SS OU Crew Battle - Round 1


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Ñ vs Concern Trolling, Ñ has more Pokemon remaining and TopLel TopKek had substantially better scheduling than bruiser. Activity win to Ñ.

The Toxicrew vs Temper Runners, RaJ.Shoot and Lizardu never made contact, and the Temper Runners have more Pokemon. Win goes to them.

Yovan and the yovettes vs anti transphobia, yovan3321 stopped scheduling before they found a time. Win goes to anti transphobia

JSP vs Elle & Crit, thomas888 and Eledyr never made contacted, and JSP had more Pokemon. Win goes to them.

The Nutcrackers vs free my mans gorilla tactics, Asuya stopped responding to zioziotrip's scheduling, win goes to free my mans gorilla tactics

R2 goes up tomorrow morning, lmk if I am missing any info

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