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Hey max. I made my own avatar by combining two preexisting sprite art, however the alakazam, as it was originally much bigger than 80x80, came out blurry. Would it be possible for you to touch up the alakazam so it looks as crisp as Karen? Thank you.

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here is the sprite


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It has been brought to my attention that these trainer sprites are not originally created by you, and instead created by IceJkai, Muzyun, Kyle-Dove, mid117, Akuma-Tsubasa, and Chirp-Charlotte respectively. This is in strict violation of the rules we have for these graphical art forums that prohibits using other's original works and claiming it to be your own. If the original artists discover their work being used in this way without their knowledge, the people getting in trouble will not only be yourself, but also the users wearing these avatars.

You either need to contact the above artists (and any other work you've borrowed in this fashion) and ask for their permission to use their work for this purpose, remake the above avatars using official game sprites/sprites you have made, or remove them altogether and contact the users that they need to get new avatars. Failure to do either of those three will make me remove them for you and then infract you 3 warning points for plagiarism.
kek can u make me another one

preferably an animal crossing related one, maybe kk slider or isabelle? ty!
sent to you on discord since i seem to be unable to attach it here (am on mobile, rest of post was pre-written on my now broken computer)

Fortnite's Drift in various stages
max drift (1).png
stage 4 drift.png
(stage 4)
drift sprite (2).png
Aggron i edited for a sprite but the sprite looked like shit since the guy pretty much covered aggron so :/
aggron for bimp .gif
Another random thing
for colin.png

Avatar for Martha
martha avi (3).png
all for now but more later


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Has been a while since I visited this thread.

Just fee like getting a sprite to staple to my signature so I just want PS-acceptable sprite from this image:

In case you need more sources for this image, you can visit this page, learn a little about the guy I put inside the hide tag, and search Google Images. What I really want to keep are concepts of lighted eyes, menacing expression, and levitation. Sorry in advance if this will be complicated...

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