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RE: Mazar

Situation: The TD team has obtained evidence that Mazar used a stratagem to obtain his opponents' teams prior to his or his teammates' games.

It went as such:

A bot was able to join battles before they were hid on the main PS server. The bot joined those under a guest account so no join messages showed when it did. Mazar would use the bot to collect teams from potential opponents and as such, he could gain an incredible advantage over his opponents. This bot could join games in masses, to a point where Mazar himself described it as it "could work for any tier except OU" because of the volume.

We have proof that Mazar used the bot to gain teams for his teammates' games. For instance, we have screens showing that he was able to obtain an opponent's team, and via an intermediate influenced his teammate's team choice for the match. The match in question resulted in a win for a Tigers.

During his finals game, Mazar gave a teammate a team that was identical to the one Gunner Rohan used to test. Given that we know the existence of the bot, how it worked, and the fact Mazar chained perfect matchups and had a seemingly supernatural ability to guess his opponents' sets during his games, it's safe to assume Mazar used said bot in all his Ubers games for SPL. These all resulted in wins for Mazar.

It goes without saying that using such stratagems goes against everything Tournaments stand for. This offense is so fundamentally bad that it warrants cancellation of the entire tournament, considering how much it was used and that it was used by Mazar for more than one match every week. This whole situation is a very regrettable and the TD team would like to apologize for it coming to this, but at this point there is no better option.

I'd like to add that in light of this situation, Zarel added a new command to Showdown: /ionext will make your next battle invite-only automatically. This can be used to avoid such incidents and keep your teams and test games safe.

Result: Mazar will be banned from Smogon Forums permanently. The Circus Maximus Tigers will have their trophy removed. SPL 8's result is nullified.
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