Suspect STABmons Suspect #2 Terastallization: In The End

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With the survey concluded, STABmons Council has decided to Suspect Test Terastallization!

This generations mechanic has made an enormous splash on STABmons shaping it from the get go. The ability to switch typing is an immense boon on top of gaining more power in the form of a new stab or additional boosts to an original stab. In STABmons, Tera was used in many different manners from using Tera as a defensive answer on a defensive pokemon to check or counter others (example: Ting-Lu checking rain teams with Tera Water) to bolster an old stab or creating a new stab to inflict some serious damage (example: Urshifu-Rapid-Strike Terastallizing into a typing that can bypass checks such as Toxapex) or as was frequently common, a combination of both defensive and offensive. The latter is of particular importance for the ability to reshape what beats you is immensely powerful, examples are many and include Kingambit running Tera Flying to beat both Fighting and Ground Types, Volcanion running Tera Ground to troll Electrics defensively and used offensively with Earth Power to beat things such as Toxapex, and the list goes on... What should be taken away from this is that Tera is a highly versatile tool that is both offensive and defensive in nature and brings about a massive number of variables to the game. This variable nature is one of the primary reasons a suspect is being held for it can both negatively and positively impact the competitive nature of Pokemon through the addition of 18 different typings to work around meaning if the opponent has the right typing then it is feasible that what is normally a counter or check (Great Tusk to Kingambit) is no longer such. The divisive nature of Tera is such that we felt the need of a suspect in order to gauge what the community thinks about Tera and how it effects the metagame.

The positive aspects of Tera is that it's versatility in theory enables a ton of creativity and rewards skilled usage. In addition, Tera is central to the balance of STABmons as of now, both defensively and offensively and how well a team performs often comes down to how thought out your Tera types are, a team that is nominally weak to Great Tusk may opt to run Tera Poison Rotom-Wash, a Baxcalibur may opt to run Tera Fairy or Tera Steel to play around offensive answers such as opposing Fighting and Fairy types. This complexity is something that many crave with competitive Pokemon as it has brought new dynamics to teambuilding and in actual matches.

The negative in many ways, mirrors the positives, for Tera can result in a more match up heavy environment where if you fail to have a answer to something like a potential Baxcalibur empowered by Tera then a team may just automatically lose on the spot. This couldn't be more abundantly obvious in examples such as Volcarona which is often ran with Tera Grass, Substitute, Quiver Dance, Torch Song and Giga Drain letting it both utilize it's Tera defensively to reverse matchups and offensively by gaining stab on Giga Drain, which also means more healing and the ability to run Substitute over recovery. In this scenario no longer does a Urshifu-Rapid-Strike with Jet Punch break the Volcarona and instead has to either predict both a Quiver Dance AND type change that reverses the matchup entirely or risk the Jet Punch being useless. The short end of it, Tera makes tiering harder, things hit harder, hit more things hard, and can reverse many situations that Pokemon has typically been balanced around (X beating Y).

In many regards, Tera and it's positives and negatives are manner of perspective, and as such some will find it balanced and healthy, whereas others will find it broken and unhealthy, this suspect will be the deciding point by STABmons players and will effect the tier immensely going forward, choose wisely.

Requirements can be achieved by getting 75 GXE in 25 games on the STABmons ladder. In order to participate in the suspect, you must create a fresh alt (creation date no earlier than 7/25/2023) with the prefix STERA at the start of the name. When you have obtained the reqs, make sure to post proof of your alt's record (generally a screenshot) in this thread, and if you wish to do so, you can also share your thoughts on the test here.

Once the suspect period is over, everyone who has obtained reqs will be tagged. The post will then outline a process of blind voting, which will be clarified once the time arrives. For now, follow the above "Requirements" subheading to ensure that you have posted your reqs correctly. You must post on this thread in order to be tagged in the voting thread, however you do not need to include your vote on this thread.

A super-majority of 60% ban votes is required for Terastallization to be banned.

-Terastalization will be allowed on ladder
- The GXE requirement is 75 and the minimum game count is 25
- You must ladder on a newly-created alt using the prefix STERA
- You must post your reqs in this thread, though the voting process will happen in a separate thread. You are not required to state your vote in this thread.
- The suspect test will conclude at 8/8/2023 at 12 pm (GMT-4)
- A ban vote of 60% is required to ban Terastallization in STABmons.
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My two losses were to Tera Normal Boomburst Cyclizar. And Pannu >:( darn you Pannu
use this Team for free reqs: :Rillaboom: :Corviknight: :Magnezone: :Toxapex: :Ting-Lu: :Baxcalibur:

I'm ambivalent when it comes to tera.
There are a lot of different ways to use tera. It can give you the opportunity to turn a bad MU into a good one and turn the game in a completely different direction than it was supposed to be (Tera Water your Ting Lu vs Rain and wall their entire team). On the offensive side there is the possibility for offensive mons to convert 3HKO's into 2 OHKO's (again Rain example with tera Water:Barraskewda:in rain which otherwise would get walled by Toxapex).

Tera is broken in the sense that it forces guesswork and occasionally rewards losing players by making sub optimal plays (aka Tera flying a steel type vs Great Tusk, and winning).

But also it's not so outrageously broken like Dynamax. It's also been in the meta for so long that it feels unjustified to ban it now. It a generation defining mechanism is to be banned in should be done a few months in, not nearly one year post release.

Dynamax is broken but fun, which imo is a good description of competitive Pokémon as a whole.

Personally I would want to keep tera unrestricted but have options like: reveal tera types on team preview, only STAB tera types or something else.
I don't think this is possible, but that's what i would prefer.

However, I'm haven't decided yet and will read through the opinions here in this thread and then make my final decision :)
Thank you for reading and have a good day :mad:


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Messy Reqs Run but what works, works, my HO team hasn't quite recovered from the Walking Wake ban (proof how busted the mon was).

Anyways, I will probably be voting DNB, I know all the negatives that Tera brings but I genuinely find the tier fine as is, a well prepped team can use Tera to defeat many of the biggest abusers offensively. Ting-Lu can be used to check Tera Water Palafin / Barraskewda under rain with a Tera Water of it's own, and if the former two prove to much in the long run we can always ban them or suspect Jet Punch (I am hesitant on doing this though, I dislike banning moves unless absolutely necessary).

Not gonna write a ton more then that, I feel the tier is relatively balanced despite the power Tera creates both defensively and offensively. Shoutout to Dragonillis (lol apparently Mabyca be trolling dragonillis) for CTeaming me after I beat them 3 times in a row, cuts deep man... <3
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s/o to Pannu for the teams.
Tera sweepers are broken. Voting for Ban.

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