SPL Farm League - Week 4

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I rather not claim activity but I don't know what else to do since my opponent has been iffy on scheduling for a time. The one time we could play I happen to miss him and couldn't really watch PS all night for him. I sent a VM on Friday and he has appeared since then but didn't reply to it. Right now he hasn't been on since and sent a new VM detailing my schedule for a battle.
Not that it really matters, but my opponent hasn't been on since January 17th, activity win pls (i can destroy in bw ubers please draft me people)


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Been connected almost all day Saturday/Sunday on smogon/PO.

So, just saying that I was active. (and I still STRONGLY contest my activity loss from someone unactive on smogon since a month, it is still not fixed).

EDIT : Fixed, ty.
My opponent replied today and he says he was having trouble with his Internet connection the entire week. We have different timezones, but I think we'll be able to do the match today at the earliest. If not, he says I can have the win.

Edit: Confirming win


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I'll admit that I actually forgot about this until yesterday lol; however, my opponent has also been active on Smogon recently and hasn't acted on contacting me at all. I sent him a VM about 18 hours ago regarding getting our battle done ASAP, as soon as I remembered, and he hasn't been online since then. Since I was so late to contact him I don't want to actively push for the activity win - just wanted to post this here, for what it's worth.
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