UU SS UU Ladder Tournament 2020 - Playoffs [Won by Pokeisfun]


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1. Cam vs. 9. Accelgor: Hard one to call, but I'm going with the upset pick here. Cam's series was the definition of solid. He overcame getting webbed g1 by leaning on trusty Noivern + Haxorus builds in game 2 and 3 and slowly choking GW out with his favorable matchups. I think there's definitely a way for Accelgor to take advantage of Cam's more conservative builds so far, but I'm basing this prediction mainly on their individual motivation levels. Accel needed some really significant luck to squeak past Amane in the first round. Additionally, I know that I would be decompressed as hell after winning UUPL like Accel just has and that's causing me to give a slight edge to the #1 seed.

3. solonor24 vs. 6. Xiri: Another close series that should be very exciting to watch. Both users rolled up with some neat teams in round 1. Solo taught me there's apparently a Pokemon called Frosmoth, while Xiri rolled up to g2 with what was presumably a SubSD Pangoro. With the help of some aggressive plays and one or two lucky breaks, solo won rather handily. Meanwhile, Xiri's series was filled with some weird plays on both sides. This'll come down to the effectiveness of some of solo's aggressive moves, but I believe that Xiri's experience and unpredictability of his own will allow him to take this one.

4. pokeisfun vs. 5. Highways: As opposed to the past where you knew what you could expect from pif, he has become a nightmare to prep for in SS. He's branched out to using and building some very effective bulky offenses, but the risk of running into a really nasty stall that only he can come up with remains. His SS UU metagame knowledge is second-to-none as evidenced by putting a spotlight on mons like Stunfisk-Galar. Highways played a solid but not very remarkable series in round 1 and I don't know too much about him as a player overall.

It's really sad that I have to face off with Sabella as his enthusiasm for this tier during UUPL is a big reason why I started getting involved in this gen. He's also been super helpful throughout all stages of this tour by providing ideas, teams and support so it's a shame one of us has to go out. :pirate:


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Can people please post when theyll be playing, pretty sure a ton of people want to view these high level UU games

We usually pin times for tour games in the #tournament_discussion channel of the UU Discord, so you or anyone else can keep an eye out for this sort of thing.


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Lost in a really disappointing way because the game would still be very open, but it's just the game we play I guess. Thanks hs solonor24 Sabella CBU for all the help with prepping, and my Brazilian friends for the support.

Hoping either solo or sab win it now
Yes definitely disappointing, I was lucky where it mattered in the last game. You played better than me, at the very least in the third game if not all, and will win more games in the future...good job to your friends too for fairly good prep overall
ggs man. was a good run, wish i had played some of those turns different but hey what can u do.It's all apart of the learning experience ig. Shoutouts Accelgor Anish Highways Ramolost for the test games, and shoutouts to everyone else who gave me moral support.

Cant really be to upset with any of the people remaining to win, they are all deserving. I gotta root for Accel tho, its your time my guy


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Won! With some fortune

Thank you to:
  • All of my opponents - clearly all the matches were fairly close and any of you could have won the entire tournament if just 1 or 2 turns went differently per match. There's so much luck in pokemon, I was fortunate to win, I would bet if this tour was played 5 more times from the start we would get 5 different winners. In particular, Highways and Sabella both made the match 3 games and you can clearly argue I needed luck to win
  • Estarossa for hosting! Top notch contributor
  • vivalospride for testing week 1 and 4, moral support, and providing teams week 1
  • Ramolost for testing through the whole tour, moral support, and providing RD Mantine sets, top notch player
  • Anish top level ladder player, certainly could have won this if you qualified, thanks for tests weeks 2-4 and moral support
  • hs thanks for tests week 3
  • Lilburr thanks for tests I forget which week, please ladder more
  • PinkDragonTamer thanks for tests I forget which week(s)
  • SOMALIA moral support throughout
I had more supporters but these were the ones who gave me tests and stuff (plus Somalia because he gasses me up a lot)

Since this is ladder tour, shoutout to some of these lesser known guys on the ladder - they could have easily won the tour too if they wanted to participate:
  • haffling (no smogon known) - invented Sub CM Sylveon on the ladder, he's a bit like the reincarnation of papagoi
  • Adrift and Alone - you hate me for some reason but I respect your ladder prowess
  • The Amphy - regular ladder player for several gens now, your teams tend to capture what the tier is (very meta teams)
  • solonor24 - obviously you could have won this too, inventor of SpDef Roserade w/o grass stab, please ladder again
  • the person who I copied haze corsola from, thanks, ladder matters
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