SS Monotype LC Tournament [Semifinals]


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Welcome to the second Monotype LC tournament!
It's simple, its the baby mons but with a twist, they must all share a type!​
Tournament Rules:
  • This tournament is Single Elimination.
  • Players will play a BO3 (best of three) series in SS Monotype LC each round. (Matches will be played in Gen 8 LC format)
  • Please make sure all your Pokemon share the same type, if you fail to do so your opponent gets the win for that match. (Just make sure you are double checking please)
  • Monotype LC has the same banlist as regular Gen 8 LC
  • Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown, either the main server or through Smogtours.
  • In order to help the development of this metagame, replays are highly encouraged, so please do post them or at least leave them public.
  • If a certain Pokemon is banned after a round is posted, it will remain unbanned for the remainder of the round. Vice versa, if a Pokemon drops after a round is posted, that Pokemon cannot be used until the following round.
  • Good luck and have fun, i really hope everyone enjoys this tournament!
Round 5 Pairings:

RahelGamer03 vs Toadow
zugubu royale vs Ronman5

Round 5 Deadline: Sunday, March 22 11:59pm EST

*Vulpix & Drifloon are banned for the rest of the tour, so play in regular Gen 8 LC*
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