Speed Spreadsheet for Prospective VGC Players

I also posted this on a few other sites, but here it is, if you've seen it elsewhere, wonderful!

I took some time to set up a spreadsheet, it consists of every pokemon useable in the VGC (evolutions and single stage pokemon only, can edit at request). With the following calculations:
Level 50
Base + 31 Speed IV
Neutral Nature + 252 Speed EV
Positive Nature +252 Speed EV
Neutral Nature +0 Speed IV
Negative Nature +0 Speed IV
Sorted from fastest to slowest.

I know this is probably already easy to figure out for some people, but for others, such as beginners (like myself) it's a great tool to figure out where which pokemon stands in the race.


Any questions/comments would be wonderful and I'll gladly take requests for additions or edits.

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This is absolutely amazing! :D
Even so, do you know if it's possible to check for trick room teams that keep negative natures and 0 IVs? (Sorry, noob here)
I've only just started playing on Showdown and I often find myself wondering if I can outspeed the other player's Pokémon so this is really useful! Thanks.
This is really nice. Now I won't have to put a Pokemon on my team on Showdown just to see how much speed it can get. Only thing I think you could add to it are 0 IV -Spe for the purposes of Trick Room. Not every Pokemon would need it but it would be good for everything say 65 Base or lower as well as Chandelure.