National Dex [SS ND UU] - K.I.N.G. "Knowledgeable on Imminent Nasty Games" - [Peaked PS! #1] 1667 ELO ll 89.8% GXE


Credits to AmirAlexander for this amazing artwork. Delightful.

Hello Pokémaniacs :]. Here it is Mirbro again! This is the 6th RMT and, in this current issue of JAPS, I will be addressing the SS Nat Dex UU tier. I was told some time ago that due to the presence of a myriad of wallbreakers in the tier, stall archetype did not work properly. However, after some testing, laddering and understanding the metagame I built a team that I consider one of the best ones I have ever built reaching top ladder. In addition to this, during the creation of this team I was watching the Queen’s gambit series and I found in the series some kind of inspiration for the banner artwork.

I hope you find easy-going, moving and exciting to take a deep look into the SS Nat Dex UU tier. In my opinion, currently its metagame is quite balanced despite the fact that a couple of Pokémon were on the radar: Victini, Galarian Zapdos (currently both banned) and Slowking, the star of this team. However, each round of suspect I find the tier a bit healthier. SS Nat Dex UU community, still in its infancy, I think it has great projection for the foreseeable future. Nonetheless, it is important to keep and boost activity in the Smogon Forum.

For the first time, I will try to modify the structure of my RMTs. I would like to post not only how this team has been built but a general guideline to give some notions about stall skeleton in each tier. As always, during all the RMT you will find some music that I have chosen carefully to accompany you in this sea of words. Each chapter will have a specific song (or set of songs in some cases) that synergize very well with its main goal. You will find them like this:

Here you have two songs that are the remix and the original one in 8-bits. I love both of them, they transmit me a thrilling moment of adventure and also some tension. These were the songs from GSC games when you entered both Ice Path and the Dark Cave. My favourite generation + my favourite soundtrack of all the series. It is a gg, Game Freak. I do not get tired of listening to them.


K.I.N.G. “Knowledgeable of Imminent Nasty Games” [ PS!: Peaked #1]



I - Preface
  • SS Nat Dex UU: Future Sight
  • Project
II - Introduction
  • The Team: K.I.N.G.
  • The Synergy: Future Sight + Teleport
III - Results
  • Details: Pokémon sets
  • Validation: Theoretical
  • Validation: Practical
  • How to use the team: Replays
  • Peak
IV - Discussion
  • Weaknesses
V - Acknowledgements

VI - Conclusions


K.I.N.G. “Knowledgeable of Imminent Nasty Games” [ PS!: Peaked #1]


Both remixed (above) and the original (below) songs always remind me of an intriguing moment when you are entering the ship and you do not know what you will find but after some minutes you realise that is a great adventure. I think it fits pretty well in the Preface part of this RMT.

I - Preface

  • SS Nat Dex UU: Future Sight

As some of you may probably know, I am a stall biased archetype player. I love creating stall teams in distinct tiers and I have spent some time playing SS Nat Dex UU. Afterwards, sharing the team, discussing the healthy status of the tier, and writing up a guide for stall is the thing I most enjoy in the Pokémon community. Thus, with K.I.N.G., I wanted a big challenge creating a stall team in a tier in which this playstyle was quite unexplored but many stalling and wallbreaking resources were available. Without further ado, I present you a bit of my own discussion about the best defensive Pokémon of the tier. I will mention S and A tier Pokémon but also adding some B or C that may present some utility.

Stall archetype

Physical walls


The big iron bird. Skarmory is one of the best picks for stall in this tier. In this new generation it gained the possibility to spam Iron Defense + Body Press in order to be used not only as a physical wall but also as a wincon. Defog, Roost, Stealth Rock and Spikes make it an amazing and versatile choice for any stall team.


One of the best physical walls of all the tier due to its decent physical defense and great HP. Scald, Knock Off and Toxic are normally run for utility. Wish passing is also one of its main roles. It normally brings Rocky Helmet to the game to obtain some chip against physical wallbreakers such as Urshifu and Melmetal that are not running Protective Pads. We could call it the physical wall blanket for antonomasia.


In my sincere opinion, the best Unaware Pokémon of the tier. Pyukumuku can help in both defenses to stop set up sweepers, trapping and putting a toxic on them. Moreover, it can also PP stall the opponent’s team with Spite. Nonetheless, it is quite passive and allows the opponent to take advantage of Pyukumuku in the case the foe is not blocked yet.


One of the best defoggers that SS National Dex UU has. Both Pressure and Flame Body are helpful abilities for any stall team: the former helping against entry hazards and the second burning offensive Pokémon after receiving a contacting move. In my opinion, in this new generation, its capabilities have improved due to Heavy-duty boots item and learning Ground-type move Scorching Sands that can also burn the opponent’s foe. Nonetheless, in the case its item is removed, Moltres may have trouble entering the field.


My favourite ultra-beast. It has an amazing physical defense and altogether with Bulk Up it can serve as both physical wall and wincon. Nevertheless, its poor special defense and its typing provoke that is an easy target for many of the special attackers. In my opinion, great Pokémon in theory, a modest one in reality.

The second best Unaware user of the tier. Quagsire brings an electric type immunity to the team and a secure against physical Victini in the past metas. Burns from Scald and getting some Toxic to the opponent’s Pokémon make Quagsire a great star for any stall team. However, it lacks some bulk that already has Pyukumuku.


Non-standard stall pick. Normally used in balanced teams, Melmetal is incredibly good taking hits but exerting offensive pressure to the opponent’s team. Substitute + Double Iron Bash are really nice to scout and deal some damage. However, it will normally need Leftovers + Wish Pass help.


In a similar way to Dragonite, Salamence can be a good entry hazard control Pokémon of the team. With Flamethrower and Intimidate can scare Scizor and with Hurricane can do the same to Urshifu. However, once Heavy-duty-boots are removed, Salamence cannot switch in with ease.

Special defensive walls


As most of us already know, Regenerator is an amazing ability. If you couple Regenerator with Teleport, you have then an amazing special wall blanket that helps you scout against several Pokémon such as Infernape and Urshifu-Rapid-Strike. Future Sight just helps it to gain more offensive possibilities.


Swampert is normally run with special defense EV investment to help the other physical walls of the team such as Moltres. Swampert with Flip Turn gives some momentum and can set up Stealth Rock. Both Yawn and Toxic are useful to obtain some status on opponent’s Pokémon.


In my honest opinion, one of the best special walls in the tier right now. Assault Vest helps Muk-Alola to sponge many of the special attackers of the tier. Its movepool is not awesome but serve to Pursuit trap with STAB dangerous Pokémon such as Aegislash and Hoopa-Unbound. Poison Jab with its ability Poison Touch increases a ton the probability to obtain some poisons. It also has access to priority with Shadow Sneak.


Great Pokémon for stall and balance team during several generations. Umbreon can act as wish passer and cleric for the team. Foul Play allows Umbreon to obtain some good damage against physical attackers that try to switch in.


In my opinion, one of the underrated Pokémon of the tier. Some stall teams in the SS OU tier have demonstrated how powerful it is checking many threats for the special part and clicking moves such as Sludge Bomb and Future Sight. However, in SS National Dex UU, is totally overshadowed by its twin Slowking. Both Pokémon present the amazing ability Regenerator and moves Teleport and Future Sight.


Jirachi as a special wall has been used during and through several generations and tiers. Decent special defense and steel-type make it a great special wall. It can run Stealth Rock and Wish to pass some HP to other teammates. U-turn also gives some useful momentum. However, with so many ghost- and fire-type Pokémon as special threats, Jirachi cannot do its job properly.


It presents low usage, but it is one of the best clerics and wish passer users in all the tier (only outclassed by Umbreon although both do distinct jobs). Sylveon close its moveset with Moonblast/Hyper Voice to deal some damage but normally less than Foul Play against physical breakers.


Great special wall used in several tiers to help against electric- and fire-type Pokémon such as Tapu Koko and Heatran. Gastrodon can also run Toxic and Clear Smog to control special sweepers. It could be really great against MManectric although they are currently running HP Grass in their sets due to Swampert splashing in many defensive backbones.


The well known CroCune set is still used in this generation. However, with some phazers in the tier and the presence of MManectric and Regieleki makes difficult to completely develop CroCune with ease.

Mixed walls


Practically everyone is using Mega-Sableye as a physical wall. However, due to its not-bad special defense stat and Calm Mind+Snarl strategy, Mega-Sableye can be really good for both defenses. Magic Bounce helps a lot keeping Mega-Sableye away from Taunt and status spreading moves. Moreover, it is one of the best entry hazard control Pokémon in the tier.


Although Mega-Altaria is normally used in offence or balanced archetypes, it can also be used in stall-based teams. Heal Bell and its mixed bulk make it a great pick for non-standard stall teams. Moreover, it has some decent offensive stats and it can run Cotton Guard to boost its physical defense.


Amoonguss is a main physical wall. Nonetheless, its typing, movepool and Regenerator as ability make many builders to put some EVs in special defense to check some special attackers that many others cannot. Spore, Clear Smog, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Toxic and Foul Play are few names of the complete and vast movepool it has.


Non-standard stall pick that is seeing some increase in usage lately in this archetype (some players in the SS National Dex UU Forum Tour have brought it in stall teams). Ostensibly, its good mixed bulk and incredible movepool cause that Mew is a flexible Pokémon that can fit in practically any team and fix some of the issues. However, it lacks some bulk to be a great wall.


In the SS National Dex UU tier is used in both offense and defensive teams. However, in the previous generation, defensive builds were more common than offensive ones. Leech Seed + Protect, its mixed bulk, and typing are incredibly good.


Both physical and special defensive sets are really good at the moment due to the presence of Aegislash and Hoopa-Unbound as top tier threats and wallbreakers. Mandibuzz can be used as an entry hazard control Pokémon and also to bring some momentum with U-turn. Foul Play and Knock Off close the general moveset to get some KO against wallbreakers or item removals.


Due its bulk and Multiscale ability, Dragonite can check many of the National Dex UU threats. However, it is normally used with more special defense EV investment to better check NP Infernape variants. Heal Bell and Defog help on stall teams.


In my opinion, an underrated mix wall that presents great utility (i.e. Defog, Stealth Rock, Toxic, Knock Off) and it can be used as a Toxic sponge. You only need to be aware of HP Ice that can be run by electric-type Pokémon.


I put it in mixed walls because some EV on special defense are invested to help against electric-type Pokémon such as MManectric. Hippowdon is really great setting up rocks, phasing opponent’s Pokémon and wearing them down with Toxic.


MAggron is a physical beast that is normally run with some special defense investment due to the great base physical bulk. Curse sets may also be used as wincons. MAggron can set rocks too. Overall, MAggron do similar job to MSteelix (no electric immunity) in a better way.


Hatterene is a mixed defensive Pokémon that is normally run with more EV invested in physical defense. With Magic Bounce as ability is great to do some entry hazard control. However, in this tier is totally outclassed by MSableye which does it job in a better way. However, it can also be used as a wincon in a similar way to MSableye with CM and Draining Kiss. In this last case, Hatterne is a better wincon.


Both Future Sight and Double Dance sets are amazing wincons for any semi-stall team. However, its base stats are not that great to resist many attacks. Both Magic Guard and Regenerator abilities are good for any stall team although the former is more widely used due to its functionality in semi-stall teams.


MSteelix is rarely seen in ND UU tier. Despite the fact that it has an amazing physical defense stat, EV in special defense are invested to stop psychic-type Pokémon such as Hoopa-Unbound. MSteelix can also run more offensive sets with Curse and can set up rocks.


Practically totally outclassed by Swampert. Its bulk is a bit different but its roles are the same although it does not bring Flip Turn (momentum) to the team.


Ditto is used to revenge kill Pokémon that may wallbreak or sweep an entire stall team. Moreover, it runs Choice Scarf to give some speed control to the stall team.

  • Project

I always say that writing and sharing a RMT is like explaining a fairytale. What you are reading it is me getting across a road trying to pick the good choices until I get home which is when I have the main conclusions and I have learnt something about the tier itself. During this long journey I would like to invite you listen to the music I am sharing and just spend 30 minutes of your life enjoying how a Pokémon passionate is trying to convince you that stall can be fun if played with respect and with head.


K.I.N.G. “Knowledgeable of Imminent Nasty Games” [ PS!: Peaked #1]


Violet city is the first one that you find during your Johto adventure. It always brings me some chill and nostalgic vibes, but at the same time some mysterious energy that is completely necessary in the beginning of any adventure. Here you have both 8bits and remastered ones.

II - Introduction

  • The team: K.I.N.G.

What does this acronym stand for? The main star of this team is Slowking. This water lizard has seen low usage since the generation 2 where it was introduced. However, in this new generation, it got a present from Grame Freak: Teleport. Slowking has a great special bulk and a pretty decent special attack. Altogether with Regenerator and Heavy-duty-boots, Slowking can switch in against special attackers, resist a couple of hits and release a Future Sight that will be activated in a couple of turns. Afterwards, Slowking can slowly switch off with Teleport, recovering HP with Regenerator and gaining momentum for the team. During th creation of this team, Victini was a risen red star and it was finally suspected and banned from the tier. Slowking help against special variants with Z-Celebrate, showing how good was at that moment.

  • The synergy: Future Sight + Teleportg

:Slowking: + :Umbreon:
I started building around Slowking and Umbreon. These two pair really well covering each other weaknesses. Umbreon acts as the cleric and wish passer. Meanwhile Slowking can release Future Sights and go out of the field to bring another teammate.

:Slowking: + :Umbreon: + :Muk-Alola:
Afterwards, I added Muk-Alola to cover some weaknesses such as Choice Specs Hoopa-Unbound and Aegislash who destroyed the team. Z-Conversion Porygon was also really scary after a big general boost. In all cases, Muk-Alola helped trapping them or just getting a poison. AV Muk-Alola lacks recovery, and that showcase the importance of Umbreon wish passing for the team.

:Slowking: + :Umbreon: + :Muk-Alola: + :Skarmory: + :Gligar:
With the initial core of 3, we had the special part absolutely covered. I added Skarmory as the big iron bird of the tier to help against physical attackers. Skarmory was also the main entry hazard control and it was one of the main wincons. However, it could also be used as a Whirlwind Pokémon to help with Slowking’s Future Sights. Gligar was the perfect teammate helping against electric-type Pokémon and bringing great utility to the team: Defog, Stealth Rock and Toxic.

:Slowking: + :Umbreon: + :Muk-Alola: + :Skarmory: + :Gligar: + :Alomomola:
To fix some holes of the team for the physical part, I added Alomomola that stopped Urshifu-Rapid-Strike and Z-Move or SD Infernape with ease. Moreover, it also helped with wish passing to the other teammates.


K.I.N.G. “Knowledgeable of Imminent Nasty Games” [ PS!: Peaked #1]


I have always thought that Lake of Rage song causes on you the feeling that you are at your peak of the adventure. At that point, you are practically finishing the 8-badge road and trying to get to the Elite 4. Moreover, many of us were astonished finding a shiny Gyarados in the middle of the lake. For many of us was our first shiny Pokémon. Here you have both 8bits and remastered songs.

III - Results

  • Details: Pokémon sets


King (Slowking) (M) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Future Sight
- Psychic
- Slack Off
- Teleport​

Roles: Regenerator + Future Sight

Special wall and offensive presence of the team with Regenerator. Teleport brings momentum to the team. Psychic was also added to help against Bulk Up Urshifu-Rapid-Strike with Substitute. Heavy-duty boots help Slowking to switch in without any trouble. Slowking can stop special attackers such as Celesteela, Keldeo, Alakazam, Infernape, Rotom-Heat, and Nidoking. It presents more trouble but can sponge some attacks from both Rotom-Wash and Slowking itself. Finally, it helps on blocking Urshifu-Rapid-Strike with Future Sight.

Nickname: Its nickname refers to the King piece of chess.


Queen (Alomomola) (F) @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature
- Knock Off
- Protect
- Toxic
- Wish​

Roles: Regenerator + Wish Passing + Toxic Spreading + Item Removal

Alomomola is amazingly good and make the perfect couple of King and Queen with Slowking. Both are Regenerator users, water-type Pokémon and with big defenses. Nonetheless, Alomomola is really good in utility but no for offensive presence. Knock Off is so good to get rid off Leftovers (i.e. Celesteela, among others) and Toxic helps against physical threats such as Haxorus that can go through the team. Wish passing is also amazingly good for any team. Rocky Helmet makes Alomomola the main blanket for U-turn users such as Urshifu-Rapid-Strike. Alomomola can stop physical attackers such as Urshifu-Rapid-Strike, Weavile, Krookodile, Dragonite, and MSharpedo. Nonetheless, it can also be useful to sponge some attacks from MAltaria, Melmetal, Scizor, Terrakion, NP Infernape, Staraptor, and Haxorus, returning to them some damage with both Toxic and Rocky Helmet contact chip.

Nickname: Its nickname refers to the Queen piece of chess.


Knight (Skarmory) (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Body Press
- Defog
- Iron Defense
- Roost​

Roles: Win condition + Entry Hazard Control

Skarmory is one of the best physical walls of the tier. Iron Defense and Body Press combine very nicely to stop physical attackers and returning them a hit to obtain some KO. Roost and Leftovers for longevity and Defog to entry hazard control, which is the only Pokémon of the team with that role. This makes the stall match-up against MSableye with Spikes a tough one. Skarmory can stop physical attackers such as Weavile, Krookodile, Scizor, Diggersby, Dragonite, Tapu Bulu, Staraptor, and MSharpedo. It can also be useful to sponge some attacks from MAltaria, Melmetal, Terrakion, and Haxorus.

Nickname: Its nickname refers to the Horse piece of chess.

Rock (Muk-Alola) (M) @ Assault Vest
Ability: Poison Touch
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Knock Off
- Poison Jab
- Pursuit
- Shadow Sneak​

Roles: Poison Spreading + Pursuit Trapper + Priority + Item Removal

Muk-Alola is a beast in terms of sponging special attacks. Poison Jab + Poison Touch get a ton of poisons to the opponent’s team. Knock Off for STAB and item removal. Pursuit trapping is also quite important in this tier where Aegislash and Hoopa-Unbound are quite present. Shadow Sneak brings some speed control but without STAB. Muk-Alola can stop special attackers such as Choice Specs Aegislash, Choice Specs Hoopa-Unbound, Slowking, Alakazam, Porygon-Z, and Chandelure. It can also be useful against Celesteela getting rid of its Leftovers or sponging some attacks from physical attackers like SD Aegislash and Choice Band Hoopa-Unbound.

Nickname: Its nickname refers to the Rock piece of chess.


Bishop (Gligar) (F) @ Eviolite
Ability: Immunity
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature
- Earthquake
- Roost
- Stealth Rock
- Toxic​

Roles: Toxic Immunity + Toxic Spreading + Rocker + Electric Immunity

Gligar patch up many roles that the team needs. Electric-type immunity is really necessary in many teams, avoiding eternal loops of Volt-Switching. However, one needs to be aware of possible HP Ice. Moreover, Gligar is the rocker of the team, necessary in practically all stall teams. Gligar can stop physical attackers such as SD Aegislash, Terrakion, Zeraora, mixed Dracozolt, and SD Infernape. It can also be quite useful against some special attackers due to its mixed bulk like Choice Specs Aegislash, Celesteela, Choice Specs Infernape, Rotom-Heat, Toxtricity, and Chandelure.

Nickname: Its nickname refers to the Bishop piece of chess.


Pawn (Umbreon) (F) @ Leftovers
Ability: Synchronize
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Foul Play
- Heal Bell
- Protect
- Wish​

Roles: Cleric + Wish passer

Umbreon is the cleric and special wish passer of the team. Moreover, it can spread some status due to Synchronize ability. Finally, Foul Play helps to obtain some KO against physical attackers that try to switch in. Umbreon can stop special attackers such as Choice Specs Aegislash, Choice Specs Hoopa-Unbound, Rotom-Wash, Celesteela, Alakazam, Rotom-Heat, and Nidoking. Of course, some sets of these Pokémon can be troublesome such as running Focus Blast or Dazzling Gleam. Umbreon can also be helpful sponging some attacks from SD Aegislash and Choice Band Hoopa-Unbound.

Nickname: Its nickname refers to the Pawn piece of chess.

  • Validation: Theoretical

This section is a new one compared to past RMTs. Kay (SS ZU council user) builds its stall teams following a simple chart which serves as a checklist for all threats and important features of stall teams. This checklist can be adapted to different tiers, but some characteristics are shared (e.g. entry hazard, entry hazard removal, volt-switcher/u-turner checks, haze/phaze/unaware Pokémon, and wincon).

  • Entry Hazards: Gligar (Stealth Rock) and Skarmory (Spikes).
  • Entry hazard removal: Skarmory (Defog).
  • Volt-Switcher/U-Turn checks: Gligar, Umbreon and Slowking (Volt-Switch) and Alomomola (U-turn).
  • Altaria-Mega check: Skarmory (physical but no mixed sets) and Slowking/Muk-Alola (special sets).
  • Melmetal check: Alomomola and Gligar (CB sets with predicts may be annoying).
  • Aegislash check: Muk-Alola (special and some physical sets), Gligar (both sets), and Umbreon (mainly special sets).
  • Hoopa-Unbound check: Muk-Alola and Umbreon (both special and physical sets).
  • Urshifu-Rapid-Strike check: Alomomola and Slowking.
  • Slowtins checks: Slowking and Muk-Alola. Galar one is more difficult to deal with.
  • Zeraora check: Gligar.
  • Terrakion check: Gligar.
  • Weavile check: Alomomola.
  • Diggersby check: A mix of Skarmory, Alomomola, Umbreon and Gligar. Some sacking is necessary.
  • Dracozolt check: Gligar
  • Porygon-Z check: Muk-Alola and Umbreon.
  • Haze/Phaze/Unaware Pokémon: Not really but Iron Defense Skarmory helps on physical part.
  • Future Sight check: Umbreon and Muk-Alola.
  • Wincons: Future Sight Slowking and Iron Defense Skarmory.

However, this is a simple checklist as many of the threats present in B category or below are not contemplated. For this reason, I have also added an excel with a colour map of how KING team deals with the aforementioned Pokémon and some more that I think are important to take into account. There is a colour code in which the green means that the stall Pokémon can deal with many threats or that the threat is dealt by many stall Pokémon. Red colour mean completely the opposite.

SS Nat Dex UU Stall Checklist.JPG

  • Validation: Practical

Offensive Pokémon

Top tier Pokémon for a while. Both bulky and DD sweeper set are amazingly good. Moreover, it can run Fire Blast to destroy Steel-type Pokémon that could stop STAB Frustration i.e. Skarmory. You would need to play between Skarmory and Alomomola trying to get the Toxic on it and pray if not running status removal.

Since its dropping some shifts ago, Melmetal has seen an increase of usage. Although its main set is CB or Leftovers, currently Protective Pads are being spammed due to the fact that Alomomola or Pokémon running Rocky Helmet are being used to stop it. Nonetheless, Double Iron Bash, Thunder Punch, Superpower and Earthquake make it a scary Pokémon to face.

A very balanced Pokémon in usage and viability. Both scarf and banded sets are really good but with different functions. Again, some Z-move and Protective Pad sets are shining in order to break typical walls such as Alomomola and Slowking. Pairing it with Future Sight Slowking is quite scary for any balance team.

The trapper. One of the two best Pokémon of the tier to Pursuit trap Psychic- and Ghost-type Pokémon. As I will mention later, using KING team you need to be aware and cautious when switching in Slowking as it can be trapped easily by Weavile. Both CB and SD sets are quite good. Skarmory can stop it and revenge kill it with Body Press.

Bulky Pokémon that can be played as a wincon if running Bulk Up. However, it does not normally settle down any problem for stall.

Stallbreaker, rocker, and item removal Pokémon make Krookodile one of the best rockers and leads for offense teams. Krookodile is not a big problem for stall but may be troublesome helping other teammates. Skarmory is the best Pokémon to obtain a good answer against it.

CB and Swords Dance sets are normally used. However, the former may be annoying as it can click U-turn if not running proper Rocky Helmet equipped Pokémon or they have been Knocked off before. Both Alomomola and Skarmory can try to stop it.

Another lead offense Pokémon that can set up rocks or SD to wallbreak the opposing team. However, with Alomomola and Gligar, Terrakion cannot wallbreak with ease.

Nothing to say beyond the fact that this slow Pokémon is amazingly scary and troublesome. Its sheer power altogether with SD makes it practically impossible to stop. You need to attack it as soon as possible when it switches in the field. There are no practically good answers in KING team.

My favourite Pokémon but against stall it has no opportunities. Alomomola, Gligar and specifically Skarmory can stop it.

:Tapu Bulu:
SD Z-move set may seem a bit scary altogether with Stone Edge. Nevertheless, Skarmory with Iron Defense can sit in front of it.

With SD and Mold Breaker, Haxorus is also another Diggersby of the tier. Try to Toxic it or click Iron Defense as soon as possible with Skarmory.

SD set with rocks is a good lead but can be stopped by both Gligar and Skamory. Gligar can impede rocks too.

SD set with Z-Move may be a bit problematic as Skarmory cannot touch it. The best thing to do is first of all Toxic it with either Gligar or Alomomola and then switch to Skarmory.

With Speed boost before mega-evolving and its great attack and ability after doing so, Mega-Sharpedo is an amazing Pokémon. However, it cannot go through both Alomomola and Skarmory.

As many Volt-Switch users, Rotom-Wash is not powerful but troublesome. Your ideal way to go is using Umbreon and Slowking. Try to Toxic it to avoid volting in and out.

Future Sight is a big problem mainly for balance and stall teams that are enough bulky to resist an attack but no an attack+FS. The main way to stop it is using both Umbreon and Slowking that can avoid or resist, respectively, Future Sight. Alolan-Muk can do it either and trap it with Pursuit.

Leech Seed + Protect set is only wasting time for your team as you have both Alomomola and Slowking Regenerator users. Try to get its Leftovers off to avoid HP recovery (Alomomola or Muk-Alola can do it). Automatize + Z-Move sets are bit more problematic but with Slowking and Umbreon you are good.

Just use Slowking and click Future Sight. Nothing more.

A bit complicated this Volt-Switch user. I would like to say that the best way to go is using Umbreon and Alolan-Muk but this is too soft sometimes. Try to scout whether they are running HP Ice, otherwise Gligar is the best answer as it has mixed bulk due to Eviolite item.

No problem as it is normally used in defensive backbones. Slowking stop it and gives you momentum.

The other Future Sight user and in this case Pursuit trap can be useful but you cannot poison it. It may be a bit more problematic sometimes with NP sets. Gligar can threaten it a bit but may be a gg.

Alolan-Muk can trap it with Pursuit. Both Umbreon and Slowking can also help.

Underrated threat with Z-Conversion. Try to get it as low as possible with Alolan-Muk using Poison Jab (getting a poison is always amazing). Conversion to electric type is normally a bit more obnoxious.

Choice Specs hits hard but Slowking can give Alolan-Muk a safe entrance to the field to click Poison Jab.

A bit easier to play against than Rotom-Wash. Gligar can sit up in front of it and click Toxic. Both Slowking and Umbreon can also help.

Amazing Pokémon that cannot be practically stopped if running HP Ice or your Gligar is weakened (Boomburst does a tone of damage).

It can be stopped by Umbreon but mainly by Alolan-Muk Pursuit trapping it.

Alolan-Muk is the best way to go after you Toxic it with Gligar or Alomomola (before it NP). Umbroen can also help to wish pass HP to Alolan-Muk.

Both are stopped by Slowking who threatens them with Scald and Future Sight.

One of the best Pokémon of the tier. Both SD physical and specs special sets are really good. You will need to scout what will be your main threat. Gligar is the safest switch in clicking EQ and getting it low of HP. For special sets, Alolan-Muk can deal with them easily.

Both special and physical sets may seem really scary as it is one of the best wallbreakers of the tier. However, Alolan-Muk can stop special sets and Skarmory + Alomomola can stop physical ones.

It is not an offensive Pokémon but some CM + Snarl/Dark Pulse sets may be annoying. Knock Off + WoW are more normally used. With Magic Bounce as ability, it is very difficult to stop and makes stall matchups one of the toughest ones to deal with.

Normally physical one but with Volt-Switch. Gligar is the best answer you can have in the team as Grass-type move can deal big damage to Hippowdon (the other best defensive Ground-type Pokémon of the tier).

Draco Meteor + Bolt Beak sets are good at the moment. However, mixed bulk set from Gligar can stop it with ease and threaten it in return.

Special NP sets or CB/CS physical ones with U-turn are standard for balance/offense teams. Special sets may be stopped between Slowking and Alolan-Muk. Physical ones may be stopped too with Slowking and Alomomola.


K.I.N.G. “Knowledgeable of Imminent Nasty Games” [ PS!: Peaked #1]


Although we cannot define Johto as the region with more water-containing spots, I find that it has a top tier song for surfing. I found that both 8bits and the remastered ones are really good and they bring you the same sensations. Surf music fits very well for this incoming section as you are surfing through the ladder.

  • How to use the team: Replays

In this section I will post some replays in which you can find the way to use the team. You will find a description of the battle (with the keypoints) and you will only need to click on the image to be redirected to the replay :]. I will try to classify them according to the opposite team.


Generally, Webs are not a problem for stall teams. However, Pokémon that can normally abuse Sticky Web may become a problem. This is the case of Zapdos-Galar which has Defiant as ability and after a Defog it increases its physical attack by 2 levels. At +2 and running Choice Band, Zapdos-Galar can break through the physical walls of this team.

Zapdos-Galar is again really scary. But the other members are not left behind. Hoopa-Unbound, Diggersby, BU Urshifu-Rapid-Strike, and SD Aegislash are all amazing breakers and threats. That’s the main reason why in this game I needed to sacrifice many of the Pokémon. In this game also shines the Psychic tech on Slowking against BU Urshifu-Rapid-Strike.

HO team that relies on Aerodactyl to set up rocks and Exeggutor to set up double screens. Polteageist is really scary but Umbreon can deal with it after Shell Smash. The worst Pokémon without a doubt is MHoundoom that, after NP, can break practically everything. You would need to fish for a poison with Muk-Alola, the only Pokémon that can resist one attack.

Both Shell Smash Blastoise and Dragon Dance Haxorus seem scary to this team. However, Haxorus is scarier if running SD set due to the fact that Alomomola can switch in at +1 and Toxic it. Slowking and Muk-Alola help a ton against +2 Blastoise.[/

This game shows how both Melmetal and MAbsol may be really scary for any stall team due to their wallbreaking capabilities. MAbsol increasing its physical attack and Melmetal with an amazing movepool and Choice Band. Skarmory can help with the former if not running Fire Blast, while Alomomola can sponge some hits and cripple the latter.

Zapdos-Galar and MAbsol, at a glance, are the main wallbreaking Pokémon of the opponent’s team. Without further ado, Umbreon hits MAbsol at +2 with Foul Play getting an important faint in the early game.[/

Good defensive core with Moltres and Swampert. Umbreon helps to fix some issues in that defensive core. The other three Pokémon are troublesome for stall. Cobalion pressures KING team to use any Knock Off attack as it can get to +3 after SD and receiving a Knock Off. Once Cobalion is fainted, the game becomes easy-going. Mismagius lacks the sheer power to break KING team.

Volt-Turners teams are always a headache for stall teams. Spore Amoonguss is also troublesome, and it is important to decide which of your Pokémon is the more useless to let it fall asleep. In this case, I decided that Muk-Alola was practically unneeded for the matchup.

MManectric is always scary for any stall due to its high special attack and Volt-Switch. Mixed Gligar could stop it although in this case MManectric is running HP Ice which is a 2HKO. I highly recommend to scout for MManectric HP and deal a ton of damage with EQ during the scouting. Alomomola does a big chip to Urshifu-Rapid-Strike with Rocky Helmet. Leading with Muk-Alola was a good decision to stop Froslass setting up Spikes.

Golem-Alola is a great wallbreaking Pokémon that is practically no used in National Dex. Both SD Scolipede and Z-Flynium DD Moxie Salamence can also be scary if not running Unaware Pokémon in stall. Nonetheless, being careful with the plays and with your physical walls you can easily win this game.

This game is pretty much straightforward: Alomomola and Skarmory check MBeedrill. Alomomola and Slowking check Infernape. Skarmory and Alomomola check Scizor. Umbreon and Slowking check Rotom-Wash. Slowking and Muk-Alola check Nihilego. Skarmory and slightly Alomomola check Feraligatr. From the beginning, it should be an easy win. Moreover, I post this game to show how Future Sight can give you some progress during the game after knocking-out Infernape.

Quite scary team with Choice Specs Porygon-Z and Z-Celebrate Victini. Moreover, MManectric can also be really troublesome with Volt-Switch and HP Ice. Finally, Breloom can put something to sleep with Spore and you need to be aware of which Pokémon is the more useless in your team for this matchup. SD Aegislash may also be quite scary due to the fact that Skarmory cannot attack it directly and Gligar needs to slightly check at full HP MManectric. In addition to this, I lost Gligar in the early game because I thought it was Z-Conversion Porygon-Z and CB Victini and I misunderstood its plays at that moment. Between Muk-Alola and Umbreon can, more or less, check both Porygon-Z and Victini if not crit. I predicted correctly double SD with Aegislash that went down with Foul Play from Umbreon.

At a glance, Victini and Melmetal may seem scary but depending on the sets and how they are played. As you can see in the replay, Victini is totally stopped between a combination of Alomomola, Slowking, and Muk-Alola. Melmetal can also be stopped by Alomomola if not running CB Thunder Punch. In this case, Gligar needs to come in. MAltaria does not run fire-type coverage, thus, Skarmory with Body Press can sit in front of it.

MAltaria with Flamethrower can deal a ton of damage to Skarmory. Weavile with Pursuit can also trap Slowking.

Mienshao acts as a great wallbreaker and puts high pressure to KING team. Both Slowking and Mamoswine are also a bit problematic due to longevity of the former and the high physical attack of the latter.

Balanced team with MManectric without HP Ice and using Z-Celebrate Victini which was being under suspect. One of the big problems of the opponent’s team was the Pursuit trap from Krookodile which undermined Slowking.

CB Victini was being under suspect. Alomomola with Rocky Helmet and Protect to scout the set is the only thing you need to stop it. Polteageist cannot do anything against Muk-Alola. Again, MBeedrill is easily stopped with Alomomola and Skarmory. The rest is straightforward.

This team around MSharpedo and defensive Salamance can put some pressure with Future Sight Slowking. However, I can rapidly trap it with Pursuit from Muk-Alola. That was quite important to obtain more easily the win. Cobalion is more or less easily stopped by Gligar. Defensive Salamance brings utility but it has no sheer power to break through KING team. MSharpedo with some flinches may be bothering but Skarmory should be able to stop it. Alomomola and Skarmory can switch in CB Scizor but you need to be aware of keeping them on high HP. Finally, NP Infernape is quite good in the current metagame. Slowking is a not-bad check to it with Psychic and Future Sight.

CB Zapdos-Galar is not a problem with Alomomola at full HP. Bulk Up Taunt (stallbreaker) would ruin KING team though. Regieleki’s special attack is quite impressive although due to its poor movepool provokes that is totally walled by Gligar. SD Aegislash is the scariest Pokémon of the team because Skarmory cannot touch it. However, Foul Play at +2 from Umbreon can just faint it.

Gouglou is a well-known player of SS Nat Dex UU ladder. Its team around Z-Fightinium Hoopa-Unbound and NP Infernape is very well built. However, KING team relies on Muk-Alola to just stop Hoopa-Unbound. Celesteela is annoying but with two Regenerator Pokémon, KING team does not care at all. Regieleki is again stopped by Gligar and Infernape is dealt with Slowking.

Stall matchup is one of the worst ones you can play with KING team as you do not practically have any way to progress. KING team only presents a couple of offense mindgames: Future Sight + Pursuit Trap. In this game the latter was important to deal with Slowking. Regenator Pokémon such as Slowking and Alomomola also help on the long-term to keep your Pokémon healthy without recalling on Wish or Slack Off.

  • Peak

Beyond the peak in the PS!, which lasted 1 month long, this team had some success requirement suspects such as Victini and Zapdos-Galar ones.



K.I.N.G. “Knowledgeable of Imminent Nasty Games” [ PS!: Peaked #1]


Amazing song. Really. Listening to this song you can situate yourself in front of your biggest challenge during the ending. It is now or never. You have to try it. You must do it. Once you reach it, then the song changes to a happier melody. I found the remastered one amazingly good although the 8bits one is absolutely nostalgic for me.

IV - Discussion

  • Weaknesses
As it has demonstrated with the peak and the suspect tests, this team can overcome most of the current playstyles in the current metagame. However, it is important to mention which Pokémon can provoke some troublesome scenarios. In the next paragraphs, I will highlight in red the Pokémon that can be very annoying, in orange the moderate ones and in yellow the slight ones.


Diggersby is one of the biggest threats to this team. SD and CB sets are incredibly good. During the long-term, you will need to sack something and get it poisoned or low of HP.


CB Melmetal can be a threat in the case you need Gligar at full HP to cover another Pokémon. Melmetal with Thunder Punch and Choice Band can deal a practically 2HKO to both Alomomola and Skarmory.


Toxtricity is a complete monster for stall. Umbreon can sponge some attacks but at the long-term and with Umbreon low of HP, Toxtricity can break through it. Slowking cannot do anything and Muk-Alola can try to get some damage off.


Some NP sets from Moltres-Galar can be really scary. NP altogether with Chesto SleepTalk are amazingly good against stall archetypes.


You can try to trap Slowking-Galar with Muk-Alola. However, due to its typing, you will not get it poisoned, making more difficult to faint it.


MManectric may be really annoying due to HP Ice for Gligar, Volt-Switch, and its great special attack. Umbreon can switch in front of it but it will be worn down slowly. Muk-Alola can try to trap it but it is not normally that easy with Volt-Switch.


SD with Knock Off Or CB Weavile sets are really good at the moment in the tier. Pursuit trap is amazing and deals with Slowking weakening the special part.

Generally, Taunt/Encore users can stop your recovery and entry hazard remove Pokémon. Volt/Turn are an absolute pain because you will enter in a switching in/out vicious circle that never help any stall team. In this case, Slowking can sponge some attacks from Volt-Switchers with low special attack and Umbreon can also help with Leftovers and Protect to recover some HP lost during the Volt-Switch.


K.I.N.G. “Knowledgeable of Imminent Nasty Games” [ PS!: Peaked #1]


For me this song is so nostalgic. One of the best routes of all Pokémon games with the ash falling from the next volcano. At the same time, it is so powerful, you know that something epic is coming. Something epic but tough too. Original version is the bottom one.

V - Acknowledgments

As always, building this team and its own success would not have been possible without some people that have been there just backing me up or giving some advice.

I would like to thank all of you that get out of your way to help me or just discuss with me about competitive Pokémon or just Pokémon vanilla. I would like to do some brief shoutouts to people that have not participated directly to this team but I know they are there: 85percent , Simbo, Rav3ndan, tlenit, sketchy ecchi, Cookees, czim, Aquarius Ghost ❤, R8bbit Konijn Lapin, Shing'n Streets, Apagogie, Jirachirite, and 100%GXE. General thanks to NFE, ZU, and Nat Dex UU communities and shituusers room.

However, I want to mention with more emphasis the people that have been there during the performing of this team. They have participated more or less directly to its creation and its final outcome.

Homeland – As always, a cornerstone of my life. Thanks for backing me up when necessary and following my laddering with such passion.

M – Per molts anys fiera! Espero que t'hagi agradat aquest regal anticipat haha

Gerard i Arnau – Emerald Kaizo meant dead. Espero que gaudiu d’aquest post!

AmirAlexander – Really, thanks for the amazing banner you did. I have no words to express how amazing you are and the creativity you have. The best artwork of all JAPS I have ever done.

Reiga – Thanks for the patience. You did an amazing work for the Dragonite. Cute and comfy, a pure Dragonite :).


K.I.N.G. “Knowledgeable of Imminent Nasty Games” [ PS!: Peaked #1]


And to finish, my second favourite song of all GSC and Pokémon series. National park is sad and happy at the same time as always happens in the end of an adventure. In the remastered one, both piano and cord instruments combine perfectly well for this mix of feelings. Without a doubt, my favourite part comes in the 2:00 fragment with the piano. Just shocking.

VI - Conclusions

This is the end of my 6th RMT. This time I tried to approach a stall team with some offensive pressure using both Pursuit trapping and Future Sight. This team still works in the current metagame although some new trends have caused a reduction of its effectiveness. I would highly recommend new teams with Unaware Pokémon and a way to deal with mixed threats.

Altogether, I think I accomplished to demonstrate that stall is a viable playstyle in the SS Nat Dex UU tier. It is worthy to note that the plethora of wallbreakers that are commonly used in the tier makes incredibly difficult to build an arduous pure stall. In my opinion, a well-built balanced team may have a positive matchup against stall archetype, and it can be outplayed if the stall team presents some ways to punish in return.

Remember Pokémaniacs, Pokémon is just to enjoy any piece of time you spend on it. Peace always in the battles against Hyper Offense or against stall because, at the end, what makes you happy playing it is your attitude. Life is not easy, but it is not difficult. Life is life, face it with a big smile (like this Dragonite :D)!

Click me, I am spherical ;)
Credits to Reiga for this amazing artwork.

See you all Pokémaniacs in the next RMT! :)


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