Tournament STABmons Mix and Mega Seasonal [Round 7-Losers]


amazing art by XavierTheCoolDudeX!!
Welcome to STABmons Mix and Mega Seasonal !

Tournament rules :

  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • Best of three, double elimination.
  • Sw/Sh cartridge win conditions are in place; there are no ties.
  • Replays are MANDATORY.
  • If metagame changes occur during the middle of a round, they will take effect in the subsequent round.
Battles are to be played on ROM or main PS! server. Challenge code is required to play on main.
STAB'n Mega resources can be found here.
/challenge [Gen 8] Mix and Mega @@@STABmons Move Legality,*Acupressure,*Astral Barrage,*Belly Drum,*Bolt Beak,*Boomburst,*Clangorous Soul,*Double Iron Bash,*Extreme Speed,*Fishious Rend,*Geomancy,*Glacial Lance,*Lovely Kiss, *No retreat, *Precipice Blades,*Shell Smash,*Shift Gear,*Sleep Powder,*Spore,*Thousand Arrows,*Transform,*V-create,*Wicked Blow,*Dragapult,*Eternatus,*Dragonite,*Genesect,*Kartana,*Keldeo,*Landorus-Therian,*Tapu Koko,*Thundurus,*Thundurus-Therian,*Zeraora,*Zygarde-Base,-King's Rock,+Pheromosa, +Eternatus, *Eternatus, +Urshifu rapid strike, *Terrakion
Is there a prize ?
Yes! The winner of the tournament will get the rank of room prize winner (^) in OM mashups!

Losers Round 7:
vs smino

DEADLINE IS 18 June, 1:30 p.m GMT
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