Pokémon Spidops


Type: Bug

Stats: 60/79/92/52/86/35

Abilities: Swarm/Stakeout

Notable Moves:
Sticky Web
Toxic Spikes
First Impression
Sucker Punch
Circle Throw
Rock Tomb
Leech Life
Silk Trap

Tera Blast
Giga Drain
Low Kick
Brick Break

- Spidops is blessed with unique access to the combination of Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Sticky Web while having access to Taunt and Memento that would allow something much faster than Spidops to have a valuable niche as a suicide lead on Hyper Offense teams.
- Spidops also has the rare Stakeout ability, which would allow something with better coverage and offensive stats than Spidops to severely punish forced switches.
- First Impression is a very strong priority move that Lokix utilizes to its fullest potential, and Spidops shares this move (and virtually every other attacking move it gets) with Lokix.
- Your opponent may genuinely run the timer and lose because they're too preoccupied with laughing at the fact that you're using Spidops on your OU team.

- The unique combination of Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Sticky Web supported by moves like Taunt or Memento is cursed by being attached to Spidops.
- Stakeout, despite being an incredibly powerful ability, is tied to threats that are generally mediocre at best to make up for it. Spidops makes every other fully-evolved Stakeout user seem Ubers-worthy by comparison, as it is hard-pressed to force any sort of switches to abuse said ability.
- Mono-Bug is an awful defensive typing, and Spidops's lack of reliable recovery and its pitiful base 60 HP ensure that it is almost completely incapable of utilizing its surprisingly decent 92 Defense and 86 Special Defense.
- Spidops's low 79 Attack and its abysmal 35 Speed ensure that Spidops is both incapable of OHKOing the few bulky fully-evolved threats it outspeeds and incapable of outspeeding the majority of the long list of offensive threats it could possibly OHKO. Its abysmal Speed also ensures that it will have a hard time Taunting an opposing hazard setter or a Corviknight trying to Defog its hazards away, although Spidops cannot touch Corviknight in any meaningful way anyway.
- Anything Spidops can do offensively is done much, much better by Lokix, which has almost every attacking move Spidops has and more while having the incredible Tinted Lens ability, superior offenses, and access to STAB Sucker Punch. Slither Wing, too, is a far superior offensive Bug-type with extremely good coverage, setup in Bulk-Up, and reliable recovery in Morning Sun while boasting a great defensive typing and better stats in many respects to back up said typing.
- You're using Spidops instead of almost anything else.

Terastalization Potential:

No. Don't do it. Spidops has five other teammates of your choosing that are potential Tera recipients. All of them are probably going to be superior to Spidops. Check out their analyses instead.

You could attempt to make Bug work to give Spidops a much stronger First Impression that may genuinely force a switch against something OHKOed by it after some chip damage (which would activate Stakeout), but at that point just use Slither Wing or Lokix. Similarly, Dark is functional by giving it STAB Sucker Punch or Assurance, which can produce some hilarious results.

Potential Sets:

Suicide "Lead"

Spidops @ Focus Sash
Ability: Insomnia
Tera Type: Dark
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Taunt
- Spikes
- Sticky Web / Memento
- Memento / Toxic Spikes

This Spidops set functions as the closest thing it could get to an effective suicide lead (let's be real; if you're running Spidops, there is no "lead") on Hyper Offense teams. With full Speed investment and a Speed-boosting nature, Spidops reaches 185 Speed, which outpaces defensive teams and allows it to get a quick Taunt off against them while it stacks up Spikes. Sticky Web can be used against more offensive teams, which Spidops will likely only be able to stack a single entry hazard against if the opponent isn't running Great Tusk or Iron Treads to lead against Spidops. Memento allows Spidops to instantly KO itself, allowing it to block Defog or a slow Rapid Spin attempt in a pinch and allowing something with an actual offensive presence to enter the field quicker. Toxic Spikes can be run instead, but there are many better Toxic Spikes users. A Jolly nature with max Attack investment and Lunge can be used to give Spidops an attacking move so it isn't completely shut down by Taunt. Counter with a Hasty Nature and zero Defense IVs can also be run to punish a physical attacker trying to KO Spidops by OHKOing it in return, which has the added benefit of giving you bragging rights because you KOed one of your opponent's threats with Spidops.

Spidops @ Life Orb / Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Stakeout
Tera Type: Bug / Dark
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant / Jolly Nature
- First Impression
- Sucker Punch
- Taunt / U-Turn / Leech Life
- Assurance

This Spidops set pretends to have offensive capabilities, and it can inflict somewhat respectable amounts of damage to the switchins Spidops is mostly incapable of forcing. First Impression salvages Spidops's poor Speed by allowing it to utilize a hard-hitting priority move that can revenge kill weakened threats, and thanks to Stakeout it can punish attempted switchins quite hard as well due to how massive the Stakeout multiplier is. Sucker Punch can hit faster threats that resist Bug (some of which also resist Dark, though) for moderate damage, and it would have good synergy with Taunt if Spidops had a Speed stat worth writing home about. U-Turn allows Spidops to punish switchins it isn't really capable of forcing with a hard-hitting U-Turn, while Leech Life hits harder than U-Turn and gives Spidops a limited amount of sustainability. Assurance is an interesting option, especially with Tera-Dark, to punish switch attempts that probably won't happen anyway if entry hazard support is provided by something else. STAB, Stakeout-boosted Assurance with entry hazard support hits incredibly hard and is even capable of putting Dark resists into Sucker Punch KO range. Unfortunately, though, Spidops's poor Speed and bulk ensure that it'll have a difficult time forcing switches outside of very specific scenarios where Lokix would probably be the far superior First Impression user.

Spidops is an atrocious Pokemon, and realistically has no place in competitive play. Early-route Bug-types tend to have a poor track record, and Spidops makes several of them seem good by comparison. Use Lokix or Slither Wing if you want an offensive Bug-type, or use any of the extremely long list of Spikes or Toxic Spikes users this generation brought if you want an entry hazard setter. Glimmora is particularly excellent in this role. Don't use Spidops.


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in a generation defined by insane power creep of mons and with the past four generations of moderately successful early game bugs in mind, youd think that the early game bug this gen would have something cool going on, yet somehow this mon manages to make ariados look like a viable mon in comparison. silk trap is just not enough for a mon with these poor stats. sure its one of only three webs setters in the game currently but it somehow appears to be worse than kricketune in this regard with a lower speed, with masquerain being the only considerable webs setter.
honestly kind of a shame because i like how this mon kind of reminds me of like master roshi it looks like it was drawn with an akira toriyama style in mind, maybe im the only one that sees that but we also got a bug based on a kamen rider but that one is far more usable.

late as fuck edit: this mon is fucking hilarious to use just because of stakeout first impression with webs compounded with the fact that its bulk is at least passable. still shit cringe ass naenae mon but its funny as fuck to use
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Gen 9 has some of the strongest Pokemon on average compared to most other gens and even the weakest mons could be viable in NU or PU but this thing is so tragically bad that it's destined to be untiered from day 1. It really sticks out to the point where I'm convinced GF have a shitmon quota they have to fill.
I just use it for sticky web.

the set I run is:
EVs: 236hp, 160 def, 112 spdef
nature:careful(-sp.atk +spdef)
-sticky web
-circle throw
-silk trap.
Honestly I feel like the most amount of wins you got was from your opponents laughing at you for using Spidops... in OU... wow.
In my stubbornness, I have been trying to find at least SOME niche for Spidops. I have found """success""" with this set:

Call of Duty (Spidops) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Stakeout
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
Adamant Nature
- Sticky Web
- Silk Trap
- Memento
- First Impression

As mentioned above, there's only 3 Sticky Web users currently in the game right now: Spidops, Kricketune, and Masquerain. If you have half a brain, use Masquerain. But the aim of this set isn't to just set up Sticky Web (or be good, for that matter). No, this is a set designed to set up Sticky Web, die, and leave your opponent wanting to switch out. After a Silk Trap and a Memento, they'll be left with a Pokemon with severely lowered speed and offenses, which is your time to safely switch in something like Chien-Pao to set up and sweep to your heart's content.

-First Impression is there on the (extremely) rare chance that you want to do at least some damage to something. Hey, it can stop lead Cyclizar from using Shed Tail! Even base 79 attack can utilize a Stakeout-boosted STAB First Impression. Theoretically.

-I would recommend Tera Type Bug to further boost the power of First Impression, but I would also recommend not wasting your Terastallization on Spidops. Who's to say which is the better choice (me, the latter is better)?

-This strategy completely falls apart to like, any form of hazard removal. Gholdengo here we come!

-Lastly, just for fun, here's a battle where I wouldn't have won without Spidops (WARNING: NOT GOOD): https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9ou-1717481509-7aqw4ujdp73ql0owhrvzlc3gaw5v32cpw
Even ignoring Power Creep I really do not see the use of this mon. Having access to 3 different entry hazzard doesnt mean anything if you can't survive long enough to put them up or strong enough to stop people from removing it. Bad typing, low offensive pressence, low bulk. I think this mon looks neat visually and maybe fun to mess around with but the only way I can see this thing not ending up in the bottom rung of ZU is if every other lead was removed from the game.
Dawg they did Spidops so dirty it isn't even funny. I mean it KIND of is, but man we finally get an ogre spider with a design this clean and they've got a 404 error BST. Doesn't even spin the web on their Dex cover for any of their animations, that's a foreboding sign.

Two simple fixes that COULD have made them usable (besides giving them... actual Stats):

-Change Silk Trap into Bug-Type Anchor Shot. Yes with 80 power, Spidops would still need it. Fits better with the IRL counterpart's web usage AND synergizes with Stakeout.
-Bug/Normal. Dude it was right there, how is Smoliv part Normal while the wooden silk-focused marionette thing ISN'T? This was the ONE case where it would have worked. Last Respects immunity would have SLAPPED.

Honestly, part of me wonders if how bad they are is a symptom of the game's rushed nature. No time to make them anything more than an early-game obstacle, y'know? Man, poor Spidops. I love spiders and ogre spiders were one of my top requests for spoods.

Design-wise, it slaps. Battle-wise, it slaps like a wet paper towel and also dies to one.
Yep, this one is going to be unranked with that stat spread no matter how great support moves it gets. I really don't understand the design intent here because it doesn't have any special niche with the those moves/stats and bland typing (even Kricketune with worse BST at least gets Technician Fell Stinger), and I doubt it's going to get a new evolution any time soon. I also think that Normal/Bug typing would have fit it well and made it stand out more but to actually reach some level of viability it would require straight up +50 in HP and more optimized Attack/Sp.attack ratio on top of that.
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I think that investing in HP seems better choice than investing in speed in the second set (is superslow and his moves have priority anyway, also slow U-turns are good point). In fact, even in the first set with Focus sash seems worth no invest in speed. But is a bad pokémon and outclassed in everything that try to do in OU, no matter how you use this.
I feel like they meant to give this Tinted Lens but fucked up and accidentally gave it to Lokix.

The goggles do nothing!
I think you may legit have a point, after all ogre spiders are known for their excellent night vision.
(Fun fact: the eyes are so sensitive that they straight-up burn up during the day, so they have to constantly be repaired.)

Leaves me to wonder, how much of Spidops getting screwed over is a result of S/V being so rushed? As in, they didn't have time to properly make it anything beyond "Kricketune Spider" because there was zero time to focus on balancing this one random early-gamer.

Seriously, I cannot think of ANY Pokemon this decade that got screwed over this hard.

So far my only possible "strat" for Spidops that isn't completely outclassed by something else is Silk Trap + Counter. I think they wanted to make it a lead with all the Hazards + Memento but that's hard to accomplish when you only beat Ariados's BST by 4.


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everyone here is disrespecting my man Spidops. There’s only 3 web users in the game atm, and hazards are huge so far this Gen. Just max out his bulk and give him boots and he can function as a web setter that doesn’t have as many weaknesses as Masquerain. Sure it’s not great, but he is very useable still on a dedicated webs offense team with Gholdengo to make sure the hazards stay put.

The meta is super crazy right now and I think you can make a lot of things work, Spidops included. It is obviously not staying OU by usage but my man Spidops can still make some moves here anyways.
The only thing that sticks out to me is trying to use this to bait out setup mons and hit them with a big old 240bp assurance + spikes/SR damage then a follow up sucker punch could nab you a surprise kill every once in a while but outside of that I don't see this thing do much of anything. The defenses are kinda good its got that going for it i guess
The monkey spider really isn't all bad. I have used it a lot with a Sticky Webs+Counter+Leech Life+Sucker Punch and it is pulling its weight. Counter helps a lot and Koes many physical attackers that laugh at it
Okay I'm still on the Denial phase and have been trying to think of (vaguely) usable sets for Spidops.

Silk Trap's gotta be there because it's... y'know, the Spidops Signature Move. Counter as well, since 92 Defense is... good? In some world.
Basically, just make them a giant middle finger to physical attackers with Rocky Helmet + Silk Trap + Counter. I mean, that's what my Spidops has done to cheese pretty much every Titan in the game.

Tera Ground might be good, focus on the Defense. Counter's good because it's not coming off of the 79 Attack.

With that (a l m o s t) 80 Attack Leech Life might be good for STAB recovery? Which it'll need for the Counters.
I guess Sucker Punch as well to snag kills or Sticky Web to do at least something when there's... a special attacker in front of them?

They WILL be able to do something, and I am willing to plunge deep into the maws of madness to retrieve my answer.
This is the dumbest Pokemon of all time so I thrashed the #5 player on the Ubers ladder with it once to assert dominance.
Screenshot at 2022-12-09 14-18-05.png

Here's the set, use it if you're stupid:
Spidops @ Focus Sash
Ability: Insomnia
EVs: 252 HP / 128 Def / 128 SpD
Careful Nature
- First Impression
- Circle Throw
- Spikes
- Sticky Web

Circle Throw prevents setup unless the setup is from Dragon Dance Dragapult and also it can punish switches to a rapid spinner.
First Impression is about as scary as Spidops to the opponent so maybe you can chunk a super effective target for 20% HP with it.
This is the dumbest Pokemon of all time so I thrashed the #5 player on the Ubers ladder with it once to assert dominance.
View attachment 472715

Here's the set, use it if you're stupid:
Spidops @ Focus Sash
Ability: Insomnia
EVs: 252 HP / 128 Def / 128 SpD
Careful Nature
- First Impression
- Circle Throw
- Spikes
- Sticky Web
View attachment 472717

Circle Throw prevents setup unless the setup is from Dragon Dance Dragapult and also it can punish switches to a rapid spinner.
First Impression is about as scary as Spidops to the opponent so maybe you can chunk a super effective target for 20% HP with it.
Okay, THIS is exciting right here. Props to asserting dominance by somehow making the ogre work in UBERS.
If we can bring Spidops to Ubers and gaslight people into using them more, that would just be incredible.

Props for the Circle Throw troll strats, unironically that seems like it's gonna become Spidops's main gimmick. Not only is it more defensively-oriented than Lucario (the only other Pogey to have the Move this Gen plus no reason to use it over Aura Sphere or Close Combat), but it slams opponents into the one valuable contribution Spidops can make- Hazards. Masquerain and Kricketune are both too frail for this and they lack usable forced-switch Moves (besides Whirlwind which is Whirlwind).

I think we finally have hope, Spidops Sanctuary.
I know in my brain that spidops can't do much in OU, and that it's speed control and other traits are just forced into lower tiers by typing and bst.

But in my heart he's in AG.

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