Spinblocking in RU [WIP]

WIP. Any comments on which sections certain mons should be would be cool (mainly Dusknoir and Drifblim).


Hazards can be deadly in RU, as there are few spinners and many Pokemon that are weak to Stealth Rock and Spikes. However, Kabutops is a fairly common and very effective spinner, and if you are using a Spikes-stacking team, whether it be offensive or defensive, you must take the necessary steps to protect your precious hazards. Keeping hazards on the field in RU is difficult in RU due to the fact that no Ghost-type beats both of the common spinners, Kabutops and Cryogonal, so it requires skillful play and a good choice in teammates.


  • Spiritomb
  • Misdreavus
  • Rotom

Other Options

  • Dusknoir
  • Lampent
  • Golurk

What Not to Use

  • Drifblim
  • Haunter
  • Shedinja
  • Banette



oh my gosh you found me
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IDK if I'd use Drifblim in the spinblocking role; its roles and niches are typically that of offensive or BP roles. The defensive set is simply lackluster and outclassed by Misdreavus and Rotom who both offer better qualities and the same resistances (and more).

It's been a bit since I've played with Dusknoir but its niche as a spinblocker is its ability to beat non-Reflect Cryogonal pretty handedly (especially if you're running Fire Punch). It takes a wallop from Kabutops (but can burn and Pain Split stall), and it gets passive healing over Misdreavus too, but Misdreavus gets the advantage of having massive defenses on both sides by only having to invest in Defense, whereas Dusknoir has to choose if it's going to be bulky physically or specially and still be a little lackluster in the role.

The rest seem to be placed logically. When mentioning Haunter I'd say that it isn't necessarily a bad Pokemon just a terrible choice to use as a spinblocker; it's exclusively a wallbreaker/sweeper.
how is golurk an other option when driflbim isnt? both are weak to the STAB moves of both spinners, but at least drifblim can destiny bond on them to prevent the spin cant it?

oh, i thought drifblim could outspeed kabutops, but they share the same base Speed, and kabu always invests full EVs. regardless, my point isnt that driflblim can spinblock better than golurk, but in my eperience golurk cant spinblock better than drifblim :s
Lampent is actually fairly hard to use against the most common Rapid Spinner, Kabutops. It's weak to both STABs, and takes a lot of damage from Stealth Rocks which hinders multiple switch-ins. I would personally list it under what not to use, and flip Driblim up.

Drifblim is fairly powerful in its own right above Lampent, and even the other Spin-blockers, because of the combo of Unburden and Destiny Bond (or even just Desting Bond). Boosted Acrobatics means it doesn't have to become a dead-weight on your team, although the other options you listed (besides Lampent) are much better, and of course the Pokémon to consider.

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