Pet Mod SS OU Theorymon

Noctowl: 11
Hatterene: 5
Meowstic: 1
Scrafty: 12
Bronzong: 1

The birb and the bully! Onto the next slate!
:ss/bewear: + Slack Off + 15 Defense
:ss/rotom-mow: + Grassy Surge
:ss/stakataka: + Ground type (Replaces Rock)
:ss/raichu-alola: + Trick + 20 SpATK
:ss/flygon: + Poison Heal + Knock Off

5 days once again!
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thoughts aren’t particularly long this week

:bewear: Absurdly fat. Also, we literally just got Scrafty, and this is just that but worse. No thank you.

:rotom-mow: Jolte MowTom is a sick mon, would 100% be fine with bringing it here.


:raichu-alola: Adds a lot more power and versatility to its sets, gives it a fairly notable niche as a fast Electric sweeper (notable mainly because of NP since otherwise it’s bog-standard). Very solid buff all-around.

:flygon: It is okay :)

:rotom-mow: > :raichu-alola: > :flygon: > :bewear: > :stakataka:
:ss/flygon: + Poison Heal + Knock Off

It is an alternative to garchomp who has longetivity and is able to be "immune to status" and is able to pivot around with utility such as being able to defog in front of heatran, and raikou which is pretty big as raikou pretty much makes deffoging a pain in the ass. This also may allow it to run a bulky dd set which can take advantage of its immunity to status and being able to threaten bulky teams.

Knock OFF allows you to provide support to your team with other moves and allows you to make sure you are able to force progress against the opponent

:ss/bewear: + Slack Off + 15 Defense

hmmm... a bulky SD breaker... interesting... idk how i feel about this but sounds like a good mon against physical offense such as weavile, dragonite, and sd garchomp and its able to use those pokemon as setup sweeper...

:ss/rotom-mow: + Grassy Surge

252 SpA Rotom-Mow Leaf Storm vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Landorus-Therian in Grassy Terrain: 198-234 (51.8 - 61.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock and Leftovers recovery
252 SpA Rotom-Mow Leaf Storm vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Garchomp in Grassy Terrain: 271-319 (75.9 - 89.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock, Leftovers recovery, and Grassy Terrain recovery
252 SpA Rotom-Mow Leaf Storm vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Zeraora in Grassy Terrain: 286-337 (90.2 - 106.3%) -- 37.5% chance to OHKO

This shows how powerful rotom-c is and its unblockable volt switches pretty much as nothing wants to switch into the powerful leaf storms in terrain. This also gives it a niche as a partner who can pivot in hawlucha for an end game sweep. It sounds like a mon that can fit on offensive teams such as volt turn, bulkier teams, and HO potentially. It can use NP, pivot, and scarf are potential sets that it can possibly use

:ss/stakataka: + Ground type (Replaces Rock)

steel/ground is still a bit awkward and i feel like it wouldn't do much especially since heat crash already hit steels hard enough and stone edge was able to nuke pokemon such as dragonite, golisopod, rotom-w. IDK... dunno much about it... gives it better defensive typing but i feel like offensive this feels worse

:ss/raichu-alola: + Trick + 20 SpATK

more sp. attack allows it to be a much better nuke... and can allow it to function on electric terrain teams actually nuking pokemon harder and making sure that the grounds are crippled due to trick such as lando-t, garchomp, swampert, and mudsdale
:Bewear: Scrafty except it stays in longer against physical threats and does some truly ridiculous damage with SD double edge when it wants to.

:Flygon: Gliscor part 2: Garchomp edition. Has a fantastic utility movepool with pivoting as well. Great glue mon.
:Raichu-Alola: Now does the funny terrain thing even better.
:stakataka: Offensive sets are better thanks to more consistent STABs and defensive sets are allowed to exist.
:Rotom-Mow: The premier grassy terrain supporter. With volt and a very hard leaf storm in addition to Rotom form support moves, this thing will be a very sought after glue.


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Honestly, I'd like to post my thoughts on the slate before the voting phase.
:bewear: This is quite similar to Scrafty, but as ImpSquare and Beaf said this one is fatter and can go wild against fat teams and trade against most offenses. I like it.
:rotom-mow: This is JolteTom and I'm here for it, great pivot and glue and able to perform Scarf sets well. Probably top tier tbh.
:flygon: I like it, it reminds me of Gliscor as it's decently fast and it gets nice bulk, Not a huge fan though since SubDD kinda goes wild against a bunch of teams, it sounds quite good tho (not voting for it probably but that's because this slate's not bad).
:stakataka: I mean, not the worst sub I've ever seen but IDK, I just don't get what this sub aims for?

And now...
MY SUB!!! I know I'm buffing cheesy ETerrain shenanigans but I'll explain it.
So first of all, I gave it +20 SpA as this mon's SpA stat is average at most compared to other SpA wallbreakers, making it way too reliant on Electric Terrain to attempt to achieve some KOs (and even then sometimes it ends up flopping vs resists in vanilla), but now it gets a 115 SpA base stat, which coupled with Nasty Plot and Electric Terrain + Rising Voltage combo it can be a lethal nuke against some teams, even against teams with Ground-Types as Surf can heavily hurt them.
Then now, Trick is a neat addition to its movepool which even though it's not exactly a must for every set, it adds it versatility and makes Choice Specs sets (who don't need to sit and boost, allowing it to slot Volt Switch if needed) more effective and viable, plus you can also run some fun items like Choice Scarf and Ring Target alongside it (though you're mostly running it with Specs).

:Rotom-mow: > :Raichu-Alola: > :flygon: > :Bewear: >>> :stakataka:
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