Tournament SS RU Alpha Tour: Finals (Won by Odd Della Robbia)

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Idk I guess give them a bit more time? But my opponent failed to respond yesterday when we had originally planned to play and today had the time to log in here and complain about someone else not responding in another tour (but not respond to me). shrug :pikuh:
Given win / activity:
leonard (from big bang theory) vs drud
robjr vs aloopuriza
Slowpoke92i vs ismail
yovan33321 vs dugza
Nurse Cat vs yay
bkdrew vs endal
Kickassin666 vs voltauros
bdaniels7702 vs tom holland
Dollainthewoods vs boyn
agenS vs cyanize
Angels & Airwaves vs rahelgamer03
Kerrigann vs gotcookies
lyd vs liptonic


SBPC vs estarossa
Calucha vs snaga
Zenadark vs avarice
Cam vs backatyoubro
Aurora vs shadowmonstr4
Ov3r Ac3 vs chicos

Garchomp for president vs Oibaf
Chloe vs eaglehawk

Extensions will be played with the old format.
Posting r2 asap
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