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Hey everyone! It’s time for Season 13 of SmORGon Survivor! This season will be hosted by myself (ajhockeystar), Clouds, and Energy, and feature a prize of $50 for the winner, $10 for second place, and $5 for third place!

I do ask that you only sign up for this game if you are going to be committed to being active for the full length of the game. This game has around 30 slots and thus will likely last up to 2 months. Although you don’t need to spend every second checking it, activity is important! Not to mention, games are more fun when they’re active!

If you are new to Survivor, here is a brief explanation that will help explain how it works:
The game starts with the players divided onto 2 or more tribes of an equal player amount. You are only allowed to talk amongst your own tribe. These tribes compete in challenges to win immunity. The winning tribe(s) are safe, and the losing tribe(s) go to “Tribal Council”. At tribal council, the tribe must vote out one of their own people. The players have 24 hours to talk about who they are voting out, and privately submit a vote. The votes are then revealed without revealing who voted for who, and the player who gets the most votes is eliminated from the game.

There is likely to be a “swap” at some point, in which the players are randomly assigned to new tribes. You may or may not be placed on a new tribe with people from your old tribe.

Once the players whittle down to a small enough number, a “merge” occurs. At this point, all players are placed on the same tribe. When challenges occur, players compete for individual immunity instead of tribal immunity. This means that if you win a challenge, you are safe from being voted out, and everyone else is at risk. In the merge, everyone gets to vote for who goes home. 

All (or almost all) of the players voted out in the merge go to something called the jury. Once there are 2 or 3 players left in the game, those 2 or 3 players have to plead their case to the jury about why they should win. The jury then gets to vote for who they think is most worthy of being the Sole Survivor.

Before signing up, I ask you all to read the rules:

1. Game Basics:
-Don't seek help from people outside of the game. Do not talk to people about the game with people not on your current tribe.
-During the Day phases of the game there will be immunity challenges. Immunity challenges decide who is safe and who has to go to Tribal Council.
-During the Tribal Stage of the game, challenges will be won and lost as a whole tribe. The tribe(s) that lose(s) in the immunity challenge will have to go to Tribal Council and vote someone out.
-During the Individual Stage of the game, challenges will be won and lost by a single person. The winner of the immunity challenge cannot be voted upon, but (s)he will be able to vote.
-Idols and advantages, including but not limited to extra votes, may or may not be hidden in the game and may be rewarded to the first player(s) to find them.
-Idols or advantages may or may not be rehidden after being played.

2. Challenges
-Challenges are the tasks that players or tribes will compete in to win immunity and be safe from Tribal Council. The challenges themselves will all vary and will typically not be very similar to one another.
-At the start of the Day phase, the details of the challenge will be posted.
-During Tribal (Team) challenges, some players may have to sit out some of the challenges (usually to make even teams). Players cannot sit out during two consecutive challenges unless otherwise stated.

3. Tribal Council:
-Tribal Council will occur at the Night phase after the Immunity Challenge. There will be a private vote to see who is eliminated from the game. Votes will take place in your confessional. Voting deadlines are typically 24 hours after the immunity challenge.
-Before you're allowed to vote, the hosts may post questions for you to publicly answer in your tribe's Tribal Council chat.
-The vote total will be revealed to the tribe at the end of the night, but the hosts will not announce who voted for who.
-If any hidden immunity idols are played, all the votes cast against the player who used their the HII will be negated. If a player chooses to play an idol, they cannot undo this action. Players cannot switch their idol target once they've used it on somebody.

-In case of an initial tie, there will be a re-vote where you can only vote for one of the people with the most votes. For example, if there are 3 votes for Player A, 3 votes for Player B, and 1 vote for Player C in a 7 man tribe, you may only vote for Player A or B during the re-vote. Additionally, the players with the most votes in the original vote will not be able to cast a new vote in the revote.
-In case of a second tie, the player who leaves will be determined by a random number generator. The players who tied for the most votes both times will be safe from this tiebreaker. In the previous example, players A and B would be safe, as would any player that has immunity or played an idol correctly.
-Players voted out (aka dead) cannot be communicated with following their removal from the game. There will be absolutely no communication between dead players and alive players regarding the game. This will change when the game reaches its conclusion, but until then, this rule will be strictly enforced.
-At a certain point, those voted out will form the Jury. The Jury is special in that they follow the game in order to vote for a winner at the end of the game.

4. Winning the Game:
-The goal of the game is to reach the Final Tribal Council, which typically occurs with just two or three people left in the game. You cannot win the game unless you make it to the Final Tribal Council.
-At the Final Tribal Council, the remaining players in the game speak to the jury and try to convince the jury that they deserve to win the game.
-Each finalist is allowed to make an opening statement on why they deserve to win the game. Following opening statements, each Jury member is allowed to make either a statement or ask the finalists a question if they choose to. They may say or ask whatever they want. An open and public dialogue may occur, and back-and-forth conversations with many members is encouraged.
-When everyone is done speaking, the jury will vote privately on who wins the game. Whoever gets the most votes wins.

5. Discord Mechanics:
-A typical phase will go like this: A host will post a challenge and the rules. The challenge will take place over the following day or two. The losing tribe will then go to tribal council where they will vote a person off. Some challenges may be a little different, but this is how a majority of them will go.
-The voting stage will start immediately after a challenge and end within 24 hours or when all votes on the tribe have been cast. Extensions will be rare, so don't expect them.
-Inactive players who fail to vote will place an unconditional and public vote for themselves.
-No impersonating other players. You will be punished if caught.
-There will be a designated discord sever for the game with private channels for the individual tribes. I will make chats for every 1 on 1 combination of players, but to have an alliance chat with 3 or more players you need to make a request in your confessional space. If it's time sensitive and the hosts aren't online, you may temporarily make a discord group outside of the server but you MUST invite the hosts to that. Once any alliance is formed, a new chat/channel has to be created if members are to be added.

6. All Smogon/Circus behavior rules are enforced. Notably, this includes:
-Don't be excessively harsh to other players, hosts, or members of the production team. This includes threats of any sort, which could lead to removal from the game and further forum punishments.
-Don't share screenshots to players inside the game about game related content.

6b. Although it is not a Smogon/Circus rule, I am bringing back the rule from last season that stated: No posting logs of chats with other players. It doesn’t matter whether they are real logs or fake logs, or whether it’s one line or a hundred lines, you may not send them to other players. (Feel free to send them in your confessional though!)

7. Rules are subject to change upon Host Discretion.

Now for signing up! What you need to do is simply fill out the application form and join the server!

Application Form:

Server Link:

Note that this is not first come first serve. If we get more players than we intend to have in the game, we will have to cut people.

Applications will close on Wednesday, November 25th at 11:59pm EST. The cast will be revealed in the server on Friday, November 27th at 7pm EST. See you then!
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The season is officially underway, and the first episode is complete! 28 of the 236 applicants were selected for the cast, all divided into 4 tribes of 7:

Arcanine Tribe
- Char lie
- gocubs
- Liz
- Lycan (1 True Lycan)
- Ninja (Ninjadog)
- noodle (Nat)
- Stoows

Camerupt Tribe
- angelic
- daltz (ASH KATCH THEM)
- Foolish
- glueteeth (glueteeth)
- Jett
- Keita
- spinda (spintacular spinda)

Ninetales Tribe
- Brit
- broil (Broil)
- Flame
- GamerGirlLaw
- Goomy (The Goomy)
- platty (platinumCheesecake)
- Psy (Psypsypsypsypsythe)

Salazzle Tribe
- atomicllamas (atomicllamas)
- Brian
- Felt
- ForgottenOnes (ForgottenOnes)
- Skarical
- Starshooter
- Zach (Ayia)

Fire tokens were then introduced as the main twist of the season. Using the fire token concept from Winners at War (Survivor S40) as a foundation, our goal was to create a more efficient system. They can be found throughout the Discord server, and are used to purchase idols and advantages.

F28 Immunity Challenge: Gameshow Showdown
Welcome to your first challenge of the game everyone! In this challenge, you'll be playing in 3 classic gameshows - Jeopardy, Family Feud, and the Price is Right! First, I will explain the rules to each of these three games.

Jeopardy: This will be a trivia game done live between all tribes. There will be 5 categories with questions worth between $100 and $500. Submitting a wrong answer subtracts the question value from your score instead of adding to it. To win, you just need to have the most money by the end of it! Ties are broken by a bonus round.

Family Feud: This will be done live, but each tribe will do it separately. People were surveyed on different questions, and we will be asking you the same questions. Your goal is to provide the answers that people most commonly said. If you provide us with an answer that no surveyed person said, then you get a strike. Three strikes, and we move onto the next question. There will be 3 questions. The tribe with the most points will win! Ties are broken by a bonus round.

The Price is Right: This game will not be done live, you will have 24 hours to complete it. We are going to provide you with a set of images of products that one of our hosts has gone to take pictures of. Your job is to give us a price as close to the real price as possible! In typical Price is Right fashion though, your price needs to either be exact or under the real price. Going over will disqualify you from that item. The tribe that is the closest to the real value without going over will earn a point. If multiple tribes are tied for the closest, they will both get it. Getting the exact value will give you 2 points! The tribe with the most points wins! Ties are broken by the tribe that went over the least, followed by the most second places, then 3rd places.

Since there are three games, there are 3 possibilities: The tribes split the wins 1-1-1-0. The tribe with 0 will go to tribal council. The tribes split the wins 2-1-0-0. For the tribes that won 0, we will then look at second places, followed by third places. If these are all tied, we will look at who did better in The Price is Right. The tribes split the wins 3-0-0-0. For the tribes that won 0, we will then look at second places, followed by third places. If these are all tied, we will look at who did better in The Price is Right.

Challenge Scores:
1st – Camerupt ($6,000)​
2nd – Arcanine ($5,200)​
3rd – Ninetales ($4,100)​
4th – Salazzle ($3,300)​
Family Feud:
1st – Camerupt (232)​
2nd – Ninetales (200)​
3rd – Salazzle (170)​
4th – Arcanine (162)​
The Price is Right:
1st – Arcanine (5)​
Tied 2nd – Camerupt (4)​
Tied 2nd – Ninetales (4)​
4th – Salazzle (1)​
Finishing last overall, Salazzle was sent to tribal council. At this tribal council, Starshooter was voted out in 28th place. See you next episode!


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The tribes ventured on to their next immunity challenge, where only two tribes would win, sending the other two tribes to tribal council. This was the first time this season two tribes had to attend tribal council in the same episode – will it be the last?

F27 Immunity Challenge: Weighted Olympics
Welcome to the Weighted Olympics! Before you ask - no, this does not mean you're all doing weightlifting. There will be 6 categories which correspond to the 6 Pokémon stats: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. You will assign one person on your tribe to each of the 6 categories, and they will participate in that event.

Each event will give you a certain amount of points depending on how well you do. If you get 1st place in the category, you will get 100 points. All other players will get a fraction of 100 points depending on how well they did relative to the first placer. For example, if there was a game where 1st place scored 315 points and second place scored 285, second place would get 285/315 * 100 = 90 points. If there was a timed challenge where 1st place took 51 seconds and second place took 93 seconds, they would get 100 * 51/93 = 55 points.

HP: Health app steps. Whoever is participating in this should have a step counter, whether it be on their phone, watch, or even a Pokéwalker. This person should take a picture of their current step count as soon as possible, and post it in their submissions chat. This will be your "starting" step count for the day. You will then submit two more pictures - one for your total steps today, and another for your total steps tomorrow (by 7pm EST). Your total steps will be calculated by adding the two numbers together, and subtracting your "starting" step count. Your goal is to have as many steps as possible!
Attack: Win a game on the Gen 8 UU ladder with as low of a combined team BST as you can. Your opponent must have a full team of 6 Pokémon, and if they forfeit, it does not count. It also does not count if you somehow find someone else on the ladder who is participating in this challenge. You may not say anything to your opponent, whether it be in the chat or in PMs. (We can check!) Send the replay in your submissions.
Defense: Defend your territory in and try to go for as high of a score as possible. Submit your highest score in your submissions!
Special Attack: A trivia quiz. Fastest time wins! Schedule a time with the hosts to do it.
Special Defense: Defend the cake. Get as many points as you can in and send a screenshot in your submissions!
Speed: Spreadsheet speed search. We will give you a bunch of questions relating to the Smogon Survivor Stats sheet, and your goal will be to find the info as quickly as possible. Schedule a time with the hosts to do it.

The tribe with the most points will win! Please decide now who is participating in what category, and who is sitting out (for the tribes with 7 members). You have until 7pm EST tomorrow to do your sections. Note: the tiebreaker will be what tribe does best in HP.

Challenge Scores:


Camerupt crushed the field with a total of 567.57 points. The others were all very close, with Ninetales finishing second and barely avoiding tribal council with a score of 456.92. Finishing third with a score of 453.02 was Arcanine, and last with a score of 440.60 was Salazzle.

At tribal council, a couple new twists were introduced to Salazzle and Arcanine – the two tribes who were sent there. The others will have to wait and see, or maybe won't ever have to see!

Salazzle voted out Skarical in 27th place, while Arcanine would vote out Liz in 26th place. See you for the next recap!
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After the first double-elimination took place, the tribes continued on to the next challenge.

F25 Immunity Challenge: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Exploration
In this challenge, your creativity will be tested. Here is how it will work. You are a Smeargle trying to get through the Crown Tundra Dungeon. You have access to every single Pokemon move; however, you will not be able to use any moves more than once... unless... In this dungeon there are several items you will notice, you can use moves to attempt to grab these items. Some of these items may be useful, some may not. If you are able to recover these item, we will let you know what they do.

In the dungeon you will be presented with a list of scenarios — your goal will be to get through each scenario while making least amount of moves possible. With each move you will also provide a description describing the action. For example, we might say: "There's a Cloudsachu in your path. You know it would shock you if you got close to it and it notices you. You see it laying down to rest. What do you do?" Your response might be: “While Cloudsachu is sleeping, we quietly Teeter Dance along the edges of the cave until we're behind Cloudsachu and slip through the doorway." A team of judges will then judge if your move was enough to get you past that floor of the dungeon.

Once the dungeon is completed, you'll plant your flag as a tribe. The two tribes that plant their flag with the least amount of moves will win immunity. The losing two tribes will go to tribal council, where two people will be eliminated from the game.

You will have 24 hours to complete this challenge. There are 10 scenarios, and you will have to go through them one by one. That is, you will be presented with the scenarios one at a time, and you need to get through all of them before the 24 hours. When you submit a successful action, a host will then provide you with the next scenario.

Each scenario that the tribes were given can be viewed on the Discord server, join through the link in the OP!

Challenge Results
This.. was extremely close. Winning tribes were:
- Ninetales, 14 moves
- Camerupt, 15 moves

To tribal council:
- Arcanine, 16 moves
- Salazzle, 17 moves

A familiar sight, Arcanine and Salazzle would both visit tribal council again. At tribal council, Salazzle voted out ForgottenOnes in 25th place. Arcanine decided to vote out Charlie in 24th place. See you next recap!


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After Salazzle and Arcanine attended their second double-elimination, odds are they couldn't attend a third one in a row. Right?

F23 Immunity Challenge: Can't Stop Won't Stop
I'm sure many of you have played the game "Can't Stop" before - this challenge will be a slight variant on it! For those that haven't played the game, here's an explanation. The board looks like this:


Each column represents a "mountain". The goal of the game is to get to the top of 3 mountains before anyone else does. Each turn, you will roll four dice. You will then pair them up and sum them up. For example, if I rolled a 1, 3, 4, and 5, my options would be: 1+3 and 4+5 1+4 and 3+5 1+5 and 3+4. These sums represent the mountains which you will climb on this turn. So if you choose 1+3 and 4+5, you will climb 4 and 9. If you choose 1+4 and 3+5, you will climb 5 and 8. And so on.

On each turn, you are able to climb 3 mountains at once. Once you have started climbing 3 mountains, on every future roll, you are at risk. You must roll at least one of your 3 current numbers, or else you will lose your progress for that turn. For example, if I am climbing the mountains 2, 5, and 11, and the numbers I roll are: 3, 3, 4, 6 - all possible combinations of adding the numbers 3, 3, 4, and 6 do not add up to 2, 5, and 11. This means I would lose all progress I have climbed up for the turn.

To prevent losing progress, you are able to end your turn. This saves your progress on the mountains you are climbing. In a normal game, this would make it so it's the next player's turn. This is different in this version of the game though! I'll get to that in a second though.

I need to first mention what happens when someone gets to the top of a mountain! Once you end your turn and you're at the top of a mountain, that mountain is claimed by you. No other person is able to progress up that mountain at all.

And now, time to explain what makes this version of the game unique! Instead of playing this in a turn based-format, all 4 tribes will be playing this game simultaneously. Yes, this means you'll be able to progress on the same mountains at the same time. Each roll will be a turn, and you will have [X] minutes to decide on which mountains you would like to progress on. You also need to tell us during this time period if you'd like to stop and save your progress. Stopping and saving progress will take up your next turn. If you fail to roll any of the 3 numbers of the mountains you're climbing, you will lose that turn, along with your progress.

(we will decide on X later - it'll probably be longer to start and then shorten as we get the hang of things)

Here are some unique situations that might happen, and how we will resolve them: -If two tribes get to the top of a mountain on the same turn, they will both earn the point and claim the mountain. -If a mountain is claimed, nobody else may progress on it. If a tribe is in the middle of progressing on it while also progressing on other mountains, and it is claimed, then their turn continues, but they can only progress on two mountains that turn. (The other two that they are on.) If you think of any other situations that might areas, feel free to ask and we will clarify!

The first two tribes to get to the top of 3 mountains will win tribal immunity. For the other two, tribal council. We will get started soon (maybe at 8?), and then do a bit this evening, and then finish up sometime tomorrow. Feel free to discuss strategy until then!

Note: If two tribes get to 3 points at the same time, they will elect one player each to play a game of Can't Stop on BoardGameArena. The winner's tribe is immune, the loser's will attend tribal council.

Challenge Results
Ninetales was the first to claim three mountains, making a wild comeback after a bad start to the challenge. The second tribe safe – a tie? Miraculously, two tribes would go to a tiebreaker to determine the outcome of this challenge after claiming their third mountain at the same exact time. Those tribes were Arcanine and Camerupt, with Salazzle losing and being sent to tribal council for the fourth time in a row.

For the tiebreaker, Arcanine selected Lycan as their player. Camerupt selected Foolish as theirs, and the two would duel it out on BoardGameArena's edition of Can't Stop. Foolish took the win for Camerupt, sending Arcanine to tribal council. So for the third time in a row, Salazzle and Arcanine would be the two tribes attending tribal council yet again.

At tribal council, Salazzle would vote out Felt in 23rd place. Arcanine would vote out Stoows in 22nd place. See you in the next recap!


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After the conclusion of the last set of tribal councils, the remaining 21 players would head directly into a tribe swap! Goodbye fire, hello darkness (my old friend). The swap was determined randomly and in real time.

Honchkrow Tribe
- angelic
- Brian
- glueteeth
- gocubs
- Lycan
- noodle
- Zach

Krookodile Tribe
- Brit
- daltz
- Foolish
- GamerGirlLaw
- Jett
- Ninja
- spinda

Tyranitar Tribe
- atomicllamas
- broil
- Flame
- Goomy
- Keita
- platty
- Psy

After going from four to three tribes, the next stage of the game began!

F21 Immunity Challenge: Around the World in (less than) Eighty Days
In a challenge that may be a familiar sight to some of you, your objective is pinpoint (or get as close to pinpointing) the coordinates of as many of the locations as possible. Since this is a group edition of this challenge, you are highly encouraged to collaborate with your tribemates, as you will be submitting as a tribe. Every tribe will be given the same set of 10 locations, each of which was taken from satellite view on Google Maps.

The coordinates we will be using for each location will be the ones found in the URL of the Google Maps page of each image. To make each guess official, pin the guess in your tribe chat with the image number and coordinates. Messages can always be unpinned, so a guess is not "locked" until the time for the challenge is up.

The 2 tribes who guess the closest to the most locations within the 24 hour period win immunity, and the losing tribe will halt their road trip and drive to tribal council. Ties will be broken by an 11th location in which the first tribe(s) to find the coordinates will receive immunity. If no tribe has found the exact coordinates for the tiebreaker in an hour, the closest guess(es) will win. If you have any questions, ping a host and we'll answer them for you. Good luck, and happy exploring!

Challenge Results
Tyranitar earned 7 points total off of exact guesses, cementing their win. Krookodile would tie for the win by also earning 7 points total, guessing 6 exact locations and being the closest for 1 location. With a total of 5 points – 4 for exact guesses and 1 for being the closest on a location – Honchkrow lost and was sent to tribal council.

At tribal council, Honchkrow voted off Lycan in 21st place. See you next recap!


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With the first tribal council since the swap in the books, the three tribes continued to their next challenge.

F20 Immunity Challenge: Asking the Tough Questions
Welcome back everyone. You've officially made it into the top 20–you're going places. With respect to the number of castaways left in the game, let's play some 20 Questions!

For this challenge, we'll ask that each tribe come up with a Pokemon, a Pokemon location, and a country. All three tribes will then be added into three chats: one to discuss the challenge and potential guesses among your tribemates as well as submit your tribe's selections, and two chats with the two tribes you do not reside in to carry out the challenge. You'll be attempting to figure out the selections of the other two tribes, and the objective of the challenge is to have the lowest cumulative number of guesses before figuring out the answer. Despite the name, this challenge will not limit your tribe to 20 questions, and you make ask as many questions as needed. Keep in mind, making an official guess counts as a question.

For example, say Krookodile chooses Sandile as their Pokemon. In their challenge chats with Tyranitar and Honchkrow, Krookodile and the respective tribe will decide on a time to trying to ask questions to help narrow down the possible options, until they eventually guess Sandile correctly. Scheduling is flexible, and you don't have to try to attempt to guess any of the categories in a specific order. However, we advise not overlapping between being a guesser and an answerer, as it's likely to lead to chat clutter and make it hard to focus on the task at hand. In your tribe's individual chat for the challenge, you'll submit their selections and have free access to discuss anything about the challenge, even while it's ongoing. At the end, we will total up the amount of questions it took each tribe to get each of the six answers they'll be seeking to find. The two tribes with the lowest number of guesses total will win immunity, while the tribe with the highest number of guesses will be taking a trip straight to tribal council. Good luck, and happy guessing!

Challenge Results


Krookodile took home first place with a total of 54 guesses, while Tyranitar barely secured second with a total of 57. Honchkrow would make a trip to tribal council again, finishing last with 59 guesses.

At tribal council, Honchkrow voted out angelic in 20th place. See you next recap!


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After the second consecutive tribal council for Honchkrow, they'd seek immunity in the next challenge for a much needed break. Would they get it?

F19 Immunity Challenge: Egomaniacs
We mean no disrespect to the other two tribes, but one of you in particular deserves this immunity the most.. is what you'll want us to be thinking at the end of this. Welcome to your next immunity challenge, where it's time to let your creativity shine through!

As a tribe, you will spend the next 24 hours making a slideshow presentation on why you deserve to win immunity. There are no guidelines at all for what we're looking for, and we simply want to be convinced that your tribe deserves it the most. The slideshow can be created on any platform, though Google Slides is typically the preferred website as it allows for easy collaboration. The only rules in this challenge are the rules that apply to the Survivor as a whole, such as avoiding the inclusion of 18+ content. At the end of the 24 hour period, the hosts and helpers of this season will decide which 2 tribes have convinced us they deserve immunity, and which tribe will be taking the walk to tribal council. Each of us will submit our own individual votes for 2 tribes to win immunity, and the 2 tribes with the most cumulative votes will win. Good luck, and have fun!

Challenge Results
Each tribe was graded based on a rubric, and evaluated by three judges from the production team – ajhockeystar, joe_durk, and Przzy. The scores they gave were combined at the end, so the total possible points a tribe could score was 90. The rubric was as follows:


Winning immunity with a killer performance and an overall score of 78/90 was Honchkrow, dodging tribal council for the first time. Krookodile would keep their streak alive with a score of 63/90, while Tyranitar would score 60/90 and attend tribal council. If you're interested, all slideshows for the presentations can be seen in the Discord server where the game is taking place!

At tribal council, Tyranitar would vote out Keita in 19th place. See you next recap!
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The three tribes continued on to their next immunity challenge, where they would face a double elimination – or at least they were supposed to.

F18 Immunity Challenge: Selective Shoppers
In this challenge, your task as a tribe will be to find ridiculous, absurd requests on our selective shopping list on the internet. We don't know whose shopping list this is, or why they're out looking for such peculiar items, but we do know that the tribe to find more of the items on the list with a lower cost than the other tribe at the end of the 24 hour period will be the only one granted immunity! To clarify - for each item on the list, finding a lower cost item than the other tribe will give you 1 point, and the tribe with more points wins. In the event of a tiebreaker, you'll be trying to find one additional item. You'll be sending the links to these items in your tribe submissions chat for this challenge! Please note - we are not counting individual sellers. This means eBay and sites of that nature will not count.

Challenge Results
In a challenge that can be described as chaotic, among other things, Honchkrow took the win with 13 points. Tyranitar finished second with 12 and Krookodile finished third with 11. Yet another close challenge this season!

..however, Flame from Tyranitar was disqualified for cheating following investigation, so Tyranitar's intended tribal council was called off. Krookodile voted out GamerGirlLaw in 17th place at their tribal council. See you next recap!
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After the conclusion of the tribal council, three tribes became two. In another randomized swap, the new tribes were determined. We had darkness, we had fire, and now we've brought them together!

Houndoom Tribe
- Brit
- broil
- Foolish
- gocubs
- Jett
- Ninja
- noodle
- Zach

Incineroar Tribe
- atomicllamas
- Brian
- daltz
- glueteeth
- Goomy
- platty
- Psy
- spinda

The day after, the two tribes would head to the next immunity challenge. Due to the quick completion of the F15 immunity challenge, this episode became a double episode. In other words, two challenge and tribal council phases fell under the same episode, as is sometimes done on the show.

F16 Immunity Challenge: It Takes Two
In this challenge, each tribe will be given the same set of 4 jigsaw puzzles – 1 of easy difficulty, 2 of medium difficulty, and 1 of hard difficulty. The catch is that you'll need to partner up with a tribemate for this challenge, as they are multiplayer puzzles! Pairs of 2 will play each of the 4 puzzles, and the goal is to complete it as fast as possible. At the end of the challenge, the tribe with the lowest overall time across the 4 puzzles wins immunity! For obvious reasons, we won't be posting the puzzles you'll do here, but when you and your partner have decided which puzzle you'll do, ping a host and we'll run it for you! We'll use the stopwatch command to time you, and to prove completion, you or your partner will need to post a screenshot of the completed puzzle in the respective submissions channel. Good luck!

Sadly, the multiplayer function was down, so we went to a backup plan – solo puzzles. They were distributed as 2 of easy difficulty, 4 of medium difficulty, and 2 of hard difficulty, and the goal to get the lowest overall time remained the same.

F15 Immunity Challenge: Reinventing Random
It's time for a classic Pokémon battling challenge! Except this time, it's not very classic. In fact, it's not classic at all. Have fun battling in these weird tiers!
- Gen 8 Monoletter OU (all Pokémon on your team must start with the same letter)
- Gen 8 Monocolor OU (all Pokémon must be the same Pokédex color)
- Gen 8 Blitz Random Battle
- Gen 8 Inverse Random Battle
- Gen 8 Camomons Random Battle, no team preview
- Gen 8 Shared Power Random Battle, no team preview
- Gen 8 Inverse Camomons Shared Power Random Battle, no team preview

Both tribes will send in a lineup, and then we will make a scheduling chat. All tiers will be bo3, but you can gentleman to bo1 or bo5 if both players agree. First tribe to 4 wins is immune, the losing tribe goes to tribal council. Good luck! If you want to practice, I can give you guys the commands to challenge people to the bottom 5 tiers.

Challenge Results
With an overall time of 3:41:22, Incineroar won the first challenge of the episode and sent Houndoom to tribal council. Here's the scoring sheet:


Incineroar also won the second challenge of the episode, with a final score of 5-2. Here were the individual match results:
- noodle vs The Goomy (Gen 8 Monoletter OU)
- gocubs vs atomicllamas (Gen 8 Monocolor OU)
- Brit vs spinda (Gen 8 Blitz Random Battle)
- Foolish vs Brian (Gen 8 Inverse Random Battle)
- Jett vs glueteeth (Gen 8 Camomons Random Battle, NTP)
- Zach vs Platty (Gen 8 Shared Power Random Battle, NTP)
- broil vs daltz (Gen 8 Inverse Camomons Shared Power Random Battle, NTP)

At the first tribal council of the episode, Houndoom voted out Ninja in 16th place. Then at the second tribal council of the episode, Houndoom voted out broil in 15th place. See you next recap!
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Following the double episode, the tribes would continue on to their next immunity challenge as we entered back into single episode mode.

F14 Immunity Challenge: Codenames
Both tribes will need to elect one player for this challenge. Pick someone who is good at deciphering clues! Please choose as soon as possible.

Houndoom chose gocubs, Incineroar chose spinda.

Both of your tribes have chosen a guesser for this game. That guesser has been temporarily removed from your Tribal Chats. You may still converse with them about strategy and alliances, but under no circumstance can you even MENTION anything related to the challenge to them. Nothing in jest, and definitely nothing about behavior during the challenge (strategy, signals, or throwing). Please do not break these rules! There will be zero lenience for violation.

In this challenge, you will be playing a modified form of Codenames, adapted to forum play. Here is how it will work:
- The members on each tribe that are not guessers will get 12 different boards. Each board has 16 words, of which 2 of them are the correct ones.
- You must think of a one word English hint that will clue your guesser in on what the correct words are (using Merriam Webster’s online dictionary).

An example board was then given and explained.

You will create hints for all 6 of your boards. While this is happening, the guessers for both tribes will schedule a time to play this game live, at any time between now and the standard 7 PM EST deadline.

Here is how the live portion of the game will work. We will first reveal a board and the associated one-word hint for the first tribe. In this example, we will show the board above, and DM each guesser their tribe's hint. The guesser for the first tribe gets to guess two cards on the board. If it's correct, then he will win a point for his tribe. If he does NOT guess the two correct answers (i.e. the person who got the hint "farm" guesses “straw/grass”), then the guesser for the second tribe gets to have a shot at it. This continues until one guesser gets the two correct answers. The next board and hint revealed will be for the second tribe, and the guesser for the second tribe will get first guess. This continues until one guesser scores 6 points.

Oh, and I should mention - there will be one "assassin" word on the board. If the assassin word is one of your two guessed words, you automatically lose the round, and the other player gets the point. In the event of a 5-5 tie, the person who guessed the fewest number of assassin words wins. If that is tied, then the tribe whose boards were guessed in the fewest amount of guesses wins. If this is the same, then we go into sudden death with 2 more boards.

The last time this challenge was hosted, there was a small complaint from one of the tribes that they were at a disadvantage since the other tribe had better boards that they started on. As a result, this time we are going to be drafting the boards. We will post the 12 boards and the correct answers, and we will go in a snake draft format to determine which tribe gets to guess first for each board.

Boards will be posted in a sec! Please note that all clues given must follow standard Codenames rules. That is, they must relate to the meaning of the word in some way, and may not relate to the sound, letters, or length of the words. You also may not give a clue that is a word directly related to another word on the board. For example, if a word on the board is "ground", you cannot give the clue "underground".

Challenge Results
In a classic comeback, spinda and the Incineroar tribe rallied back after being down 0-3 to gocubs and the Houndoom tribe to claim the win, 7-5. This would send Houndoom to their third consecutive tribal council.

At tribal council, Houndoom voted out Jett in 14th place. See you next recap!


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Following the last tribal council, the two tribes would take on one more immunity challenge prior to a two day break for the holidays.

F13 Immunity Challenge: Soundbytes
Listen, I need you to hear something.. and recognize it too. Welcome to your next immunity challenge, where you'll be identifying Pokemon themes from short audio clips!

In this challenge, you'll be given a series of 2 second audio clips of Pokemon game music in which you'll need to try to figure out the theme name and game name as a tribe. For each clip, the scoring will go as follows:
- Naming the theme: 1 point
- Naming the game: 1 point
- Naming both: 2 points

We ask that you be as specific with the theme name as possible. For example, should the theme be Miror B.'s encounter theme from Pokemon XD, specifying that it's his encounter theme instead of saying "Miror B.'s theme" would be essential. At the end of the challenge, the tribe with the most points total wins immunity! To submit your official guesses, pin the messages in your tribe chat. When the 24 hour period is up, pinned messages at that time will be considered locked and will be reviewed.

If the tiebreaker occurs, an additional audio clip will be posted directly after the scores are counted. Should this happen, the first to correctly guess the theme name and the song name and then pin their answer wins immunity.

Challenge Results
Yet again, this challenge was close to the finish. With a final score of 38 to 32, Houndoom would win their first tribal immunity! Scoring sheet:


This loss sent Incineroar to tribal council for the first time. At tribal council, Incineroar voted out glueteeth in 13th place. See you next recap, and happy holidays! Enjoy the break.


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Following the win, Houndoom tried to repeat what they did last episode and beat the Incineroar tribe for the second consecutive challenge.

F12 Immunity Challenge: Drop Quotes
The game is back in session! But as we mentioned, this challenge doesn't require you to be on right now, so if you're reading this on the 26th, don't worry. However, you'll have the opportunity to begin it tonight either way – it's up to you.

For this immunity challenge, you'll be completing word puzzles by the name of Drop Quotes! There will be 5 puzzles total, each of which will be posted at times which are convenient for your tribe members. We'll come around to both tribe chats and see what works best for you guys for release times. The tribe with the lower cumulative solve time for all 5 puzzles will earn tribal immunity.

We recommend looking into the best approaches for these puzzles, as they're a breeze once you get the hang of them. The only parameters are as follows:
- The answers will all be coherent phrases or sentences.
- The answers are not actual quotes, as some editions of this puzzle try to follow.

Good luck, and as always, let us know if you have any questions. Here is a solid rundown of how they work.

Challenge Results
With a final time of 29:14 to 35:40, Houndoom would make it back to back wins! Scoring sheet:


Incineroar was sent back to tribal council.. until it got called off. Foolish was disqualified from the game for cheating following investigation – a member of the Houndoom tribe.

..we can only hope it's the last time we have to say something like that. See you next recap!


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This episode marked the start of the merge! The 11 remaining players in the game would all join one tribe, and the jury phase of the game would also begin. As has been done in the past, we decided to leave the name of the merge tribe up to the players and see what they could agree upon. They came up with a groundbreaking and completely original name – Salazzle: 2.

Salazzle: 2 Tribe
- atomicllamas
- Brian
- Brit
- daltz
- gocubs
- Goomy
- noodle
- platty
- Psy
- spinda
- Zach

Since we entered the merge phase of the game, all challenges from this point on are played for individual immunity.

F11 Immunity Challenge: Sink or Swim
Congratulations guys! You've made the merge, a feat you should be proud of in any Survivor game. To kick off the merge, we have a straightforward and simple immunity challenge.

This challenge is a case of same story, different name, and many of you may be familiar with it. The objective is to find a partner each round, and not be the one person left to sink. The game will consist of a series of rounds in which one person will be left hanging each time, and that person will choose one other person to sink with them at the end of the round to bring the game back to an odd number of players. For example, if Laurel was to be the one left out in the first round with 11 players, he could choose Clouds and sink him as well, bringing the player count to 9, rinse and repeat. It's important to note that in each new round, you cannot pair with the same person you did the round prior.

The game will continue until one castaway is left swimming, and they will win individual immunity and be guaranteed a spot in the Final 10. Everyone else will remain vulnerable at tribal council, with a chance of being voted out and becoming the first member of the jury.

1 last thing – the winner of this challenge wins more than individual immunity. They will also win 1 fire token! As mentioned in #fire-tokens, the game's currency will soon be obsolete after a mysterious challenge in the early merge. With this challenge potentially on the horizon, keep in mind this token's potential value!

Challenge Results
As nature would have it, the duck was the last one swimming. Psy won individual immunity, granting him safety at the F11 tribal council.

At tribal council, platty was voted out in 11th place and became the season's first juror, in a wild final vote count of 5-4-1-1. See you next recap!


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After the first juror was determined at the last tribal council, the remaining 10 castaways carried on to their next individual immunity challenge.

F10 Immunity Challenge: Fit for the Job
The Badlands are starting up their own Pokémon League, and the investors are looking for a Champion. They're looking for someone who's good at battling, and is marketable to a wide audience. You will pose as Ash Ketchum in this challenge, and your job is to write up a resume to attempt to be selected for an interview.

We are looking for resumes that outline your skills in a clear and concise manner and make yourself sound better than all other applicants. Don't forget - it needs to look professional too! Once all resumes are in, the hiring team will judge them, and select our 3 best candidates for an interview. You will then have a live interview with the hiring team, who will be asking your questions to see if you are fit for the job.

The person who has the best interview will win individual immunity. You'll have 21 hours to create the resume, and the remaining 3 hours of the day will be used for interviews should all 3 selected candidates be around. If not, we'll extend the time period for interviews.

And on another note, in addition to individual immunity, the winner of this challenge will once again win 1 fire token. Good luck guys!

Challenge Results
The resumes of Brit, Goomy, and spinda earned them an interview. After the interviews, Brit was handed the job, granting him individual immunity!

At tribal council, Psy was voted out in 10th place and became the season's second juror, in a final vote count of 6-3-1. See you next recap!


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Following the last tribal council, we'd head into a different kind of episode. The immunity challenge consisted of two parts, and one of those parts was a Survivor-style auction!

F9 Immunity Challenge Part I: Relationship Advice
The first part of the challenge entailed the castaways competing in a posting competition, in a challenge that was brought back from Season 9 and rebranded. The castaways would make a single post on r/relationship_advice on Reddit and try to accumulate the highest number of upvotes, comments, and awards. Instead of immunity, the placements would equate to receiving specific amounts of fire tokens:

1st: 20 fire tokens
2nd: 18 fire tokens
3rd: 16 fire tokens
4th - 6th: 13 fire tokens
7th - 9th: 10 fire tokens

Zach took first place, with a total of 2212 post karma + 518 comments + 11 awards = 2785 points! This shattered the previous record in this challenge. Tokens were then handed out based on placements, and advantages and idols were taken off the market! They are unable to be purchased for the rest of the game.

F9 Immunity Challenge Part II: Silent Auction
The next part of the challenge was an auction! As it was a silent auction, the only information revealed afterwards was how many tokens were bid on each item. The only thing that would've been revealed was the winner of the individual immunity bid.. except that nobody bid on it. Here were the items up for bidding:

- Individual Immunity at the F9 Tribal Council
- Challenge Advantage for the F7 challenge
- The Laurel Discount Idol™ - Idol that negates two votes, and expires at the standard time – after the F5 tribal council. A nullifier can still be effectively used on it.
- Getting the Edge: You can choose someone and find out their edgic so far this game.
- Info Advantage - Can find out who won a specific item at this auction.
- Covered Item #1
- Covered Item #2
- Covered Item #3
- 2 Fire Token Pass to participate in the F7 Immunity Challenge

After the auction, Salazzle: 2 would make the trip to tribal council, where no one would be immune. At that tribal council, Brian would be voted out in 9th place in a vote count of 5-3-1, and he would become the season's third juror. See you next recap!


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Following the conclusion of the last tribal council, the castaways would head to the battlefield for their next immunity challenge.

F8 Immunity Challenge: Shot in the Dark
Today's challenge is blind Sword & Shield OU. Each of you will be given an alias, by the name "Smog13PlayerX", where X is a number from 1 to 8. You will tell us your available times in your submissions, and we will schedule a time for you to face your opponent! It's a single elimination tournament, meaning 3 total wins gets you immunity, and a guaranteed shot in the Final 7!

The matches will be:
- Player 1 vs Player 2
- Player 3 vs Player 4
- Player 5 vs Player 6
- Player 7 vs Player 8

The winner of the first two matches will fight, and the winner of the second two matches will fight. You aren't allowed to tell anyone who you are until the challenge is over. I'll give you your aliases now! This is the username you will go on PS and battle with. By the way, these matches are Bo3!

Challenge Results
As can be seen in the results below, Player 6 won individual immunity – this was Goomy!


Player 1 - atomicllamas
Player 2 - noodle
Player 3 - gocubs
Player 4 - Brit
Player 5 - spinda
Player 6 - Goomy
Player 7 - daltz
Player 8 - Zach
Goomy assured himself safety at tribal council, which is where the castaways would head next. At tribal council, atomicllamas was voted out in 8th place in a spectacular vote count of 4-3-2 after an extra vote was played. He would become the season's fourth juror! It's the homestretch now – with just 7 players left – and anything can happen. See you next recap!
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The remaining 7 players carried on to their next individual immunity challenge, arcade style!

F7 Immunity Challenge: Back to a Classic
For this challenge, a classic arcade game takes the center stage. Get your best possible high score in and submit the screenshot of your high score in your submissions. The person with the highest score wins individual immunity!

In this challenge, Zach did not buy a challenge pass at the auction, so he was ineligible to receive individual immunity here.
Additionally, gocubs had a challenge advantage that multiplied his final score by 1.1.

Challenge Results
Winning individual immunity was daltz, with a score of 405,979! Final challenge leaderboard:

1. daltz – 405,979
2. Brit – 368,133
3. noodle – 259,211
4. gocubs – 203,828.9
5. spinda – 121,978
6. Goomy – 1,616

Tribal council was the next destination. At tribal council, Brit was voted out in 7th place in a vote count of 6-1, marking the first time a vote was unanimous in the merge phase of the game! He would become the season's fifth juror. It's the final 6 now, and it's getting down to the wire. See you next recap!
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After the conclusion of the last tribal council, the remaining 6 castaways carried on to their next immunity, where there was 100% reason to..

F6 Immunity Challenge: Remember the Name
We hope you've been paying attention to things along the way, because in today's challenge we'll be diving into this season's history!

But this time around, with a twist. Whenever you're ready, you'll be given a series of trivia questions about this season in your submissions channel. There will be 28 questions total, which should seem like a familiar number as it's the number of castaways this season!

The answer to all 28 of the questions will be the name of a castaway, and will ask you about an event, quote, or some other sort of trivia regarding them. Each castaway will have 1 question each, so don't answer the same name twice! And don't worry about it being something you were unable to witness, as the answer to all of the trivia questions will be attainable by the six of you.

The player with the most correct answers will win immunity! To lock in your answers, simply say "done", "final", or some other word of confirmation after submitting your answers in your submissions. Make sure to do this, as we'll be using the message snowflakes to determine final times – this is important because in the event of a tie, the player with the fastest time wins. Good luck, have fun, and show us what you're made of!

Challenge Results
Winning individual immunity was noodle, but it was incredibly close. Everyone got all the questions correct, so it came down to speed! Here was the final challenge leaderboard:

1. noodle – 20m 25s
2. spinda – 20m 30s
3. daltz – 22m 35s
4. Zach – 23m 21s
5. gocubs – 28m 3s
6. Goomy – 46m 58s

At tribal council, Zach was voted out in a 3-2-1 vote count. He became the season's sixth juror, placing 6th. See you next recap!


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With another tribal council in the books, the remaining five castaways would venture on to the next immunity challenge. The end is near!

F5 Immunity Challenge: Freerice
Welcome to the obligatory grind challenge of the season – Freerice. Those of you who have tuned in to past seasons of Smogon Survivor may be familiar with the challenge, and it's simple in nature. For those unfamiliar with Freerice, it's a website where you can answer basic trivia questions in many categories, including Geography, Math, Languages, and many more. With every correct answer, the website donates (an amount of money equal to) 10 grains of rice to a charity they partner with to provide food to those in need. This way, your pain and suffering through this challenge goes to a good cause.

To start, you'll need to head over to, then create an account with a username formatted as "[your name]Badlands". This time around, you will have a 6 hour period to answer as many questions correctly and donate as much rice as possible. You can choose to begin your 6 hours at any time over the next 18 hours, but it must be started at or before 1 PM EST. When you are finished, please link your profile so we can check the total grain count. The castaway who donates the most rice within the given time frame wins immunity, and is guaranteed to advance to the Final 4. Good luck to all!

..or at least, that was supposed to be the immunity challenge. Turns out, the Freerice legacy is over, as they began banning accounts that were going 'too fast' due to thinking they were bots. So! We made some accommodations.

F5 Immunity Challenge, Recharged: If the Stars Aline
The new challenge is to get the AI to recognize your drawings. You may only draw in STRAIGHT lines, and you will be scored based on how many straight lines you used in each drawing. Screenshot your final score – the page with the six drawings – and put it in your submissions channel. The AI must have guessed at least four drawings correctly. We will count the number of lines you used in four of the drawings that the AI guessed correctly. Lowest score wins!

Challenge Results
For the first time this season, we saw a three way tie for individual immunity! But there can only be one challenge winner. Here was the final challenge leaderboard prior to the tiebreaker:

T1. noodle – 8
T1. Goomy – 8
T1. gocubs – 8
4. spinda – 9
5. daltz – 10

The tiebreaker consisted of a 15 minute period in which the castaways would try to achieve the lowest score they could. Here's how it panned out:

1. noodle – 11
2. Goomy – 13
3. gocubs – 15

Meaning with 11 lines total in the tiebreaker, noodle would win individual immunity! She would earn herself safety at tribal council.

At said tribal council, gocubs was voted out in 5th place in a vote count of 3-2. He became the season's seventh juror. See you next recap!


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This is it! The final episode before the finale, where the remaining 4 castaways would compete in their final immunity challenge.

F4 Immunity Challenge: Precipice to the End
This is it. The final immunity challenge, where one of you will win yourself a seat at Final Tribal Council and make your case for why you deserve the title of Sole Survivor. This challenge will be hosted live, and will consist of four tasks. The first castaway to successfully complete all four of these tasks will win immunity, cementing their position as a finalist. The task list consists of:

- Answering 15 trivia questions about a video.
- Solving 15 anagrams of Pokemon names.
- Completing a jigsaw puzzle.
- Finally, counting up from 1 to 500 and back down to 1.

Please note that you won't be able to move on to another task until the one prior to it on the list is complete. Give it all you've got, good luck!

Challenge Results
It was a hard fought challenge by all 4 castaways, but ultimately it was daltz who would take home the win! He'd punch his ticket to final tribal council, where he'll soon plead his case to the jury along with 2 other castaways.

At the last standard tribal council of the season, noodle was voted out in 4th place in a vote count of 3-1. She became the season's eighth and final juror, and will cast her vote for the winner of the season with the seven other jurors at final tribal council.

All that's left is the finale! The three finalists, daltz, Goomy, and spinda, are all preparing their opening speeches at the moment. Final tribal council will go until the reunion on Sunday, January 17th, where one the three finalists will be crowned winner of the Badlands! The time is yet to be determined, but feel free to join the Discord server in the OP if you're interested in seeing who takes it all. See you for the final recap!


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And so final tribal council started, the jurors asked their questions, and voted for who they thought deserved to take it all. That winner would be..


daltz! In a vote count of 6-1-1, he would be victorious, with spinda and Goomy tying for 2nd place.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of this season, from the players to the spectators to the rest of the hosting team. It was easily a season to remember, and my heart sinks a little realizing that it's come to an end. I will for sure miss it all being a part of my day to day life, but I'm so glad it was such an engaging season, and this community's pretty cool. Hope the many of you who attended the reunion had a good time!


is a Community Leader
Community Leader
Hey everyone! Thanks again to everyone who hosted, played, and spectated - you all made this a blast.

To those that are interested in playing or watching future seasons, I suggest joining the SmORGon Hub server - it's where we have announcements for all future games! If you want to get notified every time a new season is in signups, just join this server!

Also, if you missed the reunion show last night, fear not - I streamed it, so it's available on my twitch for 2 weeks. Here's the link:, and the relevant timestamps are as follows:

7:35 - daltz’s victory speech
9:05 - awards begin
37:45 - episode title guessing
1:16:51 - talking about the bad application screenshots
1:38:20 - going through the starboard document
2:16:55 - talking about next season's plans :eyes:
2:18:58 - talking about twists of the season (whispering, live tribals, fire tokens)
3:00:15 - starting to go down the list of castaways 1 by 1 (this gets sidetracked a bunch to other game discussion, but we end up getting through it)

The episode title guessing and bad application screenshots won't make much sense unless you follow along through the reunion chat from that point in time, so I suggest you do that if you want the full experience! Similarly, if you want to listen to the part about the starboard document, open up the document (
) and follow along as we go through it!

Thanks again for making this such an enjoyable experience everyone - I hope to see you next time!

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