Project SS OU Ladder Achievements

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Congrats on getting all these achievements, added them all and updated the leaderboard (congratz on top 3 too!).
Thanks! ^^
This is one of the most fun projects on this site IMO. I went pretty hard on them for 3 generations in a row now.

I even have some more additions as long as it isn't closed yet:

P5 Type chart novice:

P2 What a win streak:

U2 Expert gambler:
(shoutout MVP Jirachi)
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Hey, added the new wave of claimed achievements and updated the leaderboard!

As gen 9 is on its way and gen 8 starts to fade away, it's time for me to close this thread. I hope you had fun with the project, it has been a lot of work to update everything, but I'm happy to have seen so many people trying these achievements. We'll try to host a similar thread during gen 9.

Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to all those who reached high score on the leaderboard!
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