SPORK Tournament - Round 6 Pairings!

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Rules are still here. Here's the final four!

Groudon80 vs. AJC468
Syberia vs Doomsday

I will have no set deadline for this round, as I think everyone who's made it this far has been good about battling. Congrats to all of you, and best of luck!


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AJC468 is a tough opponent though; G80 isn't gonna get across this one easily =p
No, I'm not the same person as "AJC". I understand how I could be confused with him with such similiar names though. I wish everyone well in these final rounds. :O
no... since it was 4 people at first.
It started with 96 people, also...

Waterbomb in the Round 1 topic which you can see from the first post in this thread said:
This tournament will consist of 5 rounds of head-to-head competition, with the 6th (Final) round being Round-Robin style between the three remaining people.
*waits for Waterbomb to show up*

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