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Am I somewhat correct in what I said? Or was I very wrong?

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If this isn't in my place to argue, my deepest apologies.

This thread is to argue Aegislash being not Overpowered or as some put it "OP" or "Broken" in the OU tier. However it truly isn't with the introduction of new Mega Evolutions and more pokemon becoming viable. I simply believe it doesn't limit team building and it doesn't centralize the Metagame around it. What we fail to see is what we claim to be restricting team building, is simply circumnavigation. We avoid what we know is already mostly on the teams.

My examples begin here. Landorus (both forms) are simply overused, but not considered Overpowered? How is this? Simply because of being 4x weak to ice? Of course not. Being Overpowered is having little to no counters or "checks" at all. I'm a user of Landorus Therian especially and it has failed me many times. It isn't overly bulky, but power makes up for, which makes the Choice Scarf set as viable as it is. Landorus Incarnate in truth be told is more powerful than Aegislash can ever be. Life Orb coupled with Sheer Force and it's excellent offensive move pool makes it what it is. But why isn't it in Ubers? Little can Switch In and little can counter or check it. Aegislash on the other hand are checked by many pokemon. The Landorus were prime examples. Mega Charizard X as well as Bisharp are two other answers, although Bisharp is an excellent check depending if it has Sacred Sword and if Bisharp is switching in. It easily counters the effect of King Shield and can KO in response. Mega Loppuny is another. It's immune to Shadow Ball and can KO with High Jump Kick if YOU can predict the King Shield. Not to mention all the Special Attacking checks it has. Mega Charizard Y, Heatran, Gengar to an extent, Mega Houndoom, Mega Blastoise if it has Dark Pulse, the list goes on.

How does this Sword pokemon limit team building? How many teams have you seen without having a Fire, Ground, Dark, or Ghost pokemon or actual coverage move? Most of these pokemon with the coverage move or actual type could defeat Aegislash one on one.

The main idea of my insanity is the fact that it's our own faults that keep you from defeating Aegislash. Here are some calcs of a few of the "checks" I've mentioned.

252 SpA Mega Charizard Y Fire Blast vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Aegislash-Shield in Sun: 338-398 (104.3 - 122.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Well do I have to post calcs? We all know some common calcs.
-Lando I and T both 2HKO Aegislash Max Hp and respective defensive stat. And is 2HKO'ed by Aegislash in turn however without any investment in their defensive stats.
-Mega Charizard X in turn is 2HKO'ed, while its Flare Blitz OHKO's 75% of the time.

I'll reiterate once that it's mainly our own methods and techniques that we can't defeat Aegislash. It's your fault if your only answer is killed off before you can tackle it (pun intended).

Thank you for viewing my thread and good day to you.
I feel this kind of discussion should be in the suspect thread, because that's where most of the Aegislash based discussion happens anyway.

Post it there and I'll reply properly, since I feel this'll be locked soon.
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