DOU SS Doubles OU Winter Seasonal - Round 1

Activity calls/extensions

Asura Crimson gets the win over Huston (no reply)
duckpond gets the win over Aidou (no reply)
Memoric gets the win over Reverend B.C (unsatisfactory scheduling from opp)
miltankmilk gets the win over WistfulAether (opp missed time)
Z strats gets the win over Haki (no reply)
Mizuhime gets the win over sin city (no reply)
Void gets the win over TJ (coinflip, no visible attempt to schedule from either player)

lazatron Nails
Akaru Kokuyo Reaper12
calvonix DLT JRL BELL
Grillo umbreon098
Neblina SolarflareRo
MetaRiolu7 Mammaluu
Namranan The Thunderbirds

You have until Thursday 30th January at 11:59pm GMT to complete your games. After this point, I will make activity calls on these games.

Any further activity calls/completed matches please put in the soon coming round 2 thread
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