Space Western Mafia

You walk off the spaceship and there's a whirr of activity around you. The settlement has been set up and it's time to get working, but if it was only that simple. DINC (Dysprosium INC) a company specializing in the extraction of highly precious and sought after rare earth elements may own and operate the settlement but it's not the only presence here. There is the rival SAMCO (Samarium Corporation) who must have sent some spies to undermine DINC's progress. There's also the native ALIENS that don't want you destroying their planet and all that hippy junk. Your goal while you are on Daytidra is to make as much money as possible. Each DOLLAR (DINC Operational Lanthanum Living And Remuneration Stipulation) is worth several billion earth dollars on the Lanthanum market, so even getting 1 of them back home would give you a life of luxary. But there's only 4 tickets home before the spring comes and most of the dangerous life is in hibernation. Only the richest will leave and the others will likely die from animal attacks. The game is on.

The "Official" Channel for this game is #ffm

1. Whilst you are alive you can talk to anyone about the game. Once you are dead you cannot talk to anyone about the game, unless you are mafia and on the same team, in which case you may talk with members of your team only, and only for strategy purposes. Knowledge acquired after death cannot be transferred from a dead player to a living player.

2. Every user has a role PM. Role PMs may not be shown to other users on Night 0, but starting from Day 1 onwards they may be freely distributed. Screenshotting of all forms is banned. If anyone finds a person encouraging others to take screenshots or taking screenshots and showing other people, please be sure to report it.

3. You can paste things told to you by the host. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, these can be faked. If you want to fake a log, feel free to PM the host for assistance. Impersonation of a host or another user however, is banned at all points. Please do not attempt to impersonate in any way.

4. Each day will have a deadline of 48 hours (most of the time). You may vote to lynch users during the day by posting "lynch USER" in bold, or "No lynch" if you don't want to lynch anyone, and if you change your vote, you MUST edit the bolded text out of the old post if you post with a new vote. Once there is a majority as determined by the host, there will be a grace period of 3 hours, and if the majority is still in place after said grace period, the day will end. Please don't ask about when a majority is reached - once it's time for the day to end, it'll end (provided a host is there to update). The game will start on Night 0.

4.5. If there's a tie, no lynch will happen.

5. Each night will have a deadline of 48 hours. This gives you 48 hours to send your night action. Please state what you are doing in the PM title, it makes it MUCH easier to handle. Remember that PMs are to be sent to Itchni.

5.5. If you're not going to do anything at night, send a PM titled "Night X - idling". This makes keeping track of things easier and informs me that you're still playing the game.

6. Priorities have been decided beforehand and will not be revealed.

7. This game features items. Items can be used at the same time as regular night actions, unless stated otherwise. You can give an item away during either the day or night, by sending a pm to Itchni stating "Night/Day X - Give ITEM to USER." You cannot use an item during the same night you give it away, however you can use an unrelated ability whilst giving away an item. Giving away an item has the lowest priority, and if you are killed/lynched the same night/day you attempt to give away an item, it won't be moved. You cannot use an item the same night you purchase it. You can purchase items in both the day and night.

8. The killer of a player receives any items that user was holding not including stocks.

9. Only sign up if you know you're going to be active. If I notice that you seem to be idle, I reserve the right to have you forcefully subbed out if necessary. I'll most likely nudge first, though.

10. I encourage the village to work in small mafia like groups. Any user stupid enough to listen to a village leader in this game will be publicly humiliated and laughed at.

11. DOLLARS (Dinc Operational Lanthanum Living And Remuneration Stipulation) Are a currency used by most roles in this game. They are very important to many aspects of the game and will be further explained when the game starts. They may be freely given during the day or night with lowest priority.

12. When a person dies, all their DOLLARS will still belong to them.

13. I am Canadian. Take it how you will.

14. Dead people can still be targeted by all abilities.

15. I reserve the right to change or add any rules at anytime I want

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Dear Itchni

You are the CEO

You not only founded DINC but you run it's operations. After getting your PhD. Nanomaterials science you founded DINC which uses many types of rare earth metals to make useful nanomaterials for many purposes, like electronics and portable x-ray machines. All the Rare earth metals mined from the planet belongs to you so you make a godly 1 million DOLLARS a day. You have the power to withhold pay from people by messaging itchni "Day/Night X - USER you are fired"

You are allied with DINC. You win if your team eliminates all harmful targets AND you are in the top 4 DOLLAR holders at the end of the game.

Well, that would be if you were actually on Daytidra. You already win because you got these suckers to do the work for you.
All PM's have been sent

Store prices are as follows:

Laser Gun - Kill - 32 DOLLARS
Laser Proof Vest – Bullet Proof Vest - 20 DOLLARS
Hire A Hooker- Hook - 8 DOLLARS
DINC Database Inquiry- Inspect - 8 DOLLARS
DINC Stocks- Increases income by 2 DOLLARS/day(even after death) – 8 DOLLARS
(all items are 1 use except for the stocks)

BTW if it wasn't clear, DINC is village SAMCO and ALIENS are mafias.

lol i keep leaving things out.
I'd like access to your spreadsheets( also please talk to me during the game, it gets kinda lonely hosting :( . I want to know why you do what do you and any alliances you form. It makes me enjoy the whole experience more and makes for a much better postgame.

Da Letter El

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So it looks like we have three options: we try to collude with a village leader, try to take out the mafia, and then just see who has the most money at the end, we just form alliances and hope things work out, or we do some combination of the two. I think that we're probably gonna want to do something closer to the first one, as we're probably fighting an uphill battle without some sort of cooperation.

If we're going to do the village leadership thing, I think that I'm an ok candidate. Not gonna be clamoring for claims yet, as I don't have the time to do so because of this stupid hurricane that's supposed to hit in a few hours, and I don't think people are going to be so willing to work with someone if they can just end up losing if the village leader decided for them to buy some items or something. But do note that I have never lost as a village leader (except if you count handicapable where I was neutral) and am probably better than most of the people on this players list.

Still, we need to give this some thought and we need people to discuss what they think we should do so that we can make a decision and work with it.
No one's stupid enough to claim to you before the game's even started. You can gain our trust and then try and lead, fine, but trying to sell yourself as village leader - someone who will lead us to victory, first post is a bad tactic and you should feel bad.

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You clearly didn't see how I bullied claims out of the town (and the mafia) in the last game that I won. First post and taking charge works. But this game, it's a lot less likely people are just gonna claim to me, and bullying might just lead to people being assholes and hurting the village as a whole and feeling justified in doing so. And I'm not the martyr this game. So I don't get to be like "lol can't doubt the martyr bro"

So I want a discussion in here on what we're actually going to do. At the end of the day, we're gonna need to kill the mafia to win, and the best way we've done that before is with a village leader. However, is a village leader the best way to ensure that individuals will win? And what sort of cooperation can a village leader expect?

Already shared my inclination on some sort of village leader being beneficial, and I'm probably the most qualified to lead. But if we want shit done N0, I can't do it. So you all actually have to do something for once and think about how we're going to win this game.

I have a couple ideas about this game already.

Here's the question I think needs to be asked:

What solution best assures cooperation and collective action to eliminating the mafia, while assuring the highest likelihood of a personal victory in the eyes of the actors?

Possible solutions:

1. For items, have a lot of people pitch in 1 or 2 dollars and pass them to one person, then have said person purchase the item/action from the store. Don't think we can do this n0.

Problems: If even one mafia is in that chain of knowledge, they can hook the item buy, steal the item bought, steal the money involved, etc. Since information about who is getting money is really spread out, it makes our night actions super vulnerable. Also difficult to see who did not pass the dollar, unless a person coordinating it was trying to be tricky and only had that one person pass a dollar.

Benefits: Although it makes it vulnerable, it has the highest likelihood of collective action, as the sacrifice made by an individual is minimal.

2. Rotate who has to buy items and whatnot.

Problems: Not reason why someone could just refuse to buy their item on their turn. Town then couldn't turn on a townie that did this because then we'd be wasting a lynch on someone we aren't sure is mafia.

Benefits: Least likely for the mafia to interfere, forces mafia when it is their turn into a gambit of using their money for the sake of the town (although they could lie about results or something) or risking pissing off whomever is trying to make stuff work.

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So as you can see, both of those solutions sort of suck. They are pretty public ways of doing things, though, and wouldn't require a village leader. However, a village leader would make it so that things are more coordinated and so that the village isn't doing anything redundant or stupid (or too public)

We could just break off into groups and collab that way, as Itchni already suggested. I'm not sure how that would turn out though. To me it seems like that's a good way to get things going in terms of actions, but makes it pretty easy for redundancy, lack of accountability, and likelihood of moling. However, it's honestly one of the better ways we could do things, although it does in some ways weaken the village by separating it.

Then again, it also weakens the moles...I'm kind of liking the separate groups thing. Don't know how it compares to a village leader though. Someone else start thinking. I need to sleep.

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Figure someone should start taking down SOME sort of collective information. I'm not going to force you to do certain night actions or whatever (yet) as I imagine none of you are going to be very willing to do anything about your cash monet.

I'll just say my role's somewhat provable, and I'm probably a better village leader than anyone else here. And no one else is doing this shit.

If you have a bold word in your role PM like what is in the first post, please tell me what this word is. There is literally 0 harm in divulging this information, unless you think I'm some neutral who wants to kill based on if you are receiving a godly or a meager paycheck. Which would be the dumbest fucking role ever and you all know it.

So claim that much to me ty.

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