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Welcome to Season 16 of SmORGon Survivor, Azure Bay! This season will be hosted by myself (ajhockeystar), GGL, noodle (Nat), and Przzy, and feature a prize of $50 for the winner, $10 for second place, and $5 for third place!

I do ask that you only sign up for this game if you are going to be committed to being active for the full length of the game. This game has between 20-30 slots and thus will likely last up to 2 months. Although you don’t need to spend every second checking it, activity is important! Not to mention, games are more fun when they’re active!

If you are new to Survivor, here is a brief explanation that will help explain how it works:
The game starts with the players divided onto 2 or more tribes of an equal player amount. You are only allowed to talk amongst your own tribe. These tribes compete in challenges to win immunity. The winning tribe(s) are safe, and the losing tribe(s) go to “Tribal Council”. At tribal council, the tribe must vote out one of their own people. The players have 24 hours to talk about who they are voting out, and privately submit a vote. The votes are then revealed without revealing who voted for who, and the player who gets the most votes is eliminated from the game.

There is likely to be a “swap” at some point, in which the players are randomly assigned to new tribes. You may or may not be placed on a new tribe with people from your old tribe.

Once the players whittle down to a small enough number, a “merge” occurs. At this point, all players are placed on the same tribe. When challenges occur, players compete for individual immunity instead of tribal immunity. This means that if you win a challenge, you are safe from being voted out, and everyone else is at risk. In the merge, everyone gets to vote for who goes home. 

All (or almost all) of the players voted out in the merge go to something called the jury. Once there are 2 or 3 players left in the game, those 2 or 3 players have to plead their case to the jury about why they should win. The jury then gets to vote for who they think is most worthy of being the Sole Survivor.

Before signing up, I ask you all to read the rules:

1. Game Basics:
-Don't seek help from people outside of the game. Do not talk to people about the game with people not on your current tribe.
-During the Day phases of the game there will be immunity challenges. Immunity challenges decide who is safe and who has to go to Tribal Council.
-During the Tribal Stage of the game, challenges will be won and lost as a whole tribe. The tribe(s) that lose(s) in the immunity challenge will have to go to Tribal Council and vote someone out.
-During the Individual Stage of the game, challenges will be won and lost by a single person. The winner of the immunity challenge cannot be voted upon, but (s)he will be able to vote. The winner of the immunity challenge has up to 6 hours from when tribal council starts to give away their immunity to someone else on their tribe.
-Advantages, including but not limited to idols and extra votes, may or may not be hidden in the game and may be rewarded to the first player(s) to find them.
-Idols or advantages may or may not be rehidden after being played.

2. Challenges:
-Challenges are the tasks that players or tribes will compete in to win immunity and be safe from Tribal Council. The challenges themselves will all vary and will typically not be very similar to one another.
-At the start of the Day phase, the details of the challenge will be posted.
-During Tribal (Team) challenges, some players may have to sit out some of the challenges (usually to make even teams). Players cannot sit out during two consecutive challenges unless otherwise stated.

3. Tribal Council:
-Tribal Council will occur at the Night phase after the Immunity Challenge. There will be a private vote to see who is eliminated from the game. Votes will take place in your submissions channel. You may switch your vote as many times as you wish in a given tribal council. Just make sure that you submit your vote before the deadline. Voting deadlines are typically 24 hours after the immunity challenge.
-Before you're allowed to vote, the hosts may post questions for you to publicly answer in your tribe's Tribal Council chat.
-You may not intentionally vote for yourself at a Tribal Council. If we have reason to believe this has been done with intent by not submitting a vote by the deadline, disciplinary action may be taken.
-The vote total will be revealed to the tribe at the end of the night, but the hosts will not announce who voted for who.
-If any hidden immunity idols are played, all the votes cast against the player who used the HII will be negated. If a player chooses to play an idol, they cannot undo this action. Players cannot switch their idol target once they've used it on somebody.
-Advantages can be assumed to still work in revotes, unless stated otherwise.
-In case of an initial tie, there will be an instant re-vote where you can only vote for the players the tied votes were on. You may not communicate with your tribe members between the announcement of a tie and the re-vote. The players who the vote was tied on will not vote in the re-vote. For example, if there are 3 votes for Player A, 3 votes for Player B, and 1 vote for Player C in a 7 man tribe, you may only vote for Player A or B during the re-vote. Everyone at that tribal council except for Players A and B will cast a vote as soon as they can.
-If a player is offline during a re-vote, they must vote immediately upon coming online.
-In case of a second tie, the player who leaves will be determined by a random number generator. The players who tied for the most votes both times will be safe from this tiebreaker. In the previous example, players A and B would be safe, as would any player that has immunity or is immune from an idol play.
-Players voted out cannot be communicated with following their removal from the game. There will be absolutely no communication between dead players and alive players regarding the game. This will change when the game reaches its conclusion, but until then, this rule will be strictly enforced.
-Players voted out will not be allowed to post long paragraphs of final words. At maximum, you are allowed to post a sentence or two.
-At a certain point, those voted out will form the Jury. The Jury is special in that they follow the game in order to vote for a winner at the end of the game.

4. Winning the Game:
-The goal of the game is to reach the Final Tribal Council, which typically occurs with just two or three people left in the game. You cannot win the game unless you make it to the Final Tribal Council.
-At the Final Tribal Council, the remaining players in the game speak to the Jury and try to convince the jury that they deserve to win the game.
-Each finalist is allowed to make an opening statement on why they deserve to win the game. Following opening statements, each Jury member will have the opportunity to ask the finalists questions. They may say or ask whatever they want. An open and public dialogue may occur, and back-and-forth conversations with many members is encouraged.
-When everyone is done speaking, the jury will vote privately on who wins the game. Whoever gets the most votes wins.

5. Discord Mechanics:
-A typical phase will go like this: A host will post a challenge and the rules. The challenge will take place over the following day or two. The losing tribe will then go to tribal council where they will vote a person off. Some challenges may be a little different, but this is how a majority of them will go.
-The voting stage will start immediately after a challenge and end within 24 hours or when all votes on the tribe have been cast. Extensions will be rare and extremely situational, so don't expect them.
-No impersonating other players. You will be punished if caught.
-There will be a designated discord sever for the game with private channels for the individual tribes. Production Team will make chats for every 1 on 1 combination of players, but to have an alliance chat with 3 or more players you need to make a request in your submissions. If it's time sensitive and the hosts aren't online, you may temporarily make a discord group outside of the server but you MUST invite the hosts to that. Once any alliance is formed, a new chat/channel has to be created if members are to be added
- You may voice call with other player(s) about the game. Voice calls must involve at least one host or helper. Voice calls may be made in group DMs. Please talk about your VCs with other tribemates in your confessionals - we'd love to be in the loop!

6. All Smogon/Circus behavior rules are enforced. Notably, this includes:
-Don't be excessively harsh to other players, hosts, or members of the production team. This includes threats of any sort, which could lead to removal from the game and further forum punishments.
-Don't share screenshots to players inside the game about game related content. They may be posted in your confessionals though.
6b. Although it is not a Smogon/Circus rule, this rule is returning: No posting logs of chats with other players. It doesn’t matter whether they are real logs or fake logs, or whether it’s one line or a hundred lines, you may not send them to other players. (Feel free to send them in your confessional though!)
6c. If there is a serious game-related problem, please don't hesitate to reach out to a host. We're here to help!

7. Scripting / autohotkey (AHK) programs are not permitted during challenges. Contestants are expected to manually do the challenges themselves. In general, third-party informational resources will be allowed for some of the challenges, ex: YouTube, Bulbapedia, Pokemon Showdown commands. Contestants are welcome to ask whether a specific resource is allowed on a challenge-by-challenge basis.

8. Rules are subject to change upon Host Discretion.

Now for signing up! What you need to do is simply fill out the application form and join the server!

Application Form:

Server Link:

Note that this is not first come first serve. If we get more players than we intend to have in the game, we will have to cut people.

Applications will close on Wednesday, July 21st at 11:59pm EST. The cast will be revealed in the server on Friday, July 23rd at 7pm EDT. See you then!

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