up, so unfortunately I won't be able to make it for the tourney. :/

Hopefully I'll be able to join the next one.


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I've got some real life stuff this evening so I won't be able to participate or stay up to 2am to distribute things then and there, but if you put up your Tentacool in the GTS I'll give them out tomorrow morning! (And let me know on sunday if you don't get it)

Also it would really help if you used "smogonvgc" or something as the message instead of your username - it's much easier to pick out one consistent message than it is to try and figure out usernames
I'm trying to get more VGC practice (just got back into Pokemon after so many years with XY and even more recently got into VGC!) and I saw this posted on /r/stunfisk and I had to come and join! New account too! I'm trying to get involved in any VGC community I can find so I hope you guys can squeeze me in.
Enjoyed the tournament. Had some nice games.

Also Mawile @ Mawilite + Charizard @ Charizardite Y best lead duo.
I figured I'd post my battle videos up here, since I made top cut.

Round 1 vs. Pope: DAYG-WWWW-WWXX-GXNF
Round 2 vs. OatmealTM BDWW-WWWW-WWXX-GXQB
Round 3 vs. LucarioJr Q3DW-WWWW-WWXX-GXSD
Round 4 vs. ChipNDip Z9UW-WWWW-WWXX-GXUY
Round 5 vs. TheMantyke 4TSG-WWWW-WWXX-G2WB

Top 4 vs. Takeko (g1): YPTW-WWWW-WWXX-G22A
Top 4 vs. Takeko (g2): XHBG-WWWW-WWXX-G24W

This was a lot of fun, and I can't wait for next week!
I actualy got a free round 2 because I wrote the score too early since Extreme0 didn't showed himself until the last 5 minutes... then also got round 3 because of hobobob connection.. so I was realy lucky here but the experience of doing top matches is worth the luck, I realy had fun and it is also thanks to the mighty Landog you gave me!

1st round : I forgot to record it and it's infortunate because I could remember only 1 major mistake : trying to fake out mega gallade :I i'd be happy if Namikaze recorded it because i'd like to rewatch it and see if I did other mistakes.

4th round : R34W-WWWW-WWXX-GKJM

I am not sure of the order because the two matches featured very similar teams and the major thing that came out of them was the same as well, scizor did a very good job, but I am not sure if it was the suprise effect or true efficiency.

top4 vs CoolKing49 : 1° P86W-WWWW-WWXX-GK7K feat. the triple protect of death lol
top4 vs CoolKing49 : 2° QV3G-WWWW-WWXX-GK5F great match!

final vs TheMantyke : 1° 2NMW-WWWW-WWXX-GK2T Ferrothorn proving is love for kanga' again!
final vs TheMantyke : 2° 6DEW-WWWW-WWXX-GJT6 the best game of my life! I hope I'l do more games as awesome as this one!

before the top cut, I though I'd drop ferrothorn because of how good did scizor against terrakion and hydregon but then I did the top cut where Ferrothorn imposed his supremacy against the heavy physical threats.
I guess that my team scared all the sylveon away because of the double bulky steel type in my roaster.
I think I am changing loppunny for another fighting type mega since she didn't do much (the skill link protect aside lol) I am looking at medicham or gallade, but both will need support of tailwind and rage/follow, I am working on it!

Again, thank you all for the awesome weekly tournament, I learn alot on there and I am looking forward to learn even more!
And thanks for the terrakion!
Just missed top cut! Ugh, well, i had incredible matches here. If you're choosing a Legend to giveaway next, do Thundurus or Heatran, both are really used and they fit on most teams n_n
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