Stage 3-1 Vote

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Garchomp - 44 Uber / 41 OU
Latias - 10 Uber / 76 OU
Latios - 61 Uber / 23 OU
Manaphy - 33 Uber / 46 OU
Shaymin-S - 58 Uber / 26 OU

Given the above results, Garchomp, Latios and Shaymin-S are uber. Manaphy and Latias remain "suspects" for another iteration of the test. Another Suspect Test ladder will be put into place on which Latias and Manaphy will be allowed. We will play that for about a month, and then we will have a vote to determine their fates.

Please start your reply exactly as I started this post to ease the task of tallying votes.

Simply indicate OU or Uber after each suspect. If you wish to abstain, you can just leave it blank. Nothing else is needed. If you wish to add commentary or explanation, you are welcome to do so below your votes.

When the Stage 3 vote is complete, Jumpman and I will tally the votes and consider the results in context with the Stage 2 votes. The reason we are conducting the vote in this manner is that we do not want people on the fence to be swayed by voting trends. Posts have been moderated here... so your post will not show up. ONLY POST ONCE. All users will be voting blindly and the results will be revealed at the end.

Thank you very much to all of our participants. This has been a long process and this is certainly a milestone moment long in the making.


Who let marco in here????
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Garchomp - OU
Latias - OU
Latios - OU
Manaphy - OU
Shaymin-S - UBER (Too strong)

Thanks Doug/Aeolus/Jump
Also, if you are a super mod, or admin voting... please soft-delete your vote once you cast it. It will be restored for the counting process.

Everyone else:


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Garchomp - Uber
Latias - OU
Latios - Uber
Manaphy - OU
Shaymin-S -Uber

Garchomp too strong. Latias too weak. Latios too strong. Manaphy needs to be tested w/ just Latias. Shaymin-S too gay.


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Garchomp - Uber
Latias - OU
Latios - Uber
Manaphy - Uber
Shaymin-S - Uber

Shaymin-S was Uber in the Stage 3 metagame, which admittedly is quite different from Standard. I would not mind at all seeing a retest.
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