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It's been a while with the metagame constantly changing which means this thing needs to be updated which the work has been done, special shoutout to Katy for helping organizing this and to update the role compendium to reflect the current metagame. If there is anything or you feel something should be added or removed feel free to make any suggestions.

: Physical Wallbreaker and Dragon Dance (got ranked on viability rankings)

: Special Wallbreaker and Choice Specs (it's a better viable option and not super-niche no more)

: Special Wallbreaker and Calm Mind (got ranked on viability rankings)

: Specially Defensive (got ranked on viability rankings)

: Nasty Plot ( has seen some usage as a setup breaker)

: Choice Specs (the former is a strong abuser in sun, the latter best item when using it)

: Choice Scarf (common item for these two)

: Specially Defensive (Assault Vest has been a great set lately)

A new Trick Room section has been added under the Weather archetypes, due to how Trick Room isn't that bad anymore and there are some different options Trick Room teams could play with.


(any mention of them is now gone due to being unranked)
New Viability Rankings update and another update for the Role compendium to reflect that.

Special Wallbreaker
Physically defensive Wall / Rapid Spin
Physical Wallbreaker (scarf / band)
(all three got recently ranked into the Viability Rankings)

Sun Abusers:

Rain Abusers:

Trick Room Niche:

Choice Specs:

Rose from C- to B+ (out of niche)
Bulk Up:

(these three got unranked)
Sun Abusers:

Rain Abusers:
I think you should include Volcanion in Sun Abusers as well. Similar to it in Rain, Volcanion can 2HKO almost the whole meta in sun, including Blissey. I have several replays to show how it abuses Sun, you can click on the Sun RMT in my signature to watch them
just a few small things I noticed:
xatu is listed as a defensive pivot, but not as a magic bouncer
blaziken is not listed under swords dance setup

now for some ideas(which may or may not be accepted):
I saw some slurpuff also playing with sticky web, so it might be put there
It would be pretty nice to have screens support as a role(probably with leki,tapu koko, alolatales and grimmsnarl)
I think you should include Haxorus in SD users as well. As is the case with Garchomp, SD + Scale Shot is terrifying on Haxorus as well. Further, SD + Mold Breaker means it's a devastating stallbreaker on HOs, beating Unaware Clef thanks to poison jab, while securing KOs on Steel Birds with Close Combat
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Sand Veil:

Dragon Dance:

Might wanna remove those.

Additionally, not sure why Gapdos isn't seen in CB. Its main set is CB afterall.

Has there been any mention of Celesteela being listed? It's seen some usage recently as a Meteor Beam sweeper on HO.
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Just wanted to let you guys know blaziken is missing from the physical wallbreakers, cb, and swords dance section, xatu needs to be in the magic bounce section, dhelmise could be added to tr abusers and cb section, arctozolt is missing in mixed wallbreakers, and I think there is some merit to the idea of a screens support section, maybe in other. This is a great resource btw.

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