Pet Mod SS OU Theorymon (Completed)

help i thought i posted the votes already

Flygon: 9
Raichu: 4
Rotom-Mow: 10
Stakataka: 2
Bewear: 1

Flygon and Rotom-Mow have been selected! We still have tons of submissions to go sooooo

:ss/wigglytuff: + Fluffy (Replaces Cute Charm) + 10 DEF
:ss/appletun: + Poison type (Replaces Grass) + Sludge Bomb (STAB) + Toxic
:ss/regigigas: + Skill Swap
:ss/tapu-bulu: + Spirit Break
:ss/lucario: + Mega Launcher (Replaces Justified) + 20 HP
:wigglytuff: Would be cool if it had a bit more utility, but can pass some pretty big wishes which is nice. If it had pivoting or Moonblast instead of more bulk I’d probably go for it.

:appletun: My sub, and public opinion is high so I’ll let other people do the talking.

:regigigas: Cringe and not very good. Other metas have given Regigigas tools to work around Slow Start, or even removed it completely, and it still isn’t particularly good. A lack of recovery and setup as well as a very mediocre offensive typing makes it struggle to differentiate itself from other physical breakers, and while yeah, it does a lot of damage, it’s still basically just bulky, spikeless Diggersby, which is really boring, not to mention this can’t run Band so it’s just really really bad.

:tapu-bulu: Probably an improvement. Really mid sub but this slate is extremely weak so I’ll probably vote for it.

:lucario: NP breaker. I sleep.

:appletun: > :tapu-bulu: > :wigglytuff: = :lucario: > :regigigas:
got a few announcements here for the mod!

— we're looking for another council member! just dm me or the other members of the council with your discord username if you're interested, though we're just gonna pick one member. make sure you're in the Theorymon server too.

— we've discussed and agreed that after this slate, we will be using the VR set by our VR Council for this mod, since it's clear it's now vastly different from the regular SS OU. which also means new recruitments for the VR Council :D. again, dm us for that ^^

— which makes my next announcement related to the one above. we're holding another tour (not ladder, nono) in a few days. possibly june 27? so keep an eye out for that! this is mainly to test out all the mons coming in.

— we're gonna have a new type of slate soon, called the rebuff slate. you can probably guess what it means, since it's been anticipated for quite a while. so lots of excitement there!

and thats it! sorry for the lengthy post ^^;
24 hour warning!

signups for the tournament are also on, so hop into the discord to join in! after this slate is done, we'll take a little break to reorganize the meta a little, which is why having more participants in the tournament would be appreciated!
I've come back.
Very Solid Subs this slate, and all of them fit flavor-wise, which is a bonus!
Wigglytuff: AT LONG LAST! WE FINALLY HAVE A WIGGLYTUFF SUB! WOOOOOOOO!! Ok. I gotta calm down. So anyway, I like that Wigglytuff is finally getting some love. I don't really have much else I would personally change about it, aside from giving it Moonblast as opposed to additional Bulk.
Lucario: Not too interested in it, but it fits.
Appletun: I'm quite interested in it, personally. I can't think of much else to add other than saying "Please do Flapple Justice in the next slate".
Regigigas: Not a very exciting submission. I could think of better ways of getting rid of Slow Start on Regigigas. But hey, it's better than nothing.
Tapu Bulu: Giving it physical Fairy Stab is an automatic plus.
Voting has ended!
Appletun: 6
Tapu Bulu: 7

Lucario: 3
Wigglytuff: 3

Appletun and Tapu Bulu will be buffed! As said, the mod will take a little break for the tournament and VR, so see you soon ^^
Hello everyone! While we are on hiatus for the tourney, I thought it might be a good time to discuss the state of the meta at the moment.
Given that scorbunnys has done a fantastic job on the vr for this mod, its a good idea to check that out (ill link it in the OP) before this post

:ss/Haxorus: Haxorus is the pokemon on our watchlist right now, as we decide whether or not to take action against it. While Hax has been out for a while, its been very strong throughout the meta shifts this meta has seen, and it really eats up fat like nothing else. The standard set of Swords Dance / Scale Shot / Iron Head / (EQ/CC) can overwhelm a huge portion of the meta if it gets a free turn to set up. And finding that free turn is getting increasingly easy, since Hax, like chomp, doesnt really need its item slot. It can run boots to match up well vs spikes stack, can run lum to set up on defensive mons like Bro and Pex lacking Haze, can run Chople to set up on stuff like Zera and Torn, and can run Shuca to set up on stuff like Krook. Its fourth move slot is similarly flexible, since you can choose to run EQ to hit Dhelm or CC to hit basically every other steel. If you run it with Zone (who has admittedly fallen off a fair bit), you can run even more niche options like X Scissor for Bro, Rock Slide for Zap, or Aqua Tail for Lando. This isnt even mentioning its CB set, which hasnt seen much use but seems very strong in theory with options like First Impression. All in all, Hax is a deceptively flexible mon that hits hard, and the council will be monitoring it carefully going forward.

:ss/Dhelmise: Dhelmise is one of those mons I did not expect to be as good as it is. With its better defensive typing, it becomes the best hazard removal for most teams, and its CB set is monstrously hard to wall (just dont run Knock Spam on the same team as it). Theres not much to say about it except that it hits hard, stays on the field for a while, and can usually force a trade at worst, all while having the very valuable Rapid Spin to support its team. Run Dhelm guys, its worth it.

:ss/Latios: Very fun mon to play with and against. It does noticeably not switch in as well into certain stuff like Urshifu anymore, but its raw power and pivoting abilities make it a very good mon. Soul Dew is probably the best item, but Specs/Scarf sound very fun as well.

:ss/Tornadus-Therian: Torn is a gluemon that is Very Good at its job. Its basically just vanilla Torn, but with its competition in Corv falling off, Torn is probably undisputedly the most reliable Defogger in the meta, and is a good fit onto most teams that arent stall.

:ss/Celebi: I love this onion fairy so much. With Flower Veil, Celebi serves a similar purpose to Hax in that it eats up fat very well, but takes a more defensive and slow paced route to the same destination. Immunity to status and its newfound STAB Moonblast make Nasty Plot/CM sets very dangerous, as it just sets up on every bulky water in the meta except stuff like Coop. It can just straight up blank standard Pex and use it as a free turn to do whatever. Moonblast/Earth Power/Nasty Plot/Recover is probably my favorite set, although you could run a more supportive set with rocks and u turn as well. Just try Celebi out, it is very very fun to use.

:ss/Darmanitan: See, in practise, Darmanitan is probably not as destructive as I am going to make it out to be, Im probably just building teams weak to it. Holy shit is it powerful tho. Darm has almost singlehandedly raised the viability of sun from "matchup fishy" to "somewhat matchup fishy". I cannot overstate how amazing rock nuetrality is to Darm, and I hope more people build with it. Very fun mon, just a nuke imo.

Those are all the thoughts I have for u right now. I'll probably post more after the tourney is over. Happy Theorymonning, everyone!

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