Gen 2 SPL players watch your butts


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lol pkmn is a dumb game sometimes

personally i might use mean look to prevent infinite-switching strats. also you kinda need swagger to do enough damage fast enough for this to be effective, which is a shame because it can make lax pretty scary; if he breaks out of confusion at max attack you can't confuse again due to how swagger works in gsc.

but yeah i could see crohax actually kind of working in gsc, which surprised me.


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Aside the fact you need Spikes for it to be even remotely dangerous. The problem with replacing Hidden Power with Mean Look is that you can't finish anything off. From Crobat's partners, too, but even on its own you're asking to get stalled out by anything with Rest without that direct damage move to finish off the work of consecutive confusion self-hits.

Even so, Zapdos + Skarm don't care about Spikes and Crobat can't do anything about Rapid Spin either, except outspeeding the user and getting lucky with confusion ad nauseam. On that note, Skarm won't reasonably ever kill itself either...
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I've always wanted to battle this player, seeing as he is the former number one on pokemon showdown, I won't feel completely happy with myself being number one until I beat him. Even though he looks like he's no good and his win percent isn't the best and his team looks gimmicky. I fought him once before i was good but i havent fought him since. the last time i ran into him was today but i was afk, which was very disappointing .


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what a riveting story.
Hey, its borat. Hey borat, wanna know what team i use? i use charizard, venasaur, blastoise, pikachu, squirtle, and charmander. How come you dont mention squirtle or charmander in your guides? maybe its outdated. idk, but this is the team i used to climb up the ladder. so if you guys wanna net team you can. i dont mind. i just want everyone to have fun

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