Metagame SS Monotype Suspect #2: Kyurem-B Voter Identification Thread

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This thread is for those who have earned played at least 45 games and have at least 82% GXE on the Monotype ladder to post evidence of their reqs so that they'll be eligible to vote on the legality of Kyurem-B once the suspect period is over.

To show your reqs, please take a screenshot including the following things:

- Your /rank in the chat, showing your GXE of at least 82% and game count of at least 45 AND
- Your name is prefixed with KBG8 AND one of the following two
- The name in the top right of your PS screen matching the name of the alt you used OR
- The name in the PS chat box matching the name of the alt you used

If you take a large screenshot, please put the image in hide tags to keep the thread clean.

The suspect ends Friday May 22nd at 11:59 PM EDT (GMT-4). If your post's timestamp is after the suspect ends, you will not be allowed to vote. No exceptions. Voting will begin after the suspect ends.

This is not a voting or discussion thread.
Do not post anything in this thread other than your proof. All discussion should be posted in the discussion thread instead.

Do not send your vote until after the suspect ends. You will be tagged at that time.
Not open for further replies.

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