SM OU Splitting your mind (cm magearna squad)

Hey there guys,
After a month or so of testing, I want to start the 2019 making another rmt. This time i'm here to bring you another of my successful team of mine. I peaked number 30 in the ladder with it last week so well... I'll stop rumbling and let's go through the building process!

First of all, as i said before, I decided to use calm minding pain splitt magearna. This set enables magearna to confortably beat passive mons by calm minding up and pain splitting when it gets low. Its 2 ofensive moves are fleur cannon and thunderbolt. Fleur cannon is the strongest stab move magearna gets, and with the fairium z it becomes a huge nuke. Thunderbolt is there to hit bulky waters like toxapex.

Gliscor was the second mon i added to the team. With sd, this pokemon is able to beat things like zapdos and many other mons that can trouble the other team members. This gliscor also serves as a status absorber for the team due to the toxic orb. Earthquake is a great stab for gliscor and does massive damage to the opposing team at +2. Ice fang is there, of course, to hit the flying types that earthquake can't hit. Besides that, ice fang also hits grass types that may trouble gliscor.

The third pokemon of the team was ash greninja. If you haven't noticed it already, I love this mon so much. With choice specs, this mon does massive damage to the opossing team, while also setting up spikes if needed. Furthermore, pokemon that switch in against this greninja tend to be passive mons that can't do much damage back, so as i said above, those mons are what magearna takes advantage of. Nothing to say about the set. Hydro pump and dark pulse are 2 amazing stab moves (if you don't miss hydro pump 110% of the time of course) and whater shuriken is a nice priority move.

The next pokemon i added is my mega pokemon. Mega diancie offers many things for the team. Firstly, with protect, it can scout stuff like ash greninja, lando-t and kartana. So it helps you to act acordingly. Mega diancie also offers rocks for the team. Max attack diamond storm is amazing really. It 2hkos heatran, av tangrouth, spdef bulu and many more things (some of them with rocks up). Last but not least, moonblast was added for the nice spamable stab move it is. It gets rid of things like garchomp, while also 2hkoing things like lando-t.

Kartana was the next member added to the team. I needed a scarfer that was fast and powerful, to clean oposing teams. It also offers knock off, which as always, is pretty spamable and gets rid of items. I have sacred sword to smack things like ferro and tran for a 2hko. Lastly, leaf blade and smart strike are kartana's two best stabs. Smart strike lets kartana smack fairy types, which are quite troublesome for the team, specially bulu.

Last but not least, rotom-w was added to the team. AS you might have noticed, i still was missing defog on my team. So i added rotom-w, which gives defog to the team. Besides that, volt switch is nice for the momentum it gives and hydro pump smacks ground and fire types. Lastly, will-o-wisp is nice for cripling physical attackers that tend to switch in against rotom (for some reason people switch bulu in a lot against rotom-w).

There are some huge threats for the team that you have to be careful with. Most notably, fast electric types like tapu koko are a big nuisance for the team, as the only mon that is immune to thunderbolt is 4 times weak to hp ice and dies if hp iced. Shift gearing magearna is a pretty big threat too, as it can set up in front of many mons on the team and if it is double dance, then you are done for.
I hope you like the team! Here's the importable:

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