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I think transparency is something that's pretty important for the integrity of events like this, so when I'm in a position where I need to make important administrative decisions as the host of SPL I'm going to post the problem, relevant information, and solution I came to in this thread so that everyone will know exactly what happened.
Week: 5

Situation: Disconnect in GSC OU match between Raiders' spies and Bigs' DracoMalfoy

Description: DracoMalfoy disconnected on turn 65 of the match. The score of the match was 6-6, and while spies had an advantage, both sides still had a reasonable chance of winning. The Raiders were concerned DracoMalfoy may have intentionally disconnected because he had a low idle time on IRC, where he told a teammate what happened, but fairly clearly actually had internet issues due to being dropped from other programs such as MSN. While SPL does not seem to have it's own disconnect rule written out anywhere for some inane reason, but LonelyNess' precedent tended to be to have the battlers remake the battle if the result was in question and a DC occurred. Similarly the OST rule, "Finally, in the case of a disconnect, the decision is in the hands of the player who did not disconnect. The options are: redo the battle move for move, redo the battle with the same teams but different moves, or redo the battle with completely different teams. If the battle was without a doubt over, they may also take the win.", which is the closest thing to an official Smogon tournament precedent we could find, implies that replaying the battle is probably the solution with the most precedent, and I think, the fairest option. The managers, the TDs, and I should probably try to sort out an SPL DC policy that we agree on to have a better point of reference for future DCs, but the Raiders' manager has agreed to have the battle replayed move for move to the point they were at and then continued for this case.

Result: Battle between spies and DracoMalfoy will be replayed from the point the DC occurred.
Week: 6

Situation: Activity call on match between Wolfpack's legendary_07 vs. Raiders' Scimjara

Description: This one was basically a complete no-brainer, but the match didn't get done because legendary_07 hadn't been on since the day after the matchups were posted and the Wolfpack lacked a sub to put in and seemed resigned to the loss.

Result: Win awarded to Scimjara.
Week: 7

Situation: Activity call on three matches between Tigers and Cryonicles: dragonuser vs. hanke, Colchonero vs. Blim, and Delta 2777 vs. Golden Sun.

Description: Delta 2777 and Colchonero haven't been on since the 20th(the day pairings were posted) and hanke hasn't been on since the 21st. Pretty obvious who the problem was in each of these cases.

Result: Wins awarded to dragonuser, Blim, and Golden Sun.
Week: 7

Situation: Dispute over the result of match between Sharks' 199 Lives and Team Raiders' M Dragon

Description: 199 Lives beat M Dragon originally -- and both of them posted in the thread confirming that this occurred -- and then 199 Lives later decided to rematch M Dragon who apparently switched on a turn where he wanted to attack due to lag on Pokemon Online. While M Dragon mentioned the rematch in the Sharks' channel(though he didn't actually mention it would count for SPL there), no one on the team replied, and made it pretty obvious later they wouldn't have agreed to the rematch later on. M Dragon won the rematch.

Result: Due to the lack of a pre-existing policy about this sort of situation and the fact both teams have very justifiable cases for why they should have won the match, the match was declared a draw.

However, in light of this, I'm going to clear up how this going to work if it happens again. It is up to the players to do whatever they think is right before the match is over. If they think something silly happened on turn 3 prefer not to have happened, they're free to restart. Once the match is done, however, it is done, and that is the result that counts, unless for whatever reason the managers of both teams and both of the players agree to the rematch. This is a team tournament, and changing the results of completed games needs to be a team decision in the future.
Week: 8

Situation: Activity calls on matches between Sharks' R Inanimate vs. Wolfpack's OmegaDonut,
Raiders' JRank vs. Tyrants' Muffinhead, and Tigers' Delta 2777 vs. Scooters' franky.

Description: While in the case of OmegaDonut vs. R Inanimate neither user completely disappeared from the website for once, R Inanimate showed more initiative toward trying to get the battle done due to apparently PMing his opponent twice and not getting a reply, so the win goes to him.

In the case of JRank vs. Muffinhead, both users were online recently but failed to get the battle done. If they communicated, they did so through PM rather than VM, which I obviously can't see, and neither of them cared enough about showing that they were active to post or contact me so I'm going to call this one a draw due to the lack of effort on both sides.

Delta 2777 has truly gone above and beyond standard inactivity, having not been online for almost two full weeks now (Feb 20th). Pretty easy to figure out why this one didn't happen...

Result: Wins awarded to franky and R Inanimate; Draw declared between JRank and muffinhead.
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