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Ok i dont mean anything bad by it but spinda kinda has a bad rep.With the release of its contrary ability it gets a bit more of a chance to be a persons most hated enemy.Now the only move that hes got that lowers stats is superpower but hes got assist if you setup your teams right with things like close combat,superpower,and v-create (victini,or smeargal) you cant get a pretty good spinda goin also to add in i know assit is random which is why some thought has to go into your team i personaly use smeargal due to the luck of gettin spore, or v-create.Not a tourny pokemon but can be used for fun and makes a pretty good sweeper after a few atks.Reason for this post is i was curious so i took a look at spinda in the dex and was kinda sadden.
Spinda moves suggest:


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One of my favorite posts on Spinda in OU would be lampeskaerm2's peak in the top 100 on Smogon's competitive ladder (the post can be read here). Although it wasn't phenomenal, he did show that it can be used to some degree within OU. However, it is definitely a gimmick Pokemon that really should not see much competitive play. Glad to see you exploring on the OU ladder!

Also, what the above users meant to say was: welcome to Smogon! Feel free to send me a message if you have any more questions or thoughts =)
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