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3) The addressed issue regarding signups is a valid one until you realize that their are several counter arguments which you are seemingly ignoring in principle due to the assuming you are basing point "A" off of. By saying that sign ups are valid upon immediate posting and thus the player is now involved in the tour you must now consider anyone who deletes their signup post retracting from said tour as causing a large enough problem to justify possible infractions or bans from tournaments. I admit that this is a jump but by making each signup valid upon immediate posting this a legitimate situation you are faced with under current rules that if someone "Cancers" off a team they receive a swift tour ban and possible SPL ban for life (See gr8astard catching the ban). I do not understand what instance you are referring to where retains have been deemed valid before sign-ups are closed and would like further evidence to support this claim before bothering to address it.
This was posted by old head TD Teal about retains:

C) The underlying asset (player) of the retain must have validly signed up in order for the retain to be exercised
E) Player registration can only take effect in the following circumstances:
E1) The player has a valid sign up, a team that owns his retain right decides to exercise that right and the player has agreed. The team in question must not have broken any applicable retain rules (i.e. activating more than 3). Applicable periods for the valid signup are after the initial signup thread is posted until its close, and after the midseason signup thread is posted until its close.

It explicitly says that in order to retain players, the sign up of the player must be valid.
If sign ups were not considered valid until signups thread close, retains would not happen until then because no sign up would be valid yet.
The tournament host (QQ) considered Tricking sign up and my retain as valids, and all those actions happened before the case was presented to TDs.

So the facts are the following:
a) Trade, retain and player confirmation happened before the ban (QQ can confirm, and I can also send screens of the times)
b) Tricking was officially a shark before his ban. In order to be on a team your sign up must be valid

There are also no precedents of bans nullifyng a sign up that had been considered valid, especially when its a short ban. There are multiple examples of the opposite, Omfuga being one. Valentine was allowed to finish his OST when he got banned. Dice was banned for posting a pastebin with rey's team and he was able to continue playing SPL after his ban ended. Tiba joined someone else game and got banned for 3 weeks, and he was allowed to continue playing in SPL.

Btw, we would be fine with not being able to use Tricking for 1-2 weeks because of his ban
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some bullshit people are making a ridiculously huge deal about over nothing, ffs it's 4k it's not like you bought earthworm's retain rights ain't nobody got time to read three pages of garbage and nobody give a shit about dictionary definitions

all I will say is

1) The Sharks did not buy a retained player, they bought the rights to retain that player. If for whatever reason the player cannot be retained, too bad. You made a mistake. Deal with it.
2) It's pretty dumb to arbitrarily begin his ban such as to maximally disrupt his participation in SPL specifically, rather than just letting the ban run its course when it was decided to tourban him. There are always tournaments going on. And if he was already a part of SPL per se, given the nature of this tournament since it hasn't "officially" started yet, he should not be retroactively removed from it for the sake of dicking Sharks out of an extra couple weeks of his use and making him go through the hassle of re-signing up in the midseason topic.

Shitty meme Brain #2. What Hogg said. Next.

I'll administer this tourney, step aside OP and Quite Quiet. Can't be worse than playing the game of Pokémon.


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I don't know what you're talking about, I've been tuning out whiny babbies crying about my decisions just as long and it's way more comfy than dealing with losing to the constant clusterfuck of RNG that is this game.
to empathize with you, if i had a stick so far up my ass that i didn't give a damn about anyone else i'd probably have to agree that it is easier to balance the morals and ethics of others than to play pokemon
I just realized... users Jsaok shouts out always wind up winning a trophy at some point. It's crazy I be looking at smogon and all my family have trophies! It's because Jsaok is a legend and real one and people who like Jsaok deserve to win. Deep -Jsaok

Also when ppl who use Autism as a diss or insult thats lame af and I dont condone that shit at all. Change your language everyone is a human and most ppl have some sort of mental health issues. - Jsaok
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