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Hello all,

So I began at the start of Gen 8 looking for the perfect team. My inspiration was from <Toadow famous 6> from gen 7.His team worked incredibly well and could take a lot of pressure and not really any gimmicks on it. So I wanted to build a team with 0 match up fish and reliable, consistent, efficient and could work against anything. I have to thank serene grace for also inspiring me to build this. The words he told me changed my outlook on team building . "I like to use things that people know are coming but cant stop" - serene, the teams foundation is from that. No tricks really up the sleeve and just relying on positioning and skill to win! This team would later be tried and tested and ultimately made into the greatest balance team I have ever built solo. Don't mind the nicks, I went from a Engl word to Jap and it doesn't translate back again correctly lol.

ドッコ (Timburr) @ Eviolite
Ability: Iron Fist
Level: 5
EVs: 76 HP / 196 Atk / 156 Def / 80 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Mach Punch
- Knock Off
- Ice Punch
- Drain Punch

Timburr aka the best fighter, this mon is incredible really , gives us priority's strong stab bulk and ability to put insane pressure on opponent. Being able to clean late game is amazing too! The words may not be spot on but go like this
"Every team needs a fighter " - wail wailord

ナック (Trapinch) @ Eviolite
Ability: Arena Trap
Level: 5
EVs: 116 Atk / 236 Def / 156 SpD
Relaxed Nature
- Quick Attack
- First Impression
- Earthquake
- Giga Drain

One of the stars of this team , ALWAYS getting great usage out of pinch no matter what. Here to rid pawn , ground/steels and pick things off. Quick attack is mandatory or else the team is marginally worse trust me lmao. You will find yourself netting crazy kills with QA. Pinch gets kills against things it shouldn't be most the time

コマタナ (Pawniard) @ Eviolite
Ability: Defiant
Level: 5
EVs: 156 Atk / 36 Def / 116 SpD / 196 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Knock Off
- Sucker Punch
- Iron Head
- Stealth Rock

Pawniard , A vital pokemon on this team , gives us vull resist, rocks and crazy utility with knock . Priority on pawn is really important as well to finish things off. A good pivot and immunity to poison . Spamming knock is the goal .Checks abra lastly

タマゲタケ (Foongus) @ Eviolite
Ability: Regenerator
Level: 5
EVs: 124 HP / 236 Def / 76 SpD
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Sludge Bomb
- Giga Drain
- Synthesis
- Spore

The legendary foongus , hate or love him. Very critical to sleep something IMPORTANT and a great pivot for the team , Plus it gives us a sleep absorb when facing other foongus. This annoying thing can sometimes solo broken opposing teams if you play right.

ケーシィ (Abra) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Magic Guard
Level: 5
EVs: 236 SpA / 76 SpD / 196 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Psychic
- Dazzling Gleam
- Protect
- Counter

Abra , my favorite mon. Has insane sp atk , can be a blanket , can. sweep late game , and if things hit the fan can certainly always trade at minimum at 1:1 which is why they wanted my baby banned gen 7 :) Protect is not necessary , but if you want the most balance keep it for defeating foo late game , Shadow ball / energy ball are good alternatives for waters or Woobat if you have trouble.

バルチャイ (Vullaby) @ Berry Juice
Ability: Weak Armor
Level: 5
EVs: 236 Atk / 76 SpA / 196 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Brave Bird
- Knock Off
- Defog
- Heat Wave

Lastly but not least, Vullaby. This mon is my lead 9/10 bc of what it can do and force 50/50. Key to this mon is to get as much utliity out of it to pressure opponent and get as many knocks as you can. Heatwave is for ferro and pawn/mag. Adamant because jolly Vull is dumb to me. knock + bb is wiping damn near everything in its way. With the speed boost it gets as well makes this Pokemon a requirement for speed control and power + defog , Invaluable.

- This team has helped me get 90 gxe
- The team is a consistent #1 ranked ladder team.
- has tour success
- consistent
- 3 knock off users
- a trapper
- 4 priority moves
- hazard/ removal

Here are 3 replays , 2/3 being against top players/my best frens in lc ! Quick shoutouts to laroxyl, serene grace, wail wailord and saint surfy <3


Thank you all for your time and for reading. Take care <3
Congratulations to AM for winning the Little Cup Double Elimination Tournament!

Just loaded this into my builder 2 minutes ago and won LC room tour right now with this team it's super fuego. I approve.
Standard agil pory + trapinch built in lcwc for renny vs wail wailord.

:xy/porygon: :xy/foongus: :xy/timburr: :xy/trapinch: :xy/vullaby: :xy/pawniard:
(click on sprites)

Pory + trap is a fucking strong core trapping easy ferro, pawn, pory's counters.
I put foong as fighting resist + grookey check + sleep absorber.
I put vulla for having a good pivot + defogger + ground-immunity + good for uturning and switching in freerly trapinch on pawn/onix.
Timb is for pawn, ferro, scraggy, pory. It is better than foo here for ddance scraggy cuz it's a bit annoying. You can put either tpunch or ipunch but I prefer ipunch, you have a strong mu against foongus with it and you are not forced to put your foong or risking a spore on pawn/vulla. Mare isn't annoying cuz you have both bulky pory and foong.
I needed then a setter so I put pawn also as flying check, psychic check (abra, ponyg, woobat).
It is pretty easy to use because of the real porygon's power and for the easy strat of trapping (thanks to vulla's pressure on pawn). It is also pretty solid and has both speed and priorities that really help against sweepers like scraggy, nplot vulla, grookey, woobat, ponyg, pory and so one.

Replays - Pokémon Showdown (
Replays - Pokémon Showdown (
[Gen 8] LC replay: Wail Wailord vs. Mionda - Pokémon Showdown (
Hi all! I started playing LC recently, playing SS in the last Levi Premier League [an LC Discord tour -- server invite here] and getting to r10 of this seasonal. I lost open and seasonal this week, which was disappointing but which also gives me a chance to share some of the teams I like.

:ss/mienfoo: :ss/staryu: :ss/ferroseed: :ss/vullaby: :ss/onix: :ss/koffing:

I used this in the LPL Semifinals vs grizz, albeit with some changes (NP > Pivot Vullaby, Recover-less Staryu). DD Onix is really cool, particularly when you don't run into Grookey. It is faster than nearly all scarfers and can be a very cool wincon, especially if you keep it healthy enough to stay out of Timburr range.

Ponyta-Galar is a bit of a demon for this team since the only thing as fast as it is Staryu. Fitting TWave onto Star would make you more secure against it. However you'd have to drop spin and go defog Vulla because I feel like Staryu really needs Recover to help this team against Ice Beam Porygon and late-game Onix.

Going with no Psychic + poison-type Koffing, which lacks recovery, can make Timburr a bit annoying, but knocking it and then forcing it to take chip from onix can be good - especially if you keep hazards off so Koffing lasts longer defensively.


:ss/mienfoo: :ss/mareanie: :ss/ferroseed: :ss/vullaby::ss/trapinch::ss/abra:

I built this one most recently (yesterday) and used it in seasonal vs zeriloa (despite losing the series). my idea was that I wanted to use LO Abra, a stupidly strong threat, and needed a way to get it in safely. Eject Button Mareanie ended up being that way; if you switch in on a fighter using anything but Knock, it'll send you into a mon of your choice (Abra) for free, which can be a cool way to break up U-turn cycles. They try to knock you on the switch a lot tbf so it isnt always effective, but Covet lets you take their item after the button is used or knocked off, which is a nice way to get that Eviolite back.

Due to no Onix or Pawn, this team is a bit Vullaby weak; Mareanie + your own Vullaby + LO Abra can manage it OK, though, as long as you don't give it too many chances to come in. (Keep Rocks up!). Mareanie as poison also gives you an issue against Protect Grookey, which Trapinch can't trap; any other Grookey can be handled.

EDIT: If you feel confident in your ability to weaken and/or trap opposing Ferroseed, Abra can run Energy Ball over Fire Punch. Make sure to move the EVs out of Attack if you do so.


:ss/timburr: :ss/staryu: :ss/pawniard: :ss/vullaby: :ss/foongus: :ss/porygon:

I used this team in LPL vs Zeriloa. Ice Beam or Tbolt on Staryu can also be added to hit Vullaby, but TWave Pawn / your own Vulla can do OK. This team uses Scarf Porygon to sweep while having a pretty decent Fighting-type switch-in for Timburr revenge-killing, Foongus, and just being generally solid defensively.


Enjoy! Despite being fairly centralized, I have found LC fun to play and build in. Good luck to everyone currently doing open/ssnl!
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This is the team that im using in LC:psyglad:

Mostly used to Strength Sap physical threat to the team
Or can be used to sweep if dark types already checked by Mienfoo

Used to kill of dark type and fighting types
Or can be use to encore a baited electric/grass move
(Ex: using Vullaby to bait a thunder punch from an elekid then switching in to cottonee
To encore it)
This strat wont work on dark types

Mostly use to kill grass types
Can also be use as the bait for the encore strat
Reason of using this: Its literally the meta king lol

Can be use to check stuff
Good lead most of the time
Can be a threat to other mienfoo if berry juice was consumed

Alolan Diglett:
Using the alolan one instead of kanto one since the team
Needed a vullaby resist
Works mostly the same as kanto diglett except the trapping thing

Just all around a good last member
Can be use for a fire punch bait but i don’t recommend it

Thats the team hope You can try it on ladder
Post Vullaby team. (You can change the spreads and sets if you want.)EDIT:Revamp Time.

Now that vullaby is gone, teambuilding have become a bit more easy, since you no need to scramble and find a decent rock type just for vullaby. I built this team like two or three days ago and its been solid for me. Carvanha is a really underappreciated threat, being to sweep teams at a moments notice. Flip Turn is also generally useful for pivoting and chipping checks such as Foongus, Ferroseed, Mienfoo, Timburr and the list goes on. Diglett is for trapping Mareanie and other Electric Types that can be annoying. Koffing is for a fighting and grass type check, as you really need one, otherwise you have to spam focus sashes which is not fun. Ferroseed provides another Grookey check if the Grookey does not run drain punch. It also provides spikes which can soften the opponents team so that the team can gain more progress in terms of damage. Timburr is a fighting type while running a really odd set in terms of defog and guts as its ability. (I put defog so that my team can have some entry hazard removal, otherwise mienfoo is a bit better.) Abra is the soft check to Scraggy with sash gleam, and can pressure and force switch poison types, so you can switch into your mons much more easily against passive opponents.
:grookey:-when ban this thing. Jokes aside, this pokemon can 6-0 this team if Koffing is heavily weakened. So, keep your Koffing at pristine shape.
:foongus:-This thing is fat af. You NEED to chip it heavily so that the team can finish it off. Like sure, Ferroseed can stall this out, but they will just switch.
Choice Scarf:vulpix:-Keep your diglett alive to trap it and kill it, otherwise weather ball will 5-0.
:phantump:-Use Ferroseed to stall this out ig, otherwise it will stall you out.
Choice Scarf:mudbray:-This is the only good:mudbray: set and if you're not running this, what are you doing. I've literally lost to this TWICE LOL.
:scraggy:- If your team does not have a fairy(Some idiots still run Poison Jab lol), your team is weak to this. Very simple, no questions needed.
There are probably more threats, but these are the major ones imo.
Overall, I think this team can get some improvements, but idrk what to change.
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hi, posting a few teams here that i also submitted as samples in the lc room on ps!

:ponyta: :staryu: :timburr: :koffing: :ferroseed: :diglett:
a team i built around pony-k; some pretty standard stuff. the idea behind the defensive core of evio pony-k + koffing was to be able to handle grookey + fighter spam teams (see examples below) effectively. typically these teams like to use grookey + 1 or 2 fighters to break through the opposing poison types, but by using pony-k on this build you can save koffing to switchin to fighters (mienfoo/burr) while pony handles grookey comfortably. other specifics include the timburr spread which avoids a 2hko by scraggy from full, while bulldoze on diglett prevents scraggy from setting up and is also nice for 1v1ing other digletts.

:mienfoo: :ferroseed: :timburr: :koffing: :grookey: :staryu:
a very offensive grookey + fightspam team that is very representative of the meta rn. on this team the idea is to use the 2 fighters to pressure the opposing poison types to set up for a scarffoo or grookey endgame. ice punch timburr helps break thru foongus while ferro abuses it spreading knocks/para/rocks. if this team is played well, there's no way that koffing can keep all 3 offensive mons in check, while mare also suffers vs seed and can have regen stunted by the team's own koffing. when facing a team more prepped for fighters + grookey (ie poison + pony-k) u-turn on grookey provides a good option on a pony switch to bring in either scarffoo or an analytic hydro pump from star.

:abra: :pawniard: :grookey: :scraggy: :staryu: :foongus:
this is a cool team i built for a friend that is another example of fighter+grookey synergy but with a different twist. abra here not only works as a breaker and a soft check to opposing scraggys, but also as support for the team's own scraggy as it is able to spread paralysis on incoming pawns/pony-gs/frills/ferros to help scraggy get up a sub more reliably. the other tech on this team is low sweep pawn which again helps prevent opposing scraggy from setting up. with this team you should also aim to overwhelm the opponents' poison fighter core through using grookey to weaken then scraggy to sweep, or vice versa.
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Reposting the team I made an rmt on ( and topped ladder with)

:munchlax: :mareanie: :ferroseed: :larvesta: :timburr: :ponyta-galar:

Dont feel like writing the same text again, so here's a link to the rmt:

Tldr: Team is basically made around munchlax+mareanie being super hard to take down, with ferro for hazards support, timburr as removal, larvesta is the grookey check and 2nd fight resist if needed, and ponyta-g is a very strong late game wincon
Choice Scarf Inkay + Para Suck Ferroseed
Grookey @ Eviolite
Ability: Grassy Surge
Level: 5
EVs: 236 Atk / 36 Def / 236 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Grassy Glide
- Wood Hammer
- Drain Punch
- Swords Dance

Mareanie @ Eviolite
Ability: Regenerator
Level: 5
EVs: 196 HP / 20 Def / 92 SpA / 180 SpD
Bold Nature
- Scald
- Sludge Bomb
- Recover
- Toxic Spikes

Mudbray @ Eviolite
Ability: Stamina
Level: 5
EVs: 116 HP / 196 Atk / 36 Def / 156 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Earthquake
- Heavy Slam
- Close Combat

Ferroseed @ Eviolite
Ability: Iron Barbs
Level: 5
EVs: 84 HP / 36 Atk / 108 Def / 4 SpA / 228 SpD / 36 Spe
Bold Nature
- Spikes
- Giga Drain
- Knock Off
- Thunder Wave

Inkay @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Contrary
Level: 5
EVs: 244 Atk / 236 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Switcheroo
- Superpower
- Knock Off
- Facade

Timburr @ Eviolite
Ability: Guts
Level: 5
EVs: 76 HP / 36 Atk / 156 Def / 236 SpD
Careful Nature
- Bulk Up
- Drain Punch
- Mach Punch
- Knock Off
My personal Favourite team And Deadly Balanced of Attack and Defense. Try It yourself
Might one weakness is Hazard but can be overcome if Inkay settles
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we don't have many samples at the moment so I thought I'd try to submit one to help contribute, I normally wouldn't try but I ran this team by number of players I consider much better than myself and many had positive things to say, so here.

:mienfoo: :natu: :munchlax: :pawniard: :koffing: :diglett:

I wanted to see what building with munchlax would get me in the current meta, as I think it can have insanely dominant matchups vs special orientated teams like Staryu+Abra/Ponyta-G, and it's definitely not a dead weight in other ones, as it has a huge attack stat that can force some progress, and has the very helpful ability to serve as a blanket check to all Ponyta-K's, as it can't be KOd even on the switch by any of the commonly run sets, which makes it more reliable than other resists that can be covered by wild charge or high horsepower (Munchlax also offers an insane matchup edge vs most sun teams). Protect pairs well with Koffing, letting you damage Mienfoo and then nuetralize regen, but you can change this to facade to be more threatening after dealing with a flame body Ponyta or a Wisp Koffing. Toxic can also be run to make the frillish MU substantially better but it's worse in almost all other matchups. You may opt for 9 speed and 17 attack instead of the 7/19 spread provided for more relevant speed tiers after inflicting paralysis, but you may find the damage decrease undesireable.
koffing is already the most dominant poison, but when building with munchlax I was even more certain of using it, because it's very important to limit mienfoo's regenerator. I experimented a bit and decided on a Bold 20 defense EV koffing with Thief, because the fighting types munch brings in can click knock off on it very freely, so I thought a set that was prepared to switch into primarily knock off's, take minimal damage, and regain momentum by taking eviolite's back from the opponent would be best.
:pawniard: :mienfoo:
No set variance to explain here really, alongside Koffing this completes one of the most powerful build cores in the meta, Mienfoo acts as a defensive pivot, can u-turn into Diglett, breaks for itself and functions as a win condition, pawn has excellent typing, STAB knock off and strong priority, provides rocks, checks Abra, etc.
air balloon Diglett immediately makes things much more dangerous for scarf Mudbray, a problem matchup. You can also run eviolite instead to pivot into more things, have more health for final gambit, and take less from things such as Pawniard sucker punch. Diglett benifits from the combined efforts of Munchlax's high damage, Koffing to still regen cores, and Mienfoo U-turn, to pick off weakened pokemon like Mienfoo or Foongus. Diglett overall is a very self explanatory pokemon but its role fits onto this kind of team very well.
thanks to Expulso for the idea, but Natu was a very important pick for the 6th mon, and gives the team a lot of its identity. It proves a secondary and infinitely more reliable ground immunity, an offensive psychic for pressuring poison-types, another grass and fighting check to shore up things vs grookey, timbur, or foo, as well as the only spore immunity which is fairly critical. Magic bounce also gives you an inherent advantage throughout the match, as it makes plays more difficult for the opponent and can make people hesitate or complicate the play for doing things like getting up rocks or clicking thunder wave, even if you don't take advantage of this. Psychic and heat wave are mandatory, and roost takes advantage of eviolite's bulk vs several pokemon. You may opt for U-turn or twave for your last slot on natu, but I would choose giga drain because it makes things easier vs Mudbray and is relevant vs Frillish, which can give the team trouble.

wrote at 2am so excuse run-on sentences and formatting, here's the paste again
A very standard, solid team. Actually the first sample I've ever tried to make, but apart from a couple minor suggestions I implemented, everyone I've talked to seem to find it good enough

Mienfoo is the standard set, It's a case of if it's not broken don't fix it. The Undisputed King of LC offers strong offensive pressure with a powerful STAB, pivot utility with U-Turn, which synergises great with regenerator letting it stay healthy as the battle goes on. Fake out is great for some reliable priority chip and breaking sashes.

koffing and ferroseed make the main two walls of the team, together covering a majority of threats in the tier.

Koffing carries thunderbolt for waters like frillish and mareanie, fire blast for ferroseed, and sludge bomb as it's STAB. Pain Split is a good move for both recovery and bringing several mons into KO range.

Ferroseed is a bulky set, with rocks and thunder wave as support options, Giga drain as a good healing STAB, and the quintessential knock off.

Staryu brings a strong mix of both support and offence, letting you keep hazards off your side and staying healthy through recover. Hydro pump is inaccurate, but its extra power is a good enough trade. Ice Beam is a strong coverage option that often lets you finish off weakened opponents without risking the accuracy or depleting the PP of Hydro Pump, and also lets you sting common counters foongus and ferroseed for some decent chip damage. All in all, a very strong, versatile mon.

Abra is unquestionably one of the best pokemon in the tier, not just for its ability to take down tier king mienfoo. The combination of it's STAB psychic and shadow ball let it OHKO or 2HKO the majority of the non-eviolite tier. Protect lets it block fake out attempts from mienfoo, as well as stall and scope out the opponent's intentions. Stalling a turn can often change everything, like stalling against grookey for the grassy terrain to run out. Submission is a very powerful move that is a very hard hit on it's counters pawniard and ferroseed, especially the former who takes 4x supereffective damage from it. Magic guard let's it negate LO damage altogether, as well as any hazards or status condition-related damage.

Lastly, we come to diglett, resident trapping specialist. Arena Trap allows it to trap in a variety of steel and fire types, such as ponyta-kanto and pawniard. Substitute allows it to play around the fairly common sucker punch pawniard, and knocking it out with the very hard-hitting STAB Earthquake. A sucker punch of it's own lets it revenge kill faster threats like scarfers when weakened, and hit any mon in general for a surprisingly good amount of chip damage. Beat up serves a very specific purpose, allowing it to Kill focus sash abra in one turn, provided it has at least 5 members of its team, including itself, alive and not statused. Air balloon spells a death sentence for scarf mudbray attempting to earthquake, since the combination of choice locking and arena trap lets it easily setup a substitute for free and/or knock out the mudbray without taking any damage. Also, very good for breaking an opponent's morale :)

All in all a very solid team, that should easily let any newcomer get a hang of the tier!

If you think it's good enough please do approve it, else I'm also open to suggestions for minor changes. Except submission. I'm not changing submission.^_^
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two teams from the recent lc ssnl - click on sprites for the pokepaste

:mienfoo: :onix: :diglett: :ferroseed: :natu: :koffing:
this team aims to break through the typically shaky ground resists in the tier right now with the core of dragon dance onix and life orb diglett. mienfoo can uturn to bring onix in against koffing; dd + protect let onix break past mienfoo very well (don't protect on the fake out, protect on the HJK -- even if you get it wrong once you live a HJK from 85%) and timburr isnt common so counterplay is pretty much limited to ferro and grookey.

versus ferro teams, you're generally able to chip away at the ferroseed with eq onix and then go to natu to stop it from setting hazards. onix can win late-game pretty commonly against them (trapinch and timburr are the biggest complications - staryu / frillish get dropped by +1 head smash)

versus grookey teams, head smash is typically pretty free, and you should be using onix to get KOs rather than sweep (since it will be revenged). Grookey has a decent matchup versus a double ground team, but LO Dig helps mitigate this by trapping opposing foo. you want to use Dig to KO opposing Foo in those matchups - HJK or Fake Out + Knock from your Foo puts the opposing Foo into Dig range if it KOs your Foo at lead. trapping the opposing foo ensures that koffing can stay healthy to take on grookey

some ssnl/swiss replays: (ignore twave natu + inner focus foo in some of the earlier ones, lol) - vs laro r11 or 12 ssnl - vs lokifan r7 swiss - vs cali r5 swiss - vs voltix r8 ssnl

:frillish: :trapinch: :mienfoo: :pawniard: :koffing: :natu:
this team uses the core of frillish and trapinch to wall much of the meta - frillish 1v1s a ton of the meta, including knock off users like mienfoo (which runs just 15atk). the most relevant mons that it loses to are pawniard and grookey; trapinch traps both of them. the 23/15 spread here is important because it helps with HO by living a +6 goon espeed more often than not, 18 (but not 19) Atk Pawn, and Ponyta (since frill is mostly spdef).

hazard pressure can be annoying for frill, so rather than just using pinch to trap pawn while allowing SR to go up, it can sometimes be better to force pawn to eat a wisp and then keep rocks off with natu (who handles a burnt pawn). you typically only need to keep hazards off like this when fighting a lo staryu or abra, which frill only handles with hazards down. in those scenarios it can be worth it to go to foo instead of pinch off of a natu u-turn. trading natu to put hazard setter in sr range is another option

some ssnl/swiss replays: - vs nineage r10 or r11 ssnl -> vs lokifan r7 swiss
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Hello all, with the end of the circuit tours, I'll share two of the teams that have done great for me.

Steel Spam
:ss/diglett: :ss/ponyta: :ss/pawniard: :ss/magnemite: :ss/koffing: :ss/ferroseed:

This team, that I call steel spam, seeks to overwhelm Fighting and Ground types with both Scarf Magnemite and Scarf Pawniard. I really like Scarf Pawn, because it lets you get the jump on Porygon, Ponyta and the many Psychic types out there, as well as not being trapped by regular Diglett. Koffing is very useful on the team, because with its ability Neutralizing Gas, it denies Regenerator recovery from Mienfoo. Therefore, it pairs extremely well with Pawniard, since weakening Mienfoo often means the opponent doesn't have a good switch-in to Scarf Pawniard's Knock Off anymore.
With more than half the team being weak to Ground, the team seeks to overload any opposing trapper. Air Balloon Diglett is crucial to holding the team together, serving as the only Ground "resist". It can remove opposing Diglett to free the way for Magnemite, and it can trap and remove Ponyta, Scarf Diglett and Scarf Mudbray, which would otherwise be big threats to this team. Diglett also has Protect to notably patch up a weakness to Scarf Mienfoo, which would counter both Steel Scarfers.
With 3 Steel types, the team is also weak to Ponyta after a Flame Charge. This is why Flash Fire Pony is here, to prevent the opposing Ponyta from getting a Flame Charge speed boost, and trading it with Diglett if it loses the ties. Finally, Ferroseed is on the team as the only switch-in to Staryu, and the only hazards. I chose Spikes over Stealth Rock because it chips more the targets that the team wants to wear down, such as Fighting types, Pawniard and Ferroseed.
The team also has a relatively good matchup against setup spam. Scarf Pawniard is good at preventing Natu from setting screens, either by outspeeding it or by breaking screens with Brick Break. It also outspeeds Scarf Tyrunt after a Dragon Dance, which can be useful to revenge kill. Zigzagoon is well covered with 3 Steel types, and Ponyta can stop Magby after a Belly Drum if Stealth Rocks are not up.
Note: in a previous version of the team, I had Staryu instead of Ponyta, which is ok, but makes it weaker to opposing Ponyta, since if Staryu gets chipped, Ponyta can run through the team after a Flame Charge.
Replays (with Staryu): Fall Seasonals Round 2 Fall Seasonals Round 6


Double Rock Dance
:ss/ponyta: :ss/onix: :ss/grookey: :ss/pawniard: :ss/tyrunt: :ss/koffing:

This is a team I built with both Dragon Dance Rock types in Onix and Tyrunt. The two together gives a better chance that one of the two gets to sweep, depending on which is better against the opposing team. The team again stacks a Ground type weakness, but this time uses Eviolite Grookey to be able to switch into them handily and set Grassy Terrain to protect its teammates. Ponyta weakens opposing physical attackers with burns to give the Rock types an easier time to set up. Ponyta can also be used to switch into Pawniard, considering the lack of a Fighting type, and can fish for the burn from Flame Body on both Pawniard and Grookey. The rest of the team is pretty self-explanatory. Koffing can still be used to soften up Mienfoo for Onix to break through it. Berry Juice Pawniard with SpD investment is used to switch into Staryu, and check Psychic types and Porygon better. Again, this team has a great matchup against opposing setup spam. Psychic Fangs on Tyrunt destroys screens. It would be difficult for Zigzagoon to break through both Rock types, and both Ponyta and Onix check Magby after it sets up. Here are some replays: Fall Seasonals Round 9 (rip setup spam) LC Swiss Round 7
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