Tournament SS CAP Snake Draft - Finals

Alright pals, we made it to the finals! Once again I'd like to thank every person who's taken the time to play in this tour, I look forward to hosting more team tours in the future and I hope to see you all again. You can expect individual player rankings after this week is over. Matchups are listed below.

Sizzling Smokomodos (2):Smokomodo: vs Red Hot Pyroaks (4):Pyroak:
Again please remember that all standard tournament rules apply. Ghosting is strictly prohibited. Replays must be posted or else your battle will be considered invalid. Since this is a team tournament, no extensions are given; substitutions are used instead of extensions. Best of luck to all teams. Please complete your games before Sunday, January 17th at 11:59pm GMT-6.

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unbiased predicts

SS Bo3: Scizivire vs xavgb: more handsome
SS1: Maki vs snake_rattler: more handsome
SS2: Skysolo vs K3ppr: more handsome
SS3: PinkDragonTamer vs SunMYSER: more handsome
SM1: Pannuracotta vs GardeLame: more handsome
SM2: Jordy vs Wulfanator72: more handsome

smokos are superior fire type
hype finals predicts time

Bo3: Scizvire vs Xavgb: Stresh continues to eat. Hard not to see the perfect season happening for him.
SS: Maki vs Snake_Rattler: This is closer than expected with the latest performances for both; expecting a Maki bounceback after a curious team choice from Snake that worked out in tiebreak.
SS: Skysolo vs K3ppr: CAPsolo should also continue their great season. Can't see them folding to K3p.
SS: PinkDragonTamer vs SunMYSER: PacificDevTeam has been more up and down than expected, but this shouldn't be too hard. Should be a fun matchup but hard to bet against the man.
SM: Pannuracotta vs GardeLame: Though he's had an interesting showing over two games, Panna with Jordy build support should be a favorite here.
SM: Jordy vs Wulfanator72: Fun matchup, closer than you'd think, but Jordy's still the king of SM until proven otherwise to me.

Smokos feel like heavy favorites. I can see a tie (Garde+Snake winning, plus Stresh) for the Roaks, but hard to see an outright win, and even that is tough.
zeph's post was pretty fuckin hot and i love it

Anyway yall, it's been a min but finals are finally here. I would like to congratulate both the Red Hot Pyroaks and the Malicious Miasmaws, the former for fighting really hard and successfully earning their spot against the Smokos, and the latter for a very impressive performance throughout this tournament, especially from players like Darek851 and Rabia, despite falling just short in the end. Time for some predicts, I've been watching the majority of this tour so hopefully they're accurate.

Smokomodos (4) vs Pyroaks (2)
SS Bo3: Scizivire vs Stresh: Stresh has been unbelievably consistent throughout this whole tour; it's difficult for me not to see anything but a clean sweep from him here.
SS1: Maki vs snake_rattler: Although I would say snake hasn't entirely played up to his potential and reputation in this tour, he has been solid enough and idk who Maki is so I'm giving him the win.
SS2: Skysolo vs K3ppr: Skysolo has really impressed me with his/her performances throughout this tour, especially considering the fact that they're new to the meta (I believe).
SS3: PinkDragonTamer vs SunMYSER: While Sun is def a skilled player in my eyes, if I recall correctly he has more experience in SM, and PDT has building support from Jordy, not to mention his reputation as a very strong player as well.
SM1: Pannuracotta vs GardeLame: This match is extremely close imo, as GardeLame claimed a rly impressive win over reachzero a few weeks back. However, I still think Pannu is slightly more skilled as a player.
SM2: Jordy vs Wulfanator72: Very hard for me to see an upset here as Jordy has the reputation of the SM CAP goat

With that, thank yall for making this tour hella fun to watch, and lastly, I would like to thank Mx and Tadasuke for hosting this tour and giving us the opportunity to play. Looking forward to seeing yall at the upcoming Winter Seasonal!
Sizzling Smokomodos (5) :Smokomodo: vs Red Hot Pyroaks (1) :Pyroak:
  • SS Bo3: Scizivire vs xavgb - Interesting choice from the smokos keeping what I believe are their strongest players for BO1s (like the astros in CAPPL, where stresh lost lol). I don't know Scizivire much but I don't feel like checking his replays because I'll bold stresh anyway. Also I'm pretty sure hax didn't matter in his game against Rabia, except for that mid-game Hurricane miss against Glowking ; but if you rely on hitting 2 Hurricanes in a row to win you shouldn't complain about missing, you flipped a coin and lost that's what it was. Same for one poison out of 2 Sludge Bombs.
  • SS1: Maki vs snake_rattler - Very hype game, which should be very close. I'll bold Maki because he played absolutely immaculate in Week 5 and got unlucky, I think he might be a bit more solid than snake in game.
  • SS2: Skysolo vs K3ppr - K3 is a bit underrated I believe, he's a solid player overall. I'm still bolding Skysolo because I think he's a bit better and more dangerous in the builder.
  • SS3: PinkDragonTamer vs SunMYSER - Sun is a pretty dangerous player to face because of his unpredictability in the builder, but I can't bold him against pdt, who's a very good player with Jordy team support (maybe, although I think he builds too).
  • SM1: Pannuracotta vs GardeLame - Man changed his name but he's still the salad. And he's a hungry salad.
  • SM2: Jordy vs Wulfanator72 - Very interesting game. I can see any of them winning, but Wulf coming out on top would still be an upset I think, and I'm a tryhard.
Looks like the no CAP players + Jordy team will do it again. Many close games so this could go either way obviously.


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Sizzling Smokomodos :Smokomodo: vs Red Hot Pyroaks :Pyroak:
  • SS Bo3: Scizivire vs xavgb - despite not playing the best game last week it is very hard to see stresh losing to someone that... I think is just starting this week? he's been super dominant this entire tour and very, very likely finishes 7-0 after finals imo
  • SS1: Maki vs snake_rattler - this is sort of a coin flip because I don't think either player has been the pinnacle of consistent high-grade performance this tour; i think snake knows the meta far better though and that should be impactful in a game like this.
  • SS2: Skysolo vs K3ppr - K3ppr has not looked convincing this tour, whereas Skysolo's sole loss came in week 5. He's been consistent outside of that week, and I don't see this being the week he slows down.
  • SS3: PinkDragonTamer vs SunMYSER - other than week 1 pdt has been solid, whereas sunmyser hasn't found his groove at any point. pink[redacted]tamer gap here
  • SM1: Pannuracotta vs GardeLame - Pannu has looked better. idk what else you want me to say here
  • SM2: Jordy vs Wulfanator72 - Wulf has been much better than I expected him to be---probably because I just didn't know much about him going into this tour---but picking against Jordy in SM is too big an ask.
4-2 smokos, the tactical death fodder to stresh is noted


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Congrats xavgb.

Nice prep from you, Wulfanator. It's disappointing to end the season like that, but I guess I had to grow out of my well-defined comfort zone at some point eh? Shoutouts to all my teammates, loved teaming with you guys and absolutely dominating the main season. Definitely not managing and building so much next time though. Jho thanks for the help. You managing next time?


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I may have technically been the manager, but realistically all I did was make lineups and manage subs. This is truly a win for the players of the Red Hot Pyroaks themselves, so heartiest congratulations to all of them specifically.
xavgb - What a goddamn beast of a player you were here holy moly. You helped with teams for SS players, you dominated every Bo3 match you played, you were available for every week. I legit can't state enough how essential you were to the team, and I think its safe to say you were one hell of an MVP.

Wulfanator72 - You put in a whole lotta work for the Roaks in SM and I think everyone is thankful you did. Consistently there to help with teambuilding and rocking your matches, especially this final one against Jordy for the win. Thank you for what you provided to the Roaks, you were stellar.

snake_rattler - Man you're just a consistently good player. Always putting in work for that SS slot you were placed in. Don't step on snek, cause he bite back :]

sunMYSER - What a legend, dude was always ready to test for SM, and provided some major wins in both SM and SS. Thank you so much, your assistance surely helped turn the tide for the team.

Quairo - You caught my eye during CAPTT5 and were truly incredible this tour, pulling out some awesome wins and being a consistent threat for the SM slot. I can't state any more how freaking amazing your performance was, so take my thanks instead.

K3ppr - I had my attention on you since CAPTT5 and am so glad you got picked up here. You were one hell of a solid SS slot, getting things done in that respective slot which you held pretty much the entire time. Thanks for being a freaking outstanding player, especially in this final week.

Akumajou - After your excitement about week 1, I knew you were gonna do great things with this team. Thanks for the great performance you put in for the Roaks, you deserve this W.

Also would like to give major props to all of the other teams who gave it their all in this tournament, this was truly one hell of a fight for the top. And finally, once again giving massive congratulations to all the players on the Roaks. Y'all deserve this win.

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