Tournament SS CAP Budget Tournament (Won by Maxouille)

SS CAP Budget Tournament

Hey everyone! Now that signups have closed, we can begin the tournament. To prevent as many issues as possible, I'd like to go over the rules once more.
  • This tournament is Bo1 Double Elimination and follows the standard SS CAP banlist with additional limitations. All Smogon tournament rules apply.
  • All players are given a total budget of 50 points. These points are to be spent on Pokémon whose prices are based on their placement in the SS CAP Viability Rankings at the time of the battle. In the event that the Viability Rankings are updated the same day as a scheduled match, the previous rankings will be used as to not inconvenience teambuilders.
    • S to A+ cost 15 points
    • A to A- cost 12 points
    • B+ to B cost 10 points
    • B- cost 7 points
    • C cost 5 points
    • Unranked cost 1 point
  • Teams are not required to have 6 Pokémon; teams may have fewer at the user's discretion.
  • Use of a team that exceeds the given budget will result in a game loss for that player.
In addition to the original rules posted above, I'd like to add a few more just to clear some things up.
  • Please treat people with kindness. Excessively aggressive or unsportsmanlike behavior can result in your disqualification from this tournament. If you feel that another user is acting in a way that vastly diminishes your experience in this tournament, please contact me via private message and I will moderate as necessary.
  • Your purchase of a Pokémon in this tournament does not exclude others from using that same Pokémon. Everyone is allowed to purchase as they see fit.
  • The budget of 50 points applies to every team you build. It is not the total number of points you have for the whole tournament.
  • All matches are to be held within the weekly time limit. If no contact is made between either player, the match will be coin-flipped. If one player attempts to make contact and no response is given, please document that attempt and send it to me. If both players agree on a specific time to have their match but one player doesn't show up, again please document that interaction, their lack of activity, and contact me.
With that out of the way, let's commence the tournament. Match-ups will be posted below.
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huge thanks to badged user Mx for running the bracketmaker for me

Week 1 matchups are as follows:
All matches are to be completed before Sunday, September 6th at 11:59pm GMT -5.
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Calling act, opponent never responded and I don't have time to play for the rest of the week.
Calling act, opponent never responded and I don't have time to play for the rest of the week.
Giving Sputnik the act win. He made a post on Gleeboop's wall on Monday which received no response until Saturday night, after Sputnik called for activity. Despite initially listing Sunday as an optional battle time, I can't expect someone to maintain the same availability throughout the week if no response is made.
Alright, now that all week one matches have been played, here are the brackets for week two. Please note that as is standard with double elimination tournaments, a loss in the loser's bracket means you're out of the tournament, however a loss in the winner's bracket means you'll be moved to the loser's bracket in the following week.

Winner's Bracket:
Loser's Bracket:
All matches are to be completed before Sunday, September 13th at 11:59 GMT-5.
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