SS OU SS OU My first shitty team

Hello I come here to the RMT to have my first shit team rated and improve on its meant to be nothing but beefy gay men and skinny twinks thrown together since my original team idea (based off of my team in US) didn't go well in the validation process so I made this one which focuses all on offense and no defensive and honestly the amount of of ass kicking I dealt with showed how bad my team is and so I come here to explain my thought process and the Pokémon that go with it and to please give me feedback and edit my team to improve it please I'm begging you

My first Pokémon is my Golishpod one of my favorite Pokémon. It was meant to originally be a tank with leech seed so that I don't have to sacrifice health that comes with using the life orb. But he cant learn Leech seed... So I just used Leech life instead which wasn't that good of a idea since it didn't really fix my problem just patched it

Then their was Haxorus another one of my favorite Pokémon. (it will be a reoccurring theme here) Another tank but with dragon moves. I just clicked whatever stats smogon suggested and then I rolled with it. Gave him whatever moves granted him good Beefy attack power to go with his stats.

Lucario was a random choice mostly because I never ran Lucario but I liked him cause I mained him in smash brawl so I thought why not. Chose the moves that I thought would fit best. Same for stats which ruined my whole vibe since he wasn't tanky at all

Noivern was a Pokémon I thought would go well with the whole vibe of fuck it I might as well add some more fast attackers since Lucario was the odd one out. I gave him some good offensive moves that would have barred out pretty well if it was actually well made. He didn't get far in my random 1v1's but so did everyone else

Grimmsnarl was originally gonna be a dynamax but I didn't want him to be dynamaxed the moment he came out I wanted to have choice. But I really liked his gigantamaxed form and if anyone can give me an idea of how I can dynamax him without selecting that preset form it would be great :). I made him a fairy centered type and wasn't as beefy as I wanted him to be.

and now my last pokemans Garchomp Oooh boy where do we begin. I was still new and I was quite sad that sand veil got banned but it was for the greater good. I made him my most speediest and hard hitting pokemon yet but that didn't do much in the grand scheme of things

and conclusion sorry if my rambles were bad and if my team contridicts my statements I wasn't thinking that much at the time and I kinda had to make up as I go so that this form doesn't get locked like last time I hope I did my best and it doesn't get locked again so anyways please be nice and remember their is a difference between constrictive and destructive criticism best of luck

- Crackedatfortnite aka Doomsday
Ima be real with you, you should stick to sample teams for now. A few of these mons are viable, but the sets you have on them are absolutely not, such as 4 attack draco meteor haxorus, or non screens grimmsnarl. Another thing I noticed is you described some of your mons as tanks when they are frail. Dynamax/gigantamax is banned in ou and even than it will never just be auto so you never had to worry about that. Next off you need speed control, cause as your team is now, koko and weavile roll through it with no difficulty.
None of your Pokémon are viable, all of them have terrible movesets and there is no synergy. Try sample teams if you want to play competitive Pokémon
Not tryna be mean but this just wont work bro. some mons arent the worst (like garchomp and grimmsnarl), but the sets on all of these pokemon are really garbage. U have special and physical attacks on mons randomly, you have no synergy, dynamx isnt allowed, ur mons are pretty slow overall. I would recommend just finding a sample team that has some mons on this team, and make ur own team once ur used to the meta/good mons and sets to use, aswell as understanding ev's, item choices, ability choices, and movesets.

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