Project SS CAP Battle of the Fortnight - Round 11 (Voting)


this is the hard drive
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big thanks to the host for graciously giving us an extension on this set - i have won (skillfully and deservedly) vs manager man wulfanator in a nailbiter series. Yes i may have lost the first two games (UNFAIRLY) but we went double or nothing and i, by the will of God, emerged with a decisive victory, the story of which will be told for generations to come
1631651042888.png mono CAP (irrelevant game, don't watch) CAP mono (irrelevant game, don't watch) 1v1 bo7 (all extremely relevant - better gameplay than scl)

this is also me opening voting for round 11! quziel and AM can't be voted on for this round + againa and i are once again available to be selected, do your civic duty and GO VOTE wooooo !!!!

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