Tournament SS CAP Snake Draft - Week 1


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Alright I hope everyone's had a good time getting to know their teammates. Now's the time for us to actually start playing matches. First I want to give a huge shoutout to Mx for all his help so far. He's stepped on as a co-director for this tournament, and has already been immensely helpful in running the draft and helping me iron out details of the tour. Without further ado, let's get into this week's matchups.

Malicious Miasmaws (4) :Miasmaw: vs Sizzling Smokomodos (2) :Smokomodo:
Eternal Equilibras (4) :Equilibra: vs Astrolotl Estrellados (2) :Astrolotl:
Snake Brattlers (4) :Malaconda: vs Red Hot Pyroaks (2) :Pyroak:
Again please remember that all standard tournament rules apply. Ghosting is strictly prohibited. Replays must be posted or else your battle will be considered invalid. Since this is a team tournament, no extensions are given; substitutions are used instead of extensions. If any trade occurs this week, neither traded player will be able to participate in a battle the same week. Best of luck to all teams. Please complete your games before Sunday, December 6th at 11:59pm GMT-6.
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might as well kick this off with some predicts:

(1) Miasmaws vs Smokos (4)
Bo3: Darek851 vs PinkDragonTamer: PDT crushed it last time he was here and has Jordy support once again. Betting against him is a mistake.
SS1: 2spoopy4you vs Splash: I was genuinely surprised to see Spoopy here after his signup indicated he was going to be time strapped even to sub. Going for Splash mainly because of that, though this is an exciting one.
SS2: Rabia vs Maki: Not as familiar with these guys as I probably should be, and it looks to be another highlight of the week that will challenge the team support around them as well as their in game prowess.
SS3: Snafutari vs Skysolo: Not particularly convinced by Snaf in a team tour format and tiers played: Jordy on team Jordy (along with the relative little I know about Skysolo) is a threat.
SM1: Reachzero vs Yami: I think this one can be particularly close just because of how highly I rate Jordy support in SM, but I'm slightly leaning Reach.
SM2: Lasen vs Jordy: Jordy is the SM CAP GOAT if you ask me, and despite how highly I rate Lasen I find it remarkably difficult for him. (man got snaked smh)

(4) Brattlers vs Pyroaks (2)
Bo3: Againa vs Xavgb: Might just be my favorite game of the week. I think we're going to see a lot of creative building for this bo3, and I give a slight edge to Stresh for consistency but am curious about his approach to a post Crown Tundra meta. Also, seriously, I'm going to start a GoFundMe for a router for this man, holy shit
SS1: Heaven Jay vs Wulfanator72: I have not seen Wulf in action so take this with a grain of salt, but I trust Jay to take this game. I am curious why he's here and not in SM, which I am much more accustomed to seeing him play.
SS2: Voltage vs K3ppr: Again, I'm not the most familiar with k3ppr, but I think this is a relatively even MU that I trust Voltage a bit more in.
SS3: ojr vs Akumajou: two newer players to CAP as far as I'm aware, I trust the Brattlers builders to have some interesting stuff that is hard for newer players to prep for.
SM1: Velvet vs sunMYSER: Sun has an edge in experience but I trust Velvet more going into this.
SM2: Granny Pie vs Doomstadt: What year is it that we're seeing this matchup again, 2017? Joking aside, I trust Doom for much the same reason I trust the Brattlers more here: interesting builds, and a fear GP is a bit too one note.

Looking forward to a lot of these games- GO LIBRAS!


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I will make some hot predictions.

Malicious Miasmaws :Miasmaw:(1) vs Sizzling Smokomodos :Smokomodo: (4)
SS Bo3: Darek851 vs PinkDragonTamer PDT is the GOAT and probably has the edge especially with all the support he has.
SS1: 2spoopy4u vs Splash Giving Splash the slight edge here but Spoopy can definitely pull this off, its kinda 55/45 almost.
SS2: Rabia vs Maki Meh, could go either way.
SS3: Snafutari vs Skysolo Giving Skysolo the edge because Snaf doubted the Astros in the CAP PS chat and personally offended our team. We will have our revenge.
SM1: reachzero vs Yami Yami is good but Reach is better imo. Still could be an upset tho.
SM2: Lasen vs Jordy GOAT

Snake Brattlers :Malaconda: (2) vs Red Hot Pyroaks :Pyroak: (2)
SS Bo3: againa vs xavgb No Stresh No Win
SS1: Heaven Jay vs Wulfanator72 I have faith in Wulf, but Jay can also definitely take the W here. One of the more interesting games to watch.
SS2: -Voltage- vs K3ppr GOAT Captain
SS3: ojr vs Akumajou I do not know these folks well enough unfortunately
SM1: velvet vs SunMYSER Velvet is a good player and will pull this off I think
SM2: Granny Pie vs Doomstadt I do not know enough about these players
Very hot (likely wrong/uninformed) predicts.

Malicious Miasmaws :Miasmaw: vs Sizzling Smokomodos :Smokomodo:
  • SS Bo3: Darek851 vs PinkDragonTamer Very slight edge, I think Darek is a competent enough player and could definately grab the win.
  • SS1: 2spoopy4u vs Splash idk
  • SS2: Rabia vs Maki Handing this one to Maki as I feel they're a slightly more solid general player, but could go either way.
  • SS3: Snafutari vs Skysolo Snaf doubts the Astros.
  • SM1: reachzero vs Yami Excited to see how this one goes, as Yami is a solid battler, but reachzero is, well, reachzero.
  • SM2: Lasen vs Jordy Honestly can't give Jordy the win here, as Lasen is another very solid SM player and could definately cause an upset.
Snake Brattlers :Malaconda: vs Red Hot Pyroaks :Pyroak:
  • SS Bo3: againa vs xavgb It could really go either way, but I'm gonna give the edge to Againa simply because I've seen her play more.
  • SS1: Heaven Jay vs Wulfanator72
  • SS2: -Voltage- vs K3ppr idk
  • SS3: ojr vs Akumajou I have never seen ojr or Akumajou play a single game of CAP. Heck, I had never heard of ojr before this tour.
  • SM1: velvet vs SunMYSER Trust velvet as a better general player.
  • SM2: Granny Pie vs Doomstadt
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first time doing predictions. written at 1am could be shit. enjoy

Brattlers (3) vs Pyroaks (3)
SS Bo3: againa vs xavgb from previously playing under voltage and having watched him beat stresh in a massive upset during cappl, i expect him to attempt to pull off a very similar strategy here. nearly no one in this tour can out-pilot stresh if it's balance v balance so i expect againa to prep like mad and try to steal the matchup with some creative building. bolding stresh but this will be a fun set to watch for sure.
SS1: Heaven Jay vs Wulfanator72 ive teamed with wulf before so i know more about him and trust him more but jay is obviously no slouch. could totally go either way but rooting for wulf
SS2: -Voltage- vs K3ppr not really familiar with k3ppr and i hugely trust voltage's ability to pull through
SS3: ojr vs Akumajou i believe ojr will likely have better team support but tbh i do not know anything about either player and i think shsp is correct in that they're both quite new to the scene. personally interested to see how this one goes
SM1: velvet vs SunMYSER sun is much more experienced in cap but velvet is likely the better pilot and will have good team support to capitalize on that
SM2: Granny Pie vs Doomstadt very uncertain, doom has been playing a good bit recently while granny may or may not have some rust (?), im honestly not educated enough to predict this one accurately

Libras (4) vs Astrolotls (2)
SS Bo3: heartofgold vs Binacleisthebest heartofgold is a solid player overall but binacle has been playing a ton of roomtours, even topping the leaderboard one month iirc (or at least coming very close). he is a good builder and player who seems to be very experienced with the current meta so i believe that he can be relied upon to take this, although i could certainly see an upset happening as well
SS1: Averardo vs D2TheW d2 has proven to be an excellent cap player, doing very well in recent tours if my memory is correct and just all around consistently performing at a high level wherever it be. badge clause and building support from shsp + quziel makes me think averardo won't lose this one without something unpredictable happening though. should be real fun to watch no matter the outcome
SS2: Estarossa vs Pitmore this one seems like a lock for esta. pit is much more knowledgeable of the tier but esta is just far more proven and has some of the best team support in quziel and shsp
SS3: dex18 vs SputnikGT have previously teamed with sput and i have faith in the man. don't know a lot about dex either. i think this will be a mostly even matchup but my money is on sput to bring it home
SM1: SHSP vs Airwind airwind is great and played a lot of SM during cappl so i expect him to be in shape, but i have trouble not bolding shsp here given that i believe he will likely have better prep and is just the stronger player overall
SM2: Felucia vs ADF Test i am very uneducated about adf and it's a lot easier to put my faith in felucia and root for her. going with my gut

Miasmaws (1) vs Smokomodos (0)
SS2: Rabia vs Maki
fwiw we are also winning the rest of the week.

the rosters for every team ended up being really interesting and as a result we are getting some super cool matchups. this should be an awesome tour. gl to everyone but miasmaws are taking it all
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