Project SS NU Battle of the Week - Week 19 (sensei axew vs. OnArceus)


I always thought there was a spark between us!
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Welcome to the SS NU version of Battle of the Week! This project is for those of you who either like to watch those awesome battles you see in big tours like Premier Leagues, Snake drafts, etc, or for those you who want to join in on the fun!

How does it work?

Simple. At the start of a week, I begin a voting process where you vote for 3 people (they CANNOT be the same person for all 3). At the end of the voting period, whichever 2 people have the most votes, they will battle it out. It can be a Bo1, Bo3, and I'll be drawing the limit at Bo5. In addition, they can play whatever meta they want (GSC - SS). They are not limited to SS only. I will then record those replays in an archive and then the process will start over again. The caveat here is that the next voting stage CANNOT include the 2 people who just battled. I'll be making it a rule that those same 2 people cannot be voted on again until 2 weeks after.

Who can participate?

Literally anyone. In the voting or the battling. But, bear in mind, most of the NU community doesn't want to see someone who hardly talks, never battles, or just a regular John Doe from the NU room, battle in these things. We would want to see a matchup like (Ho3nConfirm3d vs GW) or a matchup like that. Other than that, nothing complicated about it!​
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I always thought there was a spark between us!
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Week 1, Davon & GW (12 votes apiece)

Week 2, Aawin & pokeslice (13 for Aawin, 9 for pokeslice)

Week 3 Oathkeepre & Finchinator (10 for both)

Week 4 Corthius vs S1nn0hC0nfirm3d (13 for Corthius, 11 for S1nn0h)

Week 5 Rabia vs daniYSB (11 for Rabia, 8 for YSB)

Week 6 poh vs Luck O' the Irish (10 for poh, 7 for Luck)

Week 7 Catalisador vs Turtledoggo21 (8 for Cata, 5 for Turtle)

Week 8 Mariannabelle vs Corthius (7 for both)

Week 9 Togkey vs Pokeslice (12 for Togkey, 7 for Pokeslice)

Week 10 Realistic Waters vs OnArceus (8 for RW, 6 for OnArceus)

Week 11 roxiee vs xerovis (11 for roxiee, 8 for xerovis)

Week 12 Oathkeepre vs Finchinator (13 for each)

Week 13 meri berry vs aim (20 for meri, 18 for aim)

Week 14 Katy vs Test Techles (7 for Katy, 6 for TT)

Week 15 Expulso vs blunder (10 for Expulso, 6 for blunder)

Week 16 Sabella vs sjneider (16 for Sabella, 9 for sjneider)

Week 17 Mr.Bossaru vs Machineae (10 for both)
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