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I mean, Lucario's a top 1-2 pokemon for me, and I do love Mega-Lopunny Pivot teams on Natdex, and Dragapult Pivot on current dex ladders for the past 2 gens, so it makes sense for me
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lol i choose life orb as the item i relate to the most and then got nph-v which has life orb as the signature item.

I got d'masters and nph-v if i need to post results as well filling out the poll attached to the thread


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I believe I have unearthed a conspiracy.

This entire thread is a plot by the US Northeast team to capture tendency data of their competitors.

I find it decidedly convenient that this thread was spearheaded by some of northeast's top players like CTC, ABR, teal6.

Why emphasise truthful and accurate responses in the OP, twice...?

Also very convenient they decided to go live with this 1 week before WCOP starts. Why not earlier or later?

Not only that they have asked us to vote, capturing voter data. Who knows what else. Are they mapping tendencies to IP regions? only time will tell.

They have collected tendencies for playing style, team compositions etc...

I assume Northeast do not want to lose face two years in a row, and this is a trojan horse to gain an unfair advantage.

I believe they will be the strongest team in WCOP, bar none, on the back of smogon's newest stratagem.
Yea I traveled back in time 6 years in preparation to avenge my team’s collapse last year by collecting data such as ‘I like to stall’ from prominent figureheads such as z0mOG in order to have a leg up on guys

Jokes aside I want everyone to fill the surveys out deliberately and honestly, for science, as we want to not only preserve the legacy of the thread’s predecessor from 2018 but also compile a list of prominent player types to better understand how our community views the game. Also it’s fun.

Please do not undermine the scientific nature of this test with conjecture as originally ABR and I meticulously reverse engineered the MBTI parameters and deliberated over the wording of questions. I then improved the logic chain and added more descriptions to create more distinction among the types. At the end of the day only the first three letters indicate your player type and the suffix (O/H) is decided by only 1 factor, so those with the same 3 letter archetype are similar in all but 1 regard
Sorry to butt in like this — I'm with the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon SpriteCollab portrait. We're glad you all like the PMD portraits!

We're a little disheartened that all of the other artwork has been credited, but none of ours has. If it's not too much trouble, could that be added? You can easily look up the author of each portrait at our repository at

As for my personality type... NPSO? But that's in the TCG, not OU.

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