Tournament SS CAP Cyclohm Cup II (Won by the Indian Infernapes)

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SS CAP Cyclohm Cup II
[based on sparktrain's original Cyclohm Cup]
[art by NoahIOTJ ]


After a week of signups, we're finally ready to begin the SS CAP Cyclohm Cup II! Since for the second time in a row we got 9 full teams worth of signups, the format for this tournament will be Single Elimination, having each team match up in a 3v3 setting with individual games being best of one. All standard tournament rules apply. Again I would like to emphasize that ghosting is strictly prohibited and will result in your team's immediate disqualification. In assigning free agents, two teams were picked at random. Team 1 consists of Brambane, Estronic, and SunMYSER, while Team 2 consists of Heaven Jay, Mr.Bossaru, and Voltage. If you are on either of those teams, feel free to submit a name to me, otherwise your names will remain Team 1 and Team 2. Best of luck to everyone, you'll find the matchups listed below.

Tenacious D vs Team 2
The Gameing Gamers vs Indian Infernapes
Geoguessing Geodudes vs CLB > Donda
womeb be shopping vs image of a muscular dog
Team 1 will be receiving a bye.

Please complete your matches by Sunday, September 19th at 11:59pm GMT-5.

SS CAP Metagame Resources:
Intro to SS CAP | Viability Rankings | Sample Teams | Good Cores | Role Compendium | Sets
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