SS OU Crew Battle - Signups (close on May 12th at 11:59 PM EDT)


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Welcome to the SS OU Crew Battle! This is a single elimination tournament. For those of you unfamiliar with crew battles, here's how this tournament works.

Each team will have three players. Players from each team will play in a predetermined order. After the first player from each team battle each other, the winner will play the next person on the loser's team, starting with the number of Pokemon they had remaining at the end of the previous battle. This process repeats until one team is entirely out of Pokemon. I will run through an example to make sure this is clear.

Team A : Boat, Big Disappointment, Little Disappointment
Team B : Tosty, Xaritte, Nadamoor

Boat plays Toasty, and wins with 4 Pokemon remaining.
Boat plays Xaritte starting with 4 Pokemon. Xaritte wins with 5 Pokemon remaining.
Xaritte plays Big Disappointment starting with 5 Pokemon. Xaritte wins with 1 Pokemon remaining.
Xaritte plays Little Disappointment starting with 1 Pokemon. Little Disappointment wins with 6 Pokemon remaining.
Little Disappointment plays Nadamoor starting with 6 Pokemon. Little Disappointment wins. Team A wins.

Please sign up in the following format. Please place your team in the order that you will play your matches each week. In the event that one of your players stops playing their matches, you may replace them with your substitute. This change is permanent and is not available after Round 2.

Team Name :
Player 1 :
Player 2 :
Player 3 :
Substitute :
My teammates and I understand this tournament requires a high level of communication between us, our opponents, and the host.
Signups will close on Tuesday, May 12th at 11:59 PM EDT. I reserve the right to close signups a day or two early to avoid using First Come, First Serve.
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