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  • Although Solosis is almost completely overshadowed by Abra as an offensive Psychic-type, it finds a small niche for itself on dedicated Trick Room teams as an offensive Trick Room setter due to its horrendous Speed and huge Special Attack stat.
  • It ties with Abra for the highest Special Attack stat in the tier, and unlike Abra, it can afford to viably run a Modest nature.
  • Solosis is blessed with an excellent ability in Magic Guard, which allows it to avoid all passive damage.
  • Access to Thunder lets it nail Vullaby for irreparable damage, something not many other Psychic-types can boast.
  • However, the issue with this is that Trick Room teams aren't very reliable or consistent, and Solosis' lacking bulk and mediocre typing means it competes with other Trick Room setters like Spritzee.
  • An overreliance on Trick Room being active to sweep makes it almost useless outside of it due to its lacking speed.

name: Offensive Trick Room
move 1: Trick Room
move 2: Psychic
move 3: Thunder
move 4: Hidden Power [Fighting]
item: Electrium Z / Life Orb / Eviolite
ability: Magic Guard / Regenerator
nature: Quiet
evs: 236 HP / 36 Def / 236 SpA
ivs: 1 Atk / 30 Def / 30 SpA / 30 SpD / 0 Spe


  • Trick Room is the main draw to using Solosis, so it is mandatory. It allows Solosis to "outrun" nearly the entirety of Little Cup.
  • Psychic acts as a reliable STAB move.
  • Thunder nails mainly Vullaby, although it also hits Water-types such as Slowpoke, Staryu, and Wingull.
  • Hidden Power [Fighting] allows Solosis to damage Dark-types, in particular, Pawniard, which is OHKOed.

Set Details

  • The given EV spread maximizes its Special Attack and minimizes its Speed, allowing it to function under Trick Room's effect.
  • Electrium Z grants a 100% accurate nuke that lets Solosis bypass its biggest would-be counter in Vullaby. Additionally, it minimizes Knock Off's damage.
  • If a Z-Crystal is already being used on your team, a Life Orb is a decent option for more consistent damage output, although Thunder's lacking accuracy can backfire.
  • Magic Guard is the ability of choice due to it allowing Solosis to avoid damage from entry hazards and status, as well as Life Orb recoil.
  • Regenerator, especially if coupled with an Eviolite, can be an option to heal off damage by pivoting in and out of opposing foes such as Timburr, and making Solosis a more reliable Trick Room setter. If running such a set, the EV spread should be changed to 76 HP / 120 Def / 240 SpA / 40 SpD. This allows Solosis to survive Gastly's Shadow Ball and Pawniard's Sucker Punch and retaliate with Psychic or Hidden Power [Fighting].

Usage Tips

  • prioritize setting tr and once u do either start wallbreaking or give another switchin to a teammate (depends on item)
  • avoid knock off at all costs (reveals elec z or it loses lo/evio and takes a fuckton)
  • if running magic guard use it as a sponge for status
  • if running regen pivot around a lot lol but make sure to avoid status
  • dont attempt a sweep until steels / dark types are dead

Team Options

  • Solosis appreciates hazard setters such as Pawniard or Ferroseed, which help it secure KOs versus Pokemon like Vullaby.
  • Supporting Trick Room setters like Spritzee and Bronzor, which can also set up Stealth Rock, help alleviate the pressure off Solosis and allow Trick Room to be activated more consistently.
  • Slow wallbreakers that can take advantage of Trick Room, including Azurill, Trapinch, and Clamperl, can pose a stronger offensive presence with Trick Room activated.
  • Fighting-types such as Timburr can dispose of any Steel or Dark-type that trouble Solosis and appreciate Solosis being able to lure Vullaby and Slowpoke with Gigavolt Havoc.
  • Trappers like Magnemite and Geodude can eliminate Steel-types like Pawniard and Ferroseed for Solosis.
  • Choice Scarf users like Magnemite and Mienfoo can maintain the speed advantage even when Trick Room isn't activated and prevents Speed-boosting sweepers from running over your team.

Other Options

  • A Colbur Berry lets Solosis lure in Sucker Punch from Pawniard, as well as allowing it to take a Knock Off from the likes of Mienfoo and Timburr.
  • Calm Mind is an option that increases its offensive pressure, though setting up both Trick Room and Calm Mind is hard and leaves you with limited turns in which Trick Room is active.
  • Overcoat allows Solosis to switch into Foongus' Spore with ease and threaten it with a powerful Psychic or set up Trick Room in its face.
  • Solosis has numerous utility options in its movepool, such as Substitute, Recover, and Thunder Wave, although it would rather not waste turns while Trick Room is active and a defensive set would be outclassed by more effective walls such as Slowpoke or Spritzee.
  • Shadow Ball may be used as coverage against opposing Psychic-types, although it is very hard to fit and hits few targets because defensive Psychic-types are not very prevalent and Thunder nails Slowpoke already.

Checks and Counters

**Dark-types**: Dark-type Pokemon such as Pawniard and Stunky are immune to Solosis' Psychic STAB move and can threaten it with their own Sucker Punch if Trick Room is activated or Knock Off if not, and trap Solosis with Pursuit. However, they must be wary of switching into a Hidden Power [Fighting] or Gigavolt Havoc, both of which do irreparable damage and can outright OHKO them.

**Steel-types**: Ferroseed and Magnemite both resist Psychic and can wear it down with Leech Seed + Protect or Volt Switch. However, they are hit super-effectively by Hidden Power [Fighting].

**Stalling Out Trick Room Turns**: Pokemon such as Mienfoo and Ferroseed are able to stall out Trick Room turns by virtue of Fake Out and Protect respectively. This makes Solosis very vulnerable to faster threats once it expires.
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