Tournament STABmons Ubers Tournament - Won by Multiammiratore

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Ubers Stabmons Tour!

This is a Single Elimination Stabmons tournament, but with a small change! For this tour, you'll be allowed to use uber pokemon just as you would use regular ones!

Rules / Guidelines:
  • Single elimination
  • Best of 1, or best of 3 if both players agree
  • Play on Showdown through either BH or Custom format
  • Replays required
  • Ubers STABmons format:
    • Pokemon have access to any move which they have STAB for, using an Uber banlist rather than an OU banlist.
      • Other Bans:
        • Pokemon: Arceus.
    • All other regular STABmons rules apply.
    • Bans may take place between rounds and will apply to the following round.
  • General tournament guidelines
  • How to schedule

Signups will be open for a week or until we get 64 people. Don't forget to have fun!


Thank you everyone!
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Added the tier in Dragon Heaven with the banlist:

Ruleset - [Gen 7] Ubers, Ignore STAB Moves
Bans - King's Rock, Razor Fang
Restricted moves - Acupressure, Belly Drum, Chatter, Geomancy, Lovely Kiss, Shell Smash, Shift Gear, Thousand Arrows
(Arceus would be in there soon after a hotpatch)

Where to find it?

The link to the server is down in my signature
If you find any bugs either use /reportbug or report in Dragon Heaven's DIscord Channel!

Looking forward to this dank tour
Have fun everyone
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