Project SS RU Teambuilding Competition (Round 7: Swords Dance Spam Submissions!)

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The votes are in! (In order to break tie between Loom and Mac3 for first, I voted on which team I preferred and I settled on Looms!)
Loom - 6
Mac3 - 5
gorex - 4
Lpow12 - 0
Congratulations to Loom for coming in 1st, Mac3 for coming in 2nd, and gorex for coming in 3rd!

Round 3 will be posted shortly!

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Round #3: Abomasnow

Currently sitting at B- rank in the viability rankings, Abomasnow can be a doozy to switch into due to it's amazing coverage as well as it's versatility with sets (Swords Dance, Specs, Veil etc.)!
Deadline for Submissions is Thursday, May 7th at 11:59 P.M. GMT-4
Good luck and have fun :)​


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I went with specs Abomasnow on this team as it can 2hko Snorlax with focus blast after rocks, provided you hit both of course. Then I decided to add a solid defensive backbone, as I prefer bulkier teams, and went for Copperajah + Gastrodon + Aromatisse, as it beats allows resists to all the types that Abomasnow invites in, then I needed a secondary check to Rotom-Mow as well as a Ninetales check so I went for Silvally-Dragon, as it can weaken steels for Abomasnow. The ev-spread outspeed Rotom-Mow, and puts the extra evs into hp. The last member I added was Braviary as it can sweep teams that have their steels weakened or dead. Specs Ninetales can be a big problem for this team, luckily it is pretty rare, many prefering np + heavy-duty-boots, the team could also face problems against Bewear, as Aromatisse kind of just dies. Other than those two breakers the team is pretty solid in my opinion.
:abomasnow: :inteleon: :snorlax: :steelix: :vaporeon: :xatu:
I also decided to use Choice Specs Abomasnow because it's an extremely overlooked wallbreaker and it's a ton of fun to use. Modest is chosen over Timid to 2HKO Scrafty with Blizzard. Not having to rely on inaccurate Focus Blast is always welcomed. Inteleon is up next due to Abomasnow being able to break all of Inteleon's most common switch-ins in Vaporeon, Snorlax, and Gastrodon. Not only that but Inteleon is also able to safely bring in Abomasnow against them with U-turn. Originally I had a CM Roost Drampa over Snorlax but then I realized that I had no Ice resist. Snorlax also covers all the threats that Drampa was meant to check which were mainly Ninetales, Rotom-Mow, and Alolan Raichu. Steelix is the Rocker and Electric immunity. Iron Defense + Body Press is used so the team doesn't auto lose to Scrafty and Snorlax. Vaporeon provides both Wish and cleric support and it also checks Salazzle and Charizard. The Defense EVs mean Vaporeon avoids the 2HKO from Passimian. Xatu is the hazard control, Fighting resist, and Indeedee switch-in.

SD Virizion can be quite annoying to face due to the team lacking any true switch-in, as Xatu drops to any Virizion carrying Stone Edge. Thanks to the Defense EVs Steelix is never 2HKOed by Virizion's non-Life Orb unboosted CC. It can be played around and easily revenge killed by Air Slash from Inteleon. Malamar is another threat as Steelix has a much harder time trying to check it as unlike Scrafty it's not weak to Body Press. Specs Aboma is able to 1V1 Malamar if it's unboosted but at the cost of 63.5 - 75.3% of its HP, and against an already boosted Malamar you do enough damage so Inteleon can easily clean up.

Not a perfect team but it's a lot of fun to see everything drop stone-cold before Abomasnow.
:abomasnow: :jellicent: :coalossal: :silvally-ground: :inteleon: :boltund:

I went for an SD Abomasnow on this one. Because of that, and because I didn't want my team to get chipped by hail I went with Soundproof (Sometimes helps with the Vikavolt matchup, which this team doesn't like a lot). Focus punching a Snorlax (Normal curselax) for 69-82% it's pretty fun. It also covers a Silvally-Steel or Vanilluxe trying to switch on you. You don't need more speed that 237 cause you're not really doing damage to opposing Abomasnow or Bewear.

I went with a defensive core of Jellicent and Coalossal wich cover all Abomas weaknesses and at the same time gives me SRocks and a spin blocker. It's hard to manouver around SD LO Virizion but you can survive a CC from full with Coalossal and wisp it (or doing like 40% with flamethrower).

I went with banded Boltund because it hit's like a truck and it can revenge fast threats like Virizion and Inteleon. You can also break screens with psychic fangs which is pretty great.

I went with scarf inteleon for my sweeper, which I think is the weakest link on this team but I like the momentum and it's faster than a lot of the common scarfers in the tier.

And finally I went with Silvally-Ground for more momentum and defog purposes. It's also the electric immunity on the team.

Overall, I think is a pretty fun team
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:abomasnow: :inteleon: :charizard: :steelix: :weezing: :snorlax:

Ended up building with mixed HDB Aroma and ended up having a solid amount of success! The EV spread lets you outrun Vikavolt, 2HKO Vaporeon with Wood Hammer, and the rest is dumped into special attack for blizzard spam. Ice shard lets you pick off weakened Braviary and Virizion which is cool. EQ lets you hit Copp but I've been messing around with Rock Slide as well for bulky Zard, both are pretty effective imo. Inteleon and Charizard round out the FWG core and the latter of which lures in Vaporeon to U-turn and bring in the snowman. The rest of the team just helps me handle some of the common meta trends. Lax lets me deal with fires and is a pseudo-check to Inteleon/Rotom-Mow cores so the team doesn't get completely run over by it. Weezing is my fighting check and Plume check. Running Paint Split over Will-o-wisp because I def need the longevity so I don't just get run over by teams with more fighting. The Steelix set is pretty fun. ID Body Press has come up incredibly clutch for me in a lot of my games, beating Lax 1v1, and be able to beat many of its normal checks that like to switch in and fire off strong physical hits to wear it down. Lix also provides the team with an electric immunity which is nice since the team otherwise is pretty via week.

But yeah the team is really fun and mixed Abomasnow is definitely incredibly underrated at the moment. Been seeing a lot of success with it and have laddered pretty high, def try it out :p


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Not ashamed to admit I stole the abomasnow set posted above, but I put a different spin on the team around it. Sableye and Vaporeon are a great defensive core, and it lets me deal with common switch ins to Abomasnow, while Steelix deals with setting rocks to ease Abomasnow's breaking ability. Vaporeon also lets others have some form of sustain, and makes it easier for Abomasnow to easily come in repeatedly. Scarf Passimian provided speed control that was needed, and also offensively forced out some pokemon that would give Abomasnow trouble, like Charizard or Ninetales. Finally, Xatu gave me hazard control, although it wasn't required, it helps to prevent the other pokemon from getting chipped heavily, and it also provided me with some compression. I normally prefer Teleport over the Heat Wave / Grass Knot slot, but I found it a necessary sacrifice to ensure Xatu wasn't a sitting duck vs Steelix. Abomasnow takes care of Rhydon enough, anyways.

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Round #3 - Voting Phase *click on the Team to the find the description/importable of the team* (sorry for the delay)
Team #1 - :abomasnow::copperajah::gastrodon::silvally-dragon::aromatisse::braviary: by Mac3
Team #2 - :abomasnow: :inteleon: :snorlax: :steelix: :vaporeon: :xatu: by GoldCat
Team #3 - :abomasnow: :jellicent: :coalossal: :silvally-ground: :inteleon: :boltund: by nappen
Team #4 - :abomasnow: :inteleon: :charizard: :steelix: :weezing: :snorlax: by Slowbrosky
Team #5 - :abomasnow: :sableye: :vaporeon: :steelix: :passimian: :xatu: by SectoniaServant
Deadline for Voting is Thursday, May 14th at 11:59 PM GMT-4
*Remember that you may NOT vote for yourself if you have a submission*
*Also remember to vote for your top TWO favorite submissions*

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