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I love hearing about why people love the things they do. It tells you a lot about what sort of person they are. In the same way, I really like to hear why certain pokemon are our favorites. There have been favorite pokemon threads before though, and those attract a series of lists with short descriptions. Let's not have that. I want some real thought out descriptions, so here's the topic:
What Pokemon are very dear to you for special reasons? I don't just mean that they look cool, or that you had a good playthrough with them when you were 10 (though that can be part of it.) These pokemon are important to you in a way that they aren't to most people.

I'll kick things off with a couple examples:

Mawile isn't the most popular pokemon. It has a small following of people who manage to find it cute though, and I suppose that means I'm part of that following. There came a day when I sat down and really and looked at Mawile for the first time. I considered all of it's parts: the innocent face, the mencing maw, and I realized that Mawile's deceptive dual nature reminded me of myself. I love kittens. Kittens are the best. I could snuggle fluffy cats all day long. Also, I like to make my foes suffer. I greatly enjoy a sense of having power and control of situations and others... something I don't let show very often. Suddenly this pokemon wasn't just another random gen 3 mon. It was symbolic of my personality.

It's in my avatar, how could it not be here? I didn't have a traditional generation 3 experience, rather I played Pokemon Colosseum since I was late to the Game Boy Advance. While browsing Serebii.net to see what kind of Shadow Pokemon I would be encountering, I saw Flygon. Something just clicked when I saw it: It's green, my favorite color. It's sleek and long. It looks like a dragonfly, one of my favorite animals. It's something of a desert elemental, and I find sand to be a very cool power. It's somehow a dragon despite it's slim floaty appearance. I wanted it immediately. When I caught it, I was not disappointed by the performance. Back in gen 3 Flygon was a boss, and I quickly found myself leading nearly every battle with it. Then I transferred it to my Diamond version, and continued adventuring with the very same trusty Flygon, and its children for a few more years. I've since lost that save, but I haven't started liking Flygon any less.


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I'm sure most of you are familiar with my Fire Red story. Fire Red was my very first game, which made my Blastoise, named Bob (yes, I know it is very unoriginal, but give me a break, I was 8), my very first Pokemon ever. As you can imagine, I had a very large attachment to Bob. We went through a lot together. The Gen 3 backsprite of a Blastoise was what I saw for most of the game, hence why I put it above. I cruised through most of the game using just him, and almost trained him to level 100...(I think he was level 98) . But then my game broke before I could get him to level 100 and I lost Bob forever. ;___; like a real life Nuzlocke or something

RIP in peace Bob

(yeah I know it's just a game but still :( I get very emotional)
I have many favorite Pokemon that I value greatly, but none more than this guy:

Burnsy the Typhlosion
This guy is how I started my first playthrough of Pokémon Silver, which was my first Pokémon game and also the game that got me into Pokémon in general. As we teared through Johto, my love for Burnsy grew. We had so many fond memories, including catching my first non-Gyarados shiny, Mary the Mareep (yeah, I was so original when I was 10), getting the super rare PokéRus in Ilex Forest, and soloing Red with only Burnsy at my side. Burnsy even helped roast Lv 128 Sudowoodos in Trainer House in Viridian City (some weird glitch I found out about recently). I loved taking Burnsy with me to school, and I didn't care so much about getting bullied for still playing Pokémon (screw haters). He was also the reason why Fire became my favorite type and why I always pick Fire starters to this day. Alas, all of the fun I had with Burnsy vanished upon the death of Silver's internal battery. Never shall I forget Burnsy, and his spiritual reincarnation still lives on in my heart (and in my SoulSilver). RIP old friend.
Freeze the Empoleon ruler of the tides

Not my first starter but by far my most cherished was my empoleon Freeze. He was my favorite individual pokemon and always will be. I logged 999:99 hours on my pearl game(I played it alot) and I cannot remember a time when I did not have Freeze on my team he was my friend and he was the only pokemon I ever talked to( yes I was one of those you can do it kids). He was the first of my pokemon to ever obtain lv.100 status and shortly after soloed the E4. After my pearl game started to glitch out and not turn on I tried for days to turn it on until finally it worked and I transferred him to my Black 2 game where he now happily resides as a part of my team. Long Live King Freeze.
<--- Lapras of course ! :D

Not only I find very cute but it's also very friendly and smart, it could be a great friend :).
It comes from Laplace, a French mathematician and I like Maths and use it for simulating water flows and guess what ? Lapras is water type :D.
It's also an amazingly versatile pokemon. Just look at the huge list of "viable moves" in the PS team builder !
It can have a physical set with Waterfall, Ice shard, Dragon dance, Curse, etc
Special sets with Surf, Ice beam, T-bolt, etc
Support and troll sets with T-wave, Block, Perish song, Heal bell, etc.


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I'm not entirely sure whether this thread is meant to talk about Pokemon species or individual Pokemon we're attached to, but I'll be sticking to the individual Pokemon Route

Goodbar the Cloyster & Gin the Volcarona
I think a lot of people like to discredit competitive Pokemon for lacking the element of closeness you feel between Pokemon in the main games. I disagree; these two are competitively viable and have made for some of my closest Pokemon I've raised.

Named after two of my oldest buddies on Smogon, these two were RNG manipulated for my VGC 2012 Southeastern Regional team using sets I'd overheard from an in real life friend. Cloyster was bred out of another RNGed Shellder I had on hand, but Volcarona was a little more special. Volcarona was the direct daughter of my Relic Castle Volcarona who I'd been using as my Flame Body Pokemon since the games release. The Volcarona had hatched countless eggs, including over 300 RNGs. Having a successor to lead my VGC team as the chief of its disruptive support seemed really neat. Each one was EV trained and leveled up traditionally. I remember getting Gin to level 80 to learn Rage Powder was a pain having to grind in the stadiums so much.

Come the day of the competition, these two were all stars. They started off with a clean 4-0 of my first opponent. Volcarona OHKOed everything with Fire Gem Overheats and saved its teammates countless times with Rage Powder (it even burned a Hitmontop using Fake Out). Cloyster annihilated anything with an Ice weakness. Thundurus, Tornadus, Garchomp, and Zapdos were all powerless. In my last match, Cloyster went fucking psycho and scored four critical hits on a Hippowdon for an OHKO to start off the match. I got third place from the whole ordeal and received a $300 travel prize to go to nationals.

Really, I don't think there's anything cooler than having Pokemon you're proud of for netting you accomplishments in the real world. The fact I bred and trained them by hand just makes everything all the more special!


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(piggybacking off of TheMantyke's post)

White Wing the Togekiss

This was my first RNG abused Pokemon to an extent... as well as the reason I stopped RNG abusing entirely until Gen 5 came along (it was hard ;_; ). I never hit the right seed for the IVs and after a LOT of tries. I decided to just find the next best spread on this seed... which was hundreds of frames away. So after using the HGSS Radio to jump frames, Elm Calls to verify where I landed, and a considerable amount of time (i actually needed to take a break). I ended up with this beautiful Togekiss and forgot about ever trying this again, but this is just the origin story.

White Wing was my most reliable Pokemon for the Battle Tower (alongside a Modest Magmortar I caught in the Safari Zone). I thought Togekiss was the greatest Pokemon of all time because of Serene Grace. Air Slash flinches everything, and AncientPower had a whopping 20% chance to boost all stats! He helped me beat Tower Tycoon Palmer on Battle 49 for the first time :) which was a BIG accomplishment.

Then comes Gen 5, after muscling my way through the story, I needed a reliable mon to take down the Subway and earn some BP. Enter White Wing! Once again saving my ass and fighting all the way to the top. He also was the ideal parent for a few more Togepi I bred later. I also traded him over to BW2 to take out some troublesome trainers in the post-game areas.

I look forward to having more awesome times with White Wing in XY ^_^
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When I went through White 2, I thought that all the Mareep running around in Flocessy Ranch were the cutest things ever, and I had to get my own Mareep. She was Impish, and I was kind of disappointed and almost boxed her. I never realized just how much Claire would do though. Electric is a great type ingame, and once I picked up the Expert Belt she was just murdering things left and right with Electric moves and Signal Beam. I used to alternate Flash and Thunder Wave, then I realized she could learn Outrage. WHAT UP IRIS. (srsly fuck Aggron) Claire is probably on track to reach level 100 before my Serperior, she's that awesome.
I would have to say Lucario. Not only is it my favorite pokemon, and it has a type advantage against the first 2 gyms in BW2, but it practically saved me from being stuck as the worst SSBB player amongst my friends.

Being a pokemon lover, I would always use Pokemon Trainer, never anyone else. Having little idea about how the game worked, I thought that 3 pokemon would be better than one (I also disliked Pikachu and Jiggalypuff, and never heard of Lucario), so why not play as pokemon trainer.

One day, I decided to play as Lucario instead. I went from losing with others at 3 lives to losing with them at 1 (or even finishing second or third instead). I've since moved on to Pikachu, a better character that suits me more, but I still like Lucario better.

I've used it on my copy of White (got it from the GL event that was going on), and all 3 times I played through White 2 (minus the scramble that was cut short by the save data being corrupted).
I've gone through different favorites having played since Red/Blue.
Snorlax was my favorite for a while and my first lvl 100 in Gold. I used it a lot on every run-through of first gen. Access to Strength, Surf and Hyper Beam(the coolest move for a kid) made it always useful in my mind. Its bulk and having a good level to add to the team in both gen 1 and 2 allowed it to immediately help against gym leaders.

There were also periods where Mewtwo, RED Gyarados, Gengar, Dragonite or Lapras was my favorite. Lol serious gen one-er when it comes to favorites, but I do like a lot of new ones.

However, my favorite for years now has actually been Bulbasaur! I hadn't thought about it until I started making games years ago and looking to other games for inspiration, but Bulbasaur's design is perfect conceptually(it's not amazing aesthetically, but still looks cool). You can clearly see the plant half develop in a predictable manner as well as the dino half. It is one of the few Pokemon that I could see growing into its evolutions without "WHOOSH magic white light evolve transformation!"
And it perfectly uses the 'combine a creature with an element' formula.

Obviously excluding remakes, Snivy has the honor to be the ONLY starter I've chosen in all five playthroughs of a certain generation's main series games

The reasons for such choice are these:

1) It's a reptile
2) It's a snake
3) I feel identified with other pokémon NO more than with it
4) Its looks
5) That "I'm better than you and you know it" regular facial expression

This may be the first post in this thread that is not related to battles in any way (Actually preceding japanese Black and White releases by around three months)


Junichi Masuda likes this!!
Just desired one strong female Pokemon back in Gen 1.
When no one knew nearly every species had female counterparts.

Watched the Gastly episode and found ghost Pokemon very cool,
got wrongly told that Jynx was a ghost.


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I would have to say Lucario.
this man has good taste

Queencross was my first IV bred pokemon. ive used her in all of the battle arenas and accumulated points to teach my other pokemon stuff, though recently she's being used as a training switch in and amulet coin abuser. even though i never used her against actual people, the experience of iv breeding my own mon (even though she has shit stats by todays standards) got me thinking about competitive mons in general.

Janice (because chandler is a guys name) was my first RNG'd mon. i used her in my first successful vgc team and then later in my team that i ended up top cutting with at nationals 2012. so this is pretty similar to mantyke's volcarona i guess haha

actually im kind of attached to most if not all of my pokemon, in part because i name all of them, or because i use most of them in battle so i have some fond memories of them scoring a hilarious crit or champing through some swagger team.

Pearl the Gardevoir.
The first pokemon game I ever played was Pokemon Emerald. This was the first pokemon I caught in the wild. I always loved this Gardevoir because I used it in every gym battle in Pokemon Emerald. Gardevoir is my favorite pokemon because of Pearl. It is the only shiny pokemon I caught in the wild (excluding guaranteed shiny pokemon). All other shinies I have received are breed pokemon.
Chincha the Cinccino :3

Besides being named after my real-life chinchilla, this Pokemon showed me that looks can be deceiving since she was surprisingly badass despite being the expected rodent Pokemon found in every game. She fought with me through Black version, helped me in my White 2 version, and hopefully will assist me in Pokemon Y :).

Toffee the Stoutland in Black Version. I liked it already since it looked my dog Toffee, and was fairly useful ingame (STAB Return tho). However, in April 2013, my family had to put the dog to sleep because his lymphoma was too severe. It sucks without him, but we've adjusted . He was the only dog I've ever had, and kicking tail with Toffee the Stoutland just lets me know that he is stil in my heart. It just gave a nice feeling when I transferred my Black team to X, and say when I see the only Stoutland in my PC:
"Welcome back, old friend. "
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I like using low ranked pokemon on a UU team for PS, since it started working I have a hard time changing the pokemon on it for the same reason. I give names to all of them and after winning a few games I have a hard time switching stuff out with others who could be better. Ex) I named a Flygon Siegfried from the Nibelungenlied and it was able to turn a game around against a Rotom H, Mienshao and Hydreigon, after that it'll take a lot to make me switch it to a Salamence. After using a pokemon, seeing it win and getting used to it on the team you sort of want to keep it like that.

I have a few cut off points for pokemon who I see too much in the tier but simple stuff like Aromatise instead of the current Wigglytuff (who I named Parsee) honestly gets debated in my head when others would simply say "Use Florges like everyone else".
Well,the Pokemon that I have become attached to was my Bisharp,nicknamed Lancelot.It has helped me on PS being able too block defog,intimidate,and sweep.A honorable mention would be my Aggron from my Pokemon Ruby nuzelocke,it was one of my most reliable Pokemon until it failed me against Steven's Metagross.
Typhlosion and Suicune are my picks. See, my first real experience with Pokemon was with another person's Crystal game during summer school. He had a stupidly overleveled female Typhlosion...and little else. So naturally that Typhlosion carried most of its team onward up until Clare since Fire attacks do next to nothing to a Water/Dragon type for some mysterious reason... And once I got a Crystal version of my own, I pretty much had to pick Cyndaquil for my first playthrough. Yet, like Eusine, I found myself drawn to the cover legendary Pokemon Suicune. Using Magneton (Thunder Wave) and the shiny Gyarados from the Lake of Rage (Dragon Rage) and I can't even remember how many balls, I finally caught Suicune for the first time ever and loved that beast to bits.

I do become quite attached to some Pokemon easily, but I can't express how thrilled I was to receive a Cyndaquil over Wonder Trade on my Pokemon X game. Now, if only I could have that luck with the Aurora Pokemon of legend... Yeah right.
I have a lot of love for Emily the Infernape, my very first Pokémon. I even booted up Platinum for the first time in ages just to see her on the fifth anniversary of me getting her.

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