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Hey RoA! With SPL X underway, this thread will be used to discuss GSC related topics, whether it's about the players, general metagame trends, matches, predictions and so on. This thread will be updated frequently with each new week, player standings, and replays.

SPL Introduction
SPL Schedule
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GSC Player Cores:

Wi-Fi Wolfpack - Fear, HSA
Team Raiders - Cased, Jirachee
Dragonspiral Tyrants - sulcata, gilbert arenas
Alpha Ruiners - Lavos, Jimmy Turtwig, FOMG, hyogafodex, Luigi, LAX
Ever Grande BIGS - choolio
Circus Maximus Tigers - d0nut
Stark Sharks - Conflict, Sceptross
Congregation of the Classiest - Earthworm, Bedschibaer
Cryonicles - k3nan, Veteran In Love, ABR, Arifeen
Indie Scooters - Century Express, giara
(likely starters in italic)

Power Rankings:

Player Standings:
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soon tm
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Lavos with Jimmy support is disgustingly good as the last classic will evidence and should be the clear favourites for the top record in the group. Earthworm most likely slots in behind, man rarely shows any signs of rust which might be the only thing holding back Conflict who I would otherwise expect to fight for the top 3 positions with Earthworm. The remainder of the teams all feature solid players and preparation/player knowledge are likely to feature more significantly. Fear and sulcata likely have the strongest fundamentals, along with Cased though the latter coming off a ban calls into question whether he will show any rust of his own that might cause him to underperform. Strong field will make it an uphill battle for the Cryos and Bigs and possibly the Tigers, their players will need to put the work in to stay on top form and to outprepare their opponents while trying to go positive.
[CONG] Earthworm vs Cased [RAID][
CRYO] k3nan vs Fear [WOLF]
[RUIN] Lavos vs Conflict [SHRK]
[TYRN] sulcata vs d0nut [TGRS]
[BIGS] choolio vs Century Express [SCTR]

Week 1 matchups n_n


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[CONG] Earthworm vs Cased [RAID] : He is Earthworm
[CRYO] k3nan vs Fear [WOLF] : The best
[RUIN] Lavos vs Conflict [SHRK] : Two of my 3 favs.
[TYRN] sulcata vs d0nut [TGRS] : I think he is better overall.
[BIGS] choolio vs Century Express [SCTR] : He doesn't sack Forry when the layer of Spike is the wincond.


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[CONG] Earthworm vs Cased [RAID]
[CRYO] k3nan vs Fear [WOLF]
[RUIN] Lavos
vs Conflict [SHRK]
[TYRN] sulcata vs d0nut [TGRS]
[BIGS] choolio vs Century Express [SCTR]

Really hype for EW vs Cased, since Cased probably will to have a great showing for his return. And as for Zokuru, Lavos and Conflict are two of the player I enjoy the most watching, so hype one for sure.


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Selfdestruct Snorlax

With the whole SD Lax thing, he has nothing he can actually pivot into the Hidden Power after switching in one of his Grounds. Anytime Zapdos is in, and high enough HP to eat an unboosted Marowak Rock Slide, it's threatening to win the game and it comes in at will against the two Earthquake users and Cloyster, plus technically beats Dragonite. (Incidentally, it might be safer to be sleeping against Dragonite to avoid being paralyzed since both attacks are good against it anyway.)

maybe the takeaway here is that SD Lax is just bad because Zapdos is too good to give up every team's first defense against it :smogthink: Raikou would fold in the face of double Grounds.
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GSC OU: Fear vs Century Express
GSC OU: Arifeen vs sulcata
GSC OU: choolio vs Lavos
GSC OU: CasedVictory vs d0nut
GSC OU: Conflict vs Earthworm

I forgot to do Week 2 oops. Highlight of the week is Conflict vs Worms, I hope we see some more Donphan oo
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GSC OU: Fear vs Century Express - fear is so good and, despite i like how CE is playing, I think his tendency to bring unconventional things will prevail over the more standard teams that CE usually uses
GSC OU: Arifeen vs sulcata - i have to admit i dont have a solid opinion on arifeen but i know sulcata and he does not deserve a 0-3 start
GSC OU: choolio vs Lavos - where is innovation?? :psysad:
GSC OU: CasedVictory vs d0nut - i think cased con do better than he's doing but d0nut showed pretty solid teams and play. i'll favor him
GSC OU: Conflict vs Earthworm - well, The Match. i always trust in bossflict but that donphan team did not convince me. he needs something more powerful to overcome a totem of gsc like ew

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