Tournament Speculative BDSP ZU Tour - Won by thebtboy


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:kecleon:Speculative BDSP ZU Tour :arbok:

Let's play DPP ZU on the remakes!

Tour Specific Rules:
  • Games must be played in BDSP OU format.
  • The list of allowed Pokémon can be found here. Additional bans can be found at the bottom of this post.
  • The format will be best-of-three, single elimination.
  • Changing teams between matches is allowed.
  • Rounds will last the standard 1 week.
  • If metagame changes occur during the middle of a round, they will take effect in the subsequent round.
  • Battles must take place on Pokemon Showdown! or on the smogtours server.
  • Replays are mandatory. Lack of replays will result in a coin flip.
  • Activity calls will be made by me, potentially with neutral assistance from a TD Coin flips will be done publicly on PS!
  • As such, it is imperative to schedule publicly on your opponents' walls. Please do not schedule via PMs or Smogon convos
  • You are expected to know and follow all general tournament rules.
Additional bans:
  • :bibarel: Bibarel
  • :combusken: Combusken
  • :crawdaunt: Crawdaunt
  • :exploud: Exploud
  • :huntail: Huntail
-Garchomp, -Latios, -Manaphy, -Mew, -Salamence, -Wobbuffet, -Wynaut, -Aerodactyl, -Azelf, -Blissey, -Breloom, -Bronzong, -Celebi, -Dragonite, -Dusknoir, -Electivire, -Empoleon, -Flygon, -Forretress, -Gengar, -Gliscor, -Gyarados, -Heatran, -Hippowdon, -Infernape, -Jirachi, -Jolteon, -Kingdra, -Latias, -Lucario, -Machamp, -Magnezone, -Mamoswine, -Metagross, -Ninjask, -Roserade, -Rotom-Fan, -Rotom-Frost, -Rotom-Heat, -Rotom-Mow, -Rotom-Wash, -Scizor, -Shaymin, -Skarmory, -Smeargle, -Snorlax, -Starmie, -Suicune, -Swampert, -Tentacruel, -Togekiss, -Tyranitar, -Umbreon, -Vaporeon, -Weavile, -Zapdos, -Abomasnow, -Cresselia, -Crobat, -Froslass, -Gallade, -Heracross, -Honchkrow, -Porygon-Z, -Raikou, -Staraptor, -Yanmega, -Absol, -Aggron, -Alakazam, -Altaria, -Ambipom, -Arcanine, -Azumarill, -Blastoise, -Blaziken, -Chansey, -Claydol, -Clefable, -Cloyster, -Donphan, -Drapion, -Dugtrio, -Exeggutor, -Feraligatr, -Hariyama, -Hitmonlee, -Hitmontop, -Houndoom, -Kabutops, -Kangaskhan, -Lanturn, -Leafeon, -Ludicolo, -Mesprit, -Milotic, -Miltank, -Mismagius, -Moltres, -Nidoking, -Omastar, -Primeape, -Qwilfish, -Registeel, -Rhyperior, -Rotom, -Sceptile, -Scyther, -Slowbro, -Spiritomb, -Steelix, -Swellow, -Tangrowth, -Torterra, -Toxicroak, -Ursaring, -Uxie, -Venusaur, -Weezing, -Entei, -Espeon, -Hippopotas, -Snover, -Articuno, -Cacturne, -Charizard, -Cradily, -Dodrio, -Drifblim, -Dusclops, -Electrode, -Floatzel, -Gardevoir, -Gligar, -Golem, -Grumpig, -Haunter, -Hitmonchan, -Hypno, -Jumpluff, -Jynx, -Lickilicky, -Linoone, -Magmortar, -Magneton, -Manectric, -Medicham, -Meganium, -Nidoqueen, -Ninetales, -Porygon2, -Regice, -Regirock, -Roselia, -Sandslash, -Sharpedo, -Shiftry, -Skuntank, -Slowking, -Tauros, -Typhlosion, -Venomoth, -Vileplume, -Ampharos, -Armaldo, -Bellossom, -Dragonair, -Gabite, -Gastrodon, -Glaceon, -Glalie, -Golduck, -Kadabra, -Machoke, -Magmar, -Mantine, -Metang, -Misdreavus, -Monferno, -Mr. Mime, -Muk, -Murkrow, -Piloswine, -Pinsir, -Politoed, -Poliwrath, -Purugly, -Quagsire, -Raichu, -Rampardos, -Rapidash, -Regigigas, -Relicanth, -Rhydon, -Sneasel, -Solrock, -Tangela, -Torkoal, -Victreebel, -Xatu, -Zangoose, -Bibarel, -Combusken, -Crawdaunt, -Exploud, -Gorebyss, -Huntail, -Marowak

Signups will close on 28th November, 5pm GMT.
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