Official SS Ubers Stage 4 - Dynamax Voting

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We're already beyond the point of no return, so i'm going to call it.

Ban: 106
Do Not Ban: 16

97 ban votes were needed to hit the threshold, which means the remaining votes cannot change the result.

With a supermajority vote of 86%, Dynamax is now banned from SS Ubers! Tagging one of Marty The Immortal Kris to implement this on Showdown, thanks in advance.

This thread will still remain open until the Friday deadline for the remaining voters to post their votes for the purposes of TC. After that the thread will be locked and late votes cannot be cast. If you have a case for TC as a result of this vote, contact me with a link to all your previous suspect votes and I can process them after the deadline.

Thank you to everyone who participated! We had an impressive turnout.
Not open for further replies.

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